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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Tofu Yum-e



I got FAT over Xmas! Two weeks in IL with Gramma and MOM cooking "special" for me and mom& her bf taking me out to eat (they'd go twice a day, not me- once a day was my eat-out limit!) But, I felt like I had to eat the desserts my gram made--a little each day, since nobody else ate any "special" food. [size=3]9 lbs later[/size], my clothes are tight!
But now I've lost 4 of the pounds already. Just being back to my normal routine and workouts. But having a big fat bust is kinda fun! Every time I look down at my hands or my desk, my chest is in the way! And it actually was bouncing when I went dancing last week! What a new and odd experience for me. I'll be glad to be back to normal, but it's fun for now.

No luck finding the [font="Arial Black"][color="#008000"]Woodchuck or other ciders [/color][/font]out at the bars/restaurants I've been to. A friend told me I should start carrying in a big purse....
Found an AWESOME [u]Amy's frozen meal [/u]that is like INdian flavorings with beens and spinach and tofu! I usually have to mince the tofu really fine and sneak it into my food (soy is just TOO healthy) and edamame is a staple for me, but this was AWESOME!! Of course I only bought one, because I thought I'd have to force myself to eat the tofu...so I won't lay my hands on anymore until I get back to my big health store. I'm trying to go only once a month, since I blow the big bucks there!!
The red grapefruit and pears have been really juicy and flavorful this year. I'm not usually a big pear person.
And I've been feeling great! I've been able to have energy to work out 3x a week again, back to my real self! ALthough I can tell by lunchtime if I forgot my [color="#8B0000"]iron supplements[/color]...i get so lethargic.
ANyway. Gotta look good and feel good for the cruise in March with the girlz!


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