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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Eggcellent! Egg Drop



[font="Century Gothic"][size=4]Some of us have never gotten around to getting that book about gluten free restaurant eating, but I'm aware that Pad Thai is naturally Gluten-Free(people on this board rave about it). So, I finally tried it yesterday at this CHEAP restaurant (all lunch plates $4). It was spicy and delectable! The whole dining experience was nice--ordering without having to specify anything (except, I did make clear that I'm allergic to soy sauce). Funny, I noticed everyone [color="#FFA500"]oogling[/color] MY plate, for a change!
The last time we dined at this same hole-in-the-wall, I skipped the egg drop soup that comes with the meal because: When in doubt, do without! This time, however, I remembered that years ago I'd seen how egg drop soup was made on a TV cooking show...there's no bullion or stock in it! So, I decided to partake, even though I was not POSITIVE...and it was fine. (Again, I realize this is probably in the guidebook...)
[b]Here is what else I've enjoyed eating this week:[/b]Pineapple glazed scallops over rice (cooked by moi)
blondie brownies by Namaste
Potato Leek soup by Amy's
Baby Ruth candy
Tootsie Rolls
grapefruit and pears
tuna stuffed tomato with carrots and celery
Pizza with Ener-G frozen pizza shells
Corn chips with mango salsa


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