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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Back Again



Life is crumbling.

Funny how when you think things are peachy, things all of a sudden end up pear shaped.

I have two sons in Sydney, Australia, they have been there for coming on 10 years. Their father, my ex husband has been a major part in their lives over there. I thought things had been fine, they have both been working, one son even managed to set up a business on his own.

But life gets tough even for them. It now seems the youngest who has been unemployed for a little while, maybe 2 months wants to come home. He has had enough of his father and just wants out. I'd love him to come home, but I feel he is probably a bit more than just unemployed, he could be suffering from depression. I just want him to come home relax, get all the cuddles he has missed, dust himself off, and find himself again.

Then over the last couple of days I have heard that the other son, who is married, and has recently disbanded his business and is now working for someone else could be depressed. It breaks my heart to think that things are not so good for them. It gets right into the core of me and I feel I have failed them, could I possibly have brought up two sons who cannot cope with life, and yet I still have two more sons at home who I am beginning to wonder whether I am failing them too. I carry the weight of my world on my shoulders and it is oh so heavy.



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celiac disease can cause depression, so your sons need to get tested right away. Some of my family members who also have celiac disease struggle with depression. In their cases it has nothing to do with being unable to cope with life.

The way I heard about celiac disease for the very first time, before I knew it ran in my family, was from a very close friend, an older man, that had a emotional breakdown. He is one of the strongest, most capable people I've ever met. He didn't know what was wrong with him, but he struggled with depression, keeping it hidden from his friends (including my husband and me), for a few years until he finally had a breakdown and had to be hospitalized. Thankfully, his doctor looked for a physical cause and discovered celiac disease. He is much improved since being on the gluten-free diet.

Unfortunately, his adult children will not take celiac disease seriously and refuse to get tested or have their own children tested, even though they exhibit symptoms. The worst tragedy of all is that about three years ago, one of his sons, suffering from depression, committed suicide.

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Mosaic, what you have said is what really upsets me. Not that you have upset me, but you have put into words my greatest fears. I'm so sorry about your family friend's son. Suicide is never easy, and I do worry about my sons.

I have always suffered from minor, mini depressions, on and off, and now it comes back whenever I get glutened. I find life hard to manage then. I always used to say, I'll be right tomorrow, but now that I am gluten free, I say it'll be right tomorrow after I get the gluten out of my sytstem, but that is always a few days later.

My mother had a breakdown when I was little, received shock treatment and from then on came right. That was not long after she'd had my baby sister, so it could've been post natal depression and not at all gluten related. I don't think you can get shock treatment anymore, not that I am advocating it, but she has been fine for the last 40 years!

The oldest son has been tested, and it was a negative result, and his ignaramous doctor said, there's no way he will develop coeliac! I told Alan to be aware that if he has any stomach issues or other things, it could be coeliac. The second son, who is coming home is always saying he'll get tested, but has not yet. He doesn't know it yet, but he will be tested within a week of reaching our shores. Wonderful fighting words, but I will try to talk him into it. The doctor told my mum that she hadn't any symptoms so he never tested her. But I know and she knows she has symptoms, probably good enough to match mine before diagnosis. Why do people try to hide from their health?

My note was written late at night, and I was feeling it all crowding in on me, but today looks brighter, NZ won another America's Cup race, so we are 1 up on Alinghi. (Where is America in this race?) I couldn't resist that comment.


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I don't keep up with the race, so your zinger flew right past me. ;)

I don't know why so many people are resistant to being diagnosed. Maybe they think it is too awful to contemplate. :(

And, yes, your son's doctor should not have told him he will never develop celiac disease. He should know that the tests frequently come back false negative.

Best of luck to you on convincing your son to get tested. Maybe if he lives with you for a while, you can get him on the gluten-free diet just to see if he feels better.

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Hi, about testing: there is one single situation that we can say never'll develop acording to this expert:
it is when the result is DQ4/DQ4. Please se the link below, if does not open tray copy and past as if you are typing a new website to open. (sorry if it is not clear).
best of luck.


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