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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Getting Warmer



Life hasn't crumbled.

Summer is just around the corner.

My second son Andrew came home from Australia. He has adapted to my gluten free life quite well. He is a bit hesitant to eat what he perceives as my food, but I tell him to help himself, the only things he can't touch would be my tuna, bread and mueslis. The rest I eat is not typically marketed to be gluten free, but is gluten free non-the-less, so it is not expensive. The last thing I want to do is be a drain on our finances, so I try to go mainstream as much as possible. He has been back for a couple of months and is now employed so all is sweet. I get a text from him most days about lunchtime asking me what is for tea! As you can tell he is a natural born eater.

Another son has now joined the glasses wearing group, He was a bit reluctant at the start, he did not like the idea, but he felt he needed them, and he did. He has adapted to them, and being nearly 18 it would be quite something to all of a sudden have to face up to, glasses. Which reminds me, my husband is going down today to have his eyes tested. He is all of 52 and has never had an eye examination in his life. How do people get this far without ever having eye exams? I guess not everybody is short-sighted like me and my family.

I have been to the doctors recently. I had managed to loose a bit of weight as was requested on my previous visit. All the blood that was needed was taken and sent of for analysis. I wasn't quite prepared for what came back. I was thinking my cholestrol would be fine, and my coeliac markers will be down even more. But then the doctors nurse rang and left a message for me to ring back. My first thought was my cholestrol was sky high. So I rang back, it wasn't that and had gone down to 4.3, down from 5. I was pleased, but my B12 levels were down, just a little bit below normal, and I was recommended to take a supplement and be back in a couple of months for retesting. I was quite upset, and thought if they were down, it would've been sooner, not now, not now when I have been gluten free for nearly 2 years. It is not that I don't eat meat, I do, so I am a bit bemused, and am now thinking about jabs in my bum for life. And my coeliac markers are going down down down. I asked the Doctor what would be a good level to have, and he said 0, I'm not sure if that is feasible, but they were 100 to start with and are now down to 28, I can see a zero looming on the horizon. But it does worry me that one day they might be on an upward trend. What would the dr say then, would he look at me and wag his finger and say you have been naughty!

I have been to the eye doctor too, well the optometrist, and he is monitoring my eyes for glaucoma. The pressures are a little bit up, but all the other testing seems to have been okay. It runs in my family as my dad has it, so it is better to catch it now rather than too late.

Also just recently I have been getting migraines.

I am also starting to go through menopause. I seem to get hot flushes everynow and then. I could just be sitting here and feel the heat come on. Especially at night, I am in and out of the blankets, it is rather annoying especially since summer is on its way. How will I combat it? I am lost. A work mate says wine is bad and so is sugar for hot flushes. I will have to have a wine free chocolate free life from now on. I am asking you, where is the fun in that?

I get the feeling I am falling apart, I know I am falling apart, as I was listening to talkback last night and the hbost was saying at 25 your body slowly starts to shut down, a bit like the younger doctor I had when I turned 30 she told her friends were saying it was all downhill from there. I started off on this entry quite happy with things, but now I am wondering if deep down I am not happy.

Well I am quite happy with things


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