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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Cookies, Steak, And Ab Crunches



[size=4][font="Impact"][color="#696969"]My favorite cookies are Sun Flour Baking Company's peanut butter or pumpkin. Warmed in microwave or dipped in marshmallow fluff is another way to really indulge with these yummy babies. Also Glutino Lemon wafer cookies. As Rachel Ray would say, Yum-O! I also chowed on some toffee Crunch N Munch this weekend. Can you tell what time it is for me...?
I was feeling lethargic and I recalled that I hadn't had my vitamins today...also I haven't had meat or raisins in days. (Had some bacon with breakfast yesterday, but that's a fat, not a protein!) Probably low iron. So I took the vitamins and iron supp. and ate some chocolate pudding to relieve PMS and thank goodness, because the softball coach called and needed me to sub. (Since I have night blindness (due to celiac disease), I usually don't play winter ball since it gets dark so early). But, I went, had energy to burn, and it was fun. We were losing and then came back to tie it before time was up. It's been a gorgeous 4 day weekend for me with sunshine and 80 degree weather. No wonder I don't miss Illinois winters.
SO, I'm going to Black Angus steak house tomorrow. Never been there as a carnivore or a celiac. I crave prime rib, but fear it can't be as good as the one I relished every bite of in Omaha on the road trip last fall. I'll just try to enjoy it regardless. I imagine I'll have to order unseasoned veggies and no au jus or mushrooms (they sautee with soy sauce often). So, hopefully it'll be a good experience, sans reaction.
Only a few more pounds of the winter fat to lose. Turned on FIT TV and did yoga yesterday, then danced by ass off (hopefully, literally) with my Mr. Clean Teacher man, and lots of sit-ups and cardio, too. Cruise countdown continues[/color][/font]![/size]


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