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Locked N Loaded

Entry posted by brendygirl · - 295 views

[font="Century Gothic"][size=3][color="#000000"][b]So, in the car in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium, I glance over to find my companion lean forward and remove a BIG [color="#00BFFF"]gun [/color]from his belt area. WHA??? He told me that ANY law enforcement officer worth anything wears it ALL the time...could be recognized by the criminal element and targeted for retribution... I'm like, you've had that on EVERY time I've seen you? [color="#00BFFF"]Yep.[/color] I hugged you and never felt it? [color="#00BFFF"]Yep.[/color] I'm like, do you wear it on the plane? [color="#00BFFF"]Yep[/color]. I wanted to ask WHY he was removing it for the Dodger game. I mean, what is the criteria for making the decision whether to pack heat or not?

SO THEN I ask the detective I'm dating...and YES. He was armed on our first date, but just because he was so nervous he forgot to take it off. Yeah, right! I'm like you wear a gun in a RESTAURANT and a MOVIE? I'm like, I hugged you. He's like, it is small and fits under my wallet so you'd never have felt it. So, even in CA (it's not like we're in the deep South) when I have been obliviously eating my meal, there have been concealed weapons all around? Ignorance was bliss!

He said he had to use it on a date once. He said they were walking from the parking lot into a mall and he saw security running toward the exit door he was heading toward to enter, so he told his date to RUN the other way and he looked for the suspect and held him by gunpoint until backup arrived.

Frankly, I'd rather be with a date who was unarmed and ran WITH me, rather than telling me to run by myself so he could participate in the "situation[/b]"[/color][/size]....[/font] So, why, even when I had a self-imposed dating rule of NO military or law enforcement did I still tend to date men who were FORMER military or FORMER law enforcement? ugh



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