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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Length Of Recovery And Today's Doctor Visit



I was going to address my recovery time, after the diagnosis. But, yesterday was a bad time for me emotionally, because of the doctor appointment today. My recovery is still ongoing after being diagnosed early February of 2004. As soon as I went gluten-free, I noticed a mark improvment right away and thought it would keep going at that pace. It did not. They said I would gain some of my weight back and I did not. I am still the size I was when I was diagnosed. I am probably at 50 % or so into my recovery and my doctor and I discussed this at my last appointment two weeks ago. I will probably not have a full recovery. I CAN live with that, if I would just have a little more energy. I would like to have a little better quality of life. It REALLY is a good thing, that I love to read as my energy does not allow much else. At today's appointment, I was suppose to have put on two pounds in two weeks. I starting dropping weight again a couple of months ago. I also started to have sharp rectal pains, but not often enough to remember to tell the doctor (again, that darn foggy brain in the paper sack)LOL. I started to count calories up for the first time in my life. I have been eating 2500+ calories a day and gained nothing at today's weigh in. But, at least I did not lose any. I have been drinking 2 to 3 Ensure every day and I am allergic to the soy and corn in them, but thought my asthma would just have to handle it. Also drank two Frappachino's every day and I am allergic to the milk. I told him today that I have to quit the Fraps and go down to one Ensure as the asthma and itching have been real bad. So, after today, I will probably start dropping some weight again. Also, told him about the rectal pains - this time. He had already told me last time - no weight gain - then a Cat scan. So today he ordered a Cat scan of the abdomen and pulvic (sp) area. Plus he has ordered complete blood works, my thyroid, white and red blood cells. He also ordered a Helicobacter Rylori stool test for bacteria. He is covering all the bases for the exhaustion and checking for Colon Cancer for the weight loss. If the Cat scan shows anything, then I have to have a Colonoscopy. I just hate those things. I can't drink the stuff as I throw it up and so I have to prepare the old fashion way. But, at least today is over and my emotions are back on an even keel (?). Do you know I used to be a great speller before I got ill and now I have a heck of a time. I wish Scott would put spell check in, Hee Hee.It is only 7:15 but I think I am going to go to bed soon.Oh! PLEASE remember that my length of recovery is NOT the norm I certainly do not want to scare any newbies. I was really far gone before my diagnosis and I also have my age working against me.


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It's helpful, these blogs, aren't they? To finally be heard!! And understood. I think that alone will help many of us heal. :)

Good luck on the tests.

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I would say, "surely your doctor has tested for this already," but as we know, sometimes docs don't think of everything :blink:

...anyway, has your B12 level been checked? My daughter was very fatigued for a long time. That's not normal for a 21 y.o. so the doc ran blood tests and discovered that her B12 was dangerously low...the lowest he'd ever seen. He gave her a series of B12 shots which helped immediately and now she takes a maintenance dose orally. Having low B12 for an extended period of time can cause neurological damage in addition to fatique/no energy.

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