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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Doubting Thomas



Went to the doctors today for a general health check.

I did ask him if he could be 100% positive that I had coeliac, and he had to admit that he should've done a biopsy earlier on, as when I had the biopsy done it had been a whole year since I went gluten free. But he did mention that the blood results pointed to problems with gluten. He did say I had coeliac after the blood tests. It's on my records I guess, so I should leave it at that.

I guess today I am just being a doubting Thomas and looking for a reason to test the diagnosis. But really do I want to test it? if I look deep down, no way. I have to admit my health has improved, my diarhoea has disappeared, no more fatulence and I am never embarassed after I exit a public loo anymore. I am happier, less depressed and I sleep a lot better. One reason I would not go back to gluten is because of the health benefits, it still means I have to think about everything I eat and that means being more aware about what I put in my mouth. All good reasons to stay gluten free.

If I leave this path, I will go back to being unhealthy as I probably would not care too much about everything I ate. And if I leave this eating pattern, I am sure I will go down hill with my diet, it will be a bit like taking up smoking again and having to handle the guilt that goes with it, and I don't think I am that strong. It took me a whole year to reach a place where I am happy with the diet, I do not want to undo my progress and enter into another phase of adjustment.

But, and it is a big but, I am left in a kind of never never land. Have I got it, or have I not. Can I cope with that and not go back to gluten? Will I still be just as careful with cross contamination issues? Deep down I do know I have issues with gluten.

I will just have to give myself a bit of a pep talk. No gluten. I have not slipped and if crunch came to crunch, I think I would give it a miss. Tomorrow I will wake up and say, yes I have coeliac. But not having a 100% diagnosis is a bit hard.

My blood pressure is a bit up, and the Doctor has given me a challenge to loose a bit of weight and that way it should go down. So I will do that, I did ask for a prescription for the gym, but he said even if he did, I would still have to pay! There goes the gym, I will keep on walking thank you ta. For all that he is a good doctor, I am only his second coeliac patient, so I guess he has been learning as he goes.

Must go and dry some dishes before my better half starts to throw them at me.



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