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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Restaurants And Social Life



Hello again.
It's been a while since I've written. I live in a land where seasons change and summer's way too short. I've been busy enjoying life outside and away from a computer (at least at home.) Work's another story.

I've been diagnosed for five months now. In some ways it feels like yesterday and in others like lifetimes ago. It's still a day-to-day adjustment. Challenging situations present themselves each day. I realize that this will never end and sometimes it gets me down.

The worst thing is that I really don't like to eat at restaurants anymore. That used to be something I enjoyed and did a lot. This summer I got glutened a few times and it's so daunting. The other bad thing is that my at-work lunch partners have given up on me. We used to eat at restaurants near work almost every day. Now they go without me. I bring a lunch. I know it's up to me to be more outgoing, but there's so few places I can eat spontaneously anymore, I just don't feel like giving the waitress the third degree. It's like being left out of the old boys club.

Things will change in time because I'm determined not to ostracize myself. In the meantime it's a struggle. I know a little research ahead of time goes a long way, but I'm angry and wallowing in self pity!

This disease has taken away a lot of my self confidence. Not to mention energy. It's difficult to build myself back up when I don't feel well! Damn!

Thanks for listening...


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Hi this is dark wolf,
I agree with you. Everything I liked to eat is out the window. I also used to like to go out to eat. It is more of a chore. I can't stand the wait staff that dosn't understand the meaning of no wheat products, no seasoning. I even printed up some cards to go back in the kitchen with the ticket they place your order on sometimes it helps. I feel like I am contanly pissed. I don't like to have to explain what the disease is. I have known that I have it from the beginnig of 2001. At least there are a lot more products now days. One thing that makes me mad is a long drive to the health food store to find out that they don't have what I came for. I also can't stand going to the grocery store. Much like yourself most of the symptoms have lessened but, refuse to go away. I feel I spend 1/2 my life in the bathroom. I feel my intestines every moment. If you find a way to not feel so angry and fustrated please let me know. I have been suffering from heavy depression that seems to get worse every day. I thinl it is like we are martians pretending to be earthlings.

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I must say, I don't understand this anger and frustration. I don't remember feeling that way when I was first diagnosed. Maybe I did and just have forgotten. It's been 3-4 yrs. for me being gluten-free. I don't have any problem buying gluten-free foods at the regular grocery store and only occassionally go to a specialty store for something. I order my Chebe bread by the case off the internet so I'm always set for bread. Not a nice soft sandwich bread, but at least it is tasty and versatile.

Why do both of you find it so difficult?

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I would answer to Mosaics that perhaps it has to do with a person's level of sensitivity to gluten and whether or not there's other food allergies or intolerances -- and of course, individual personality and experience. I do find myself being very nervous in going out to eat, and really dread the whole process. If I get glutened or get any dairy, I will be ill for a week, and not well for a month. I am naturally a private person, and I hate explaining everything and worrying about how it is going to turn out. Then, usually, because I am so sensitive to contamination, I do end up ill. Of the eight or so times that I've eaten out, I've only came home OK 2 times (and that is with communication directly with the chef or calling ahead and being very knowledgable). I had a great experience at an Indian restaurant, but then the next time I came, I ordered the same thing and communicated the same information, and my daughter and I both reacted strongly. Since then, I'm just afraid to eat out. Eating out was goal of mine, but now I would just rather feel well. I don't get angry over the process, but it does make eating out a chore and a dread.

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