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It Wasn't What I Thought It Would Be!



You'd think with the world so advanced in technology, someone would
take the time to make that stuff Telebrix taste better. Would it be that hard?
Seriously, I don't know!
The CTscan was nothing like I expected.
I had an 11 am appointment, I wasn't allowed to eat 4 hours before the test
so at 6 am - I was sleeping anyway :lol: Then at 9 am I had to mix the Telebrix
with 450ml of water. So I got up at 8:30 and had 2 cups of coffee one after the other,
I'm a self admitted coffeeholic :D and I had to stop drinking coffee by 10 am anyway.
Then at 9 it was time to mix it up and drink it.
Which I had to do within 10 mins. I used really cold water (big mistake) and mixed it
together....YUCK - can you say YUCK - OMG even though it was clear, and it didn't make
it that thick OMG it was nasty! So I struggled to drink this stuff, can't drink it fast cause
it made be gag :blink: As soon as I finished it I jumped in the car and went to Tim Horton's for
my last real drink for an hour or so....
Ok, so I get to the hospital at 10:15 am, sign in and have to change. Then at 10:30 the guy gives
me a big cup of this stuff again, I almost gagged at the thought of more :ph34r:
and again, I had to drink it within 10 mins. Well! I started to drink it and was actually surprised,
it didn't taste as bad as the one I made at home - the difference? the water warm warm, not cold!!!
You'd think they'd tell you that! So I drank it, still tasted nasty but didn't make me gag :lol:
and then at 10:55 I went in to the room. The guy was very nice and explained what he was going
to do and what I should expect during the test. Then he tells me I have to have an intravenous dye
injected in my arm :lol: they never told me that before ;)
anyway, he told me the dye would burn once it's injected and it'll make me think I have to - or rather
have already pee'd myself :lol: Man he wasn't kidding :o
So after I lay down and the machine starts, it starts instructing me when to breath and when to hold it
and the table moves forward and backward while taking pictures...
Then the dye is released into my arm and wwwwwwooooooooaaaaaaaa, he wasn't kidding when he said
it'll make you think you have to pee :lol: But the burning sensation is what was weird, it was so hot, all
the way from the tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes, I'm not kidding you, this was the STRANGEST
sensation I have ever felt! If it was a match on my hand, it would hurt...but this was on the inside, and you can
definetly feel it, but oddly it didn't hurt - what a feeling.
Then it was over, he took the needle out of my arm, sat me up, told me my doc will have the results by
wednesday, told me to drink lot's of water, asked if I had any questions, wished me a good day, and it was done!

Just like that, not what I expected at all...the worst part was the cold water mixture...and the waiting of course!

I will update through the week when I learn more.....


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Yes you would think that it should be better by now! I think they and the they being the rest of the world just don't get what it is like to have a body that don't want something as nice and simple as dheese on a slice of bread.

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[quote name='celitiredu' date='Apr 10 2007, 07:56 PM']Yes you would think that it should be better by now! I think they and the they being the rest of the world just don't get what it is like to have a body that don't want something as nice and simple as dheese on a slice of bread.[/quote]

That was my favorite comfort food before my diagnosis...
and occasionally if I break down :lol:

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[quote name='Mosaics' date='Apr 14 2007, 10:32 AM']Ah, what I wouldn't give for a bologna on wheat bread sandwich. <_<[/quote]

mmmm Bologna :) not a big fan of wheat bread though, unless
it's really really fresh....

haven't found a gluten free bread I like yet :(

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