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Sea Fare



[font="Arial Narrow"][size=5][color="#008000"]Hola!
Back from [b]Mexico[/b]! [u][b]10 teachers + 1 ship + tequila - kids = GOOD TIMES![/b] [/u] Twas a nice first 4 days of the 2 week spring break![/color]
Carnival had a [b]MANAGER[/b] come to my table the first night and explain what I could eat for the first two dinners.
She said they'd [color="#FF0000"][b]make me special desserts[/b][/color]... but much to my disappointment they didn't the first night...miscommunication between the waiters and the kitchen??? who knows.
YES it was PAINFUL watching all 9 of my shipmates relish their [color="#8B0000"][u]chocolate souffles[/u][/color]...until the trainer at the gym told me they are 1,700 calories!!!! I just ate fruit for dessert. The dinner was a plain steak and steamed veggies.
My tablemates all had at least two desserts and some had two entrees also! They got fatter before my eyes.
Next night I was smart and brought along my [color="#FFFF00"][b]MARSHMALLOW PEEPS [/b][/color]for dessert. I also ordered shrimp c%$#$tail, but I think the sauce touched my food and my stomach hurt. The main dish was short ribs without the sauce. Very Tasty, but boring compared to the fancy sauces the other people had. The dessert made SPECIAL for me was [b]creme brulee===which I happen to hate[/b]. I hate flan, custard, cheesecake. I don't like that rich, fatty dessert stuff.
THe next night was [b][color="#FF0000"]lobster. [/color][/b]Ok. The SPECIAL dessert was chocolate mousse. Pretty good.
THe last night was bbq ribs and I COULD have the SAUCE!! I was waving and cheering. It was fun. The dessert was Baked ALaska--I cut off the cake and ate the center ice cream part and that was really good and then they gave me my SPECIAL dessert- merengue in pretty shapes. The soft merengue was good, but the hard was yuck-o.
The first two nights I had that stomach PAIN and I took Pepto Tablets you swallow with water and my stomach was fine.
No other symptoms during the trip.
They had no input on breakfasts or lunches. I usually ate bacon and eggs for breakfast with fruit.
I usually had turkey deli meat and fruit and frozen yogurt and french fries for lunch. Or a bunless burger.
[color="#8B0000"]The COMEDIAN was AWESOME, the shows were very nice, and the dancing was GREAT![/color][/size][/font]


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