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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

      This Celiac.com FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to Celiac.com's FREE weekly eNewsletter   What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease?  Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet What if my doctor won't listen to me? An Open Letter to Skeptical Health Care Practitioners Gluten-Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes

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Apple & Eve
All products are gluten-free

All varieties manufactured as of October 2002 are gluten-free (newer varieties should be called on for verification)

Arizona, Ferolito Vultaggio & Sons
All flavors are gluten-free

Aquafina (Pepsi)

Aquafina Essentials (Pepsi)
All Pepsi products are gluten-free.

ASHBYS® of London Teas
No gluten in any of our products

Atkins Drinks
All Atkins ready to drink (RTD) mixes and powdered drink mixes are gluten free.

A&W (DPSU - Cadbury Schwepps)
All varieties (may contain corn)

Barq's (Coca-Cola)
All varieties

Better Than Milk
Powdered Soy and Rice Beverages

BEVERAGE FLAVORED SELTZER All Flavored/Plain Seltzer (gluten-free) Cott Beverages

Big K, Inter-American Products, Inc.
All regular and diet soft drinks are gluten free. Sold at Fred Meyer Stores.

Big Train Chai (Chai Tea Company)
Spiced, Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate, Green Tea, Decaf and No sugar added Chai. These are gluten-free, Egg-free, Soy-free.

Bigelow Teas (v.w.=2/22/06)
We do not quantify the gluten content via analytical testing, however all Bigelow Teas are gluten free with the EXCEPTION of the following teas which contain one or more of these gluten-containing grains as ingredients: Blueberry Harvest (barley malt); Chamomile Mango (barley malt); Cinnamon Spice (barley malt); Take-A-Break (barley malt, roasted wheat)

Blue Diamond Co.
Almond Breeze Milk Drink All 3 flavors are gluten-free and Dairy-Free (original, vanilla, chocolate)

Bolthouse Beverages (conflicting information on gluten status) “Thank you for your inquiry. All of our beverages are gluten-free. Several members of the Bolthouse family are sensitive to gluten, which led us to produce a gluten-free beverage. All of our flavors are gluten free: 100% Carrot Juice, 100% Valencia Orange, Vedge (tomato, carrot & celery), Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie, Passion Fruit Apple Carrot Juice, Greeen Goodness, Perfectly Protein and Mango Lemonade. Also, they can find information on all flavors on our website, www.bolthouse.com. If we may be of further assistance, please write or call our Customer Service line at (800) 467-4683.”
9-16-04 A member read the label on "Greeen Goodness"and it said WHEAT GRASS!!!

Bucks County Coffee Beans
All varieties.

Cadbury Products
A&W Root Beer, A&W Cream Soda, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Schweppes Ginger Ale, Tonic, Soda (caramel is corn-based), Country Time Ready to Drink, Crush, Crystal Light Ready to Drink, Hires Root Beer, IBC, Sunkist Orange (WARNING: WELCHES GRAPE SODAS CONTAIN GLUTEN and I don't know the status of other Sunkist flavors)

Café Westbrae
Coffee; French Vanilla; Mocha

Caffe D’Vita Cappuccino (Brad Barry Co.)
All their cappuccino flavors are gluten-free.

Campbell’s Canada (www.campbellsoup.ca/en/home.asp) (v-01/27/2006)
V8 SPLASH: all

Campbell's USA (vs=4/20/06)
All Campbell's Tomato Juice, All V8 Vegetable Juice, All V8 V-Fusion Blends, All V8 Splash Juice Blends, All Diet V8 Splash Juice Blends,
V8 Splash Smoothies:  Orange Creme (all sizes), Peach Mango (all sizes), Strawberry Banana (all sizes)

Canada Dry (DPSU - Cadbury Schwepps)
All varieties (may contain corn)

Capri Sun (Kraft)

Carnation (Nestle)
Carnation Hot Cocoa (all varieties)

Carnation Instant breakfast (Nestle)
All except for the chocolate malt are gluten-free.

Celestial Seasonings (Hain Celestial Group)

Ceres juices (www.ceresjuices.com)

No Sugar Added Powder (creamy milk chocolate, french vanilla, strawberry crème); Ready-to-Drink Cans (creamy milk chocolate, french vanilla, strawberry crème)

Cider Jack
Company believes their product is gluten-free but can not guarantee outside vendors supplies to be gluten-free.

Citra (Coca-Cola)

Citrus Bay Lemonade
All products.

Coca-Cola Company (www.cocacola.com) (v.e.=3/1/06)
We are able to confirm that Coca-Cola classic, caffeine free Coca-Cola classic, Coca-Cola C2, Coca-Cola with Lime, Coca-Cola Zero, diet Barq's Red Creme Soda, Diet Coke, Diet Coke with Lime, caffeine free Diet Coke, Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda, Sprite, Diet Sprite Zero, vanilla Coke, diet Coke vanilla, cherry Coke, Fresca, DASANI with Lemon, Minute Maid Light Lemonade, and our 100% juice products (without added ingredients) are gluten free. Additionally, we can tell you that all of our other products meet Codex's definition of gluten-free, which is currently less than 200 ppm (parts per million) (0.02%) gluten.

CoffeeMate (Nestle)
Liquid and Powdered (all varieties)

Costco (Costco)
Frozen Latte/Mocha (available at Snack Bar)

Crystal Light (Kraft) Crystal Light is gluten-free, (06/27/06 although the asperitine in it makes me sick)

Da Vinci
All syrups gluten-free (used in coffee shops to flavor coffee); 750mL Classic Flavored; 750mL Spiced Chai; 750mL Sugar-free Spiced Chai; All Natural Flavored; Chocolate Sauce; White Chocolate Sauce; Caramel Sauce

Daily's (American Beverage Co.) All hugs, c%$#$tail mixers, all products are gluten-free.

Diet Rite (vw=2/23/06)(Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.) All products gluten-free.

Del Monte (vw=2/23/06)
All 100% Fruit Juices

Dr. Pepper (DPSU - Cadbury Schwepps)
All varieties (may contain corn)

Dunkin Donuts Coffee
All plain and flavored coffees are gluten-free. (Plain beans are ground on dedicated lines).

Duo Juices

Dole (vp= 3/20/2006)
100% juices are all gluten-free.

Dunkin Donuts (www.dunkindonuts.com) (ve=4/27/06) All smoothies are gluten-free, modified food starch is from corn.

Eden Foods
EdenBlend is the only gluten-free product.
Company will not guarantee there is no hidden source of gluten in other products.

Emer’gen-C Vitamin Drinks (all varieties)

Fanta (Coca-Cola)
All varieties

Flavor Aid (Jel Sert)
All flavors

First Colony Coffee & Tea Co
All coffee is gluten-free EXCEPT - Irish Cream, Carolan's Irish Cream and Jack Daniel's which may contain gluten, and wheat).

Cafe Latte Mixes (source of modified food starch is tapioca); Coffee (all varieties are gluten-free including their coffee singles and all instant coffees);

Frapppuccino (Pepsi)
All varieties

Fred Meyers
Dutch Hot Cocoa Mix (02/14/06)
Cranberry Juice c%$#$tail

Fresca (Coca-Cola)

Frontera Coffee
"All Frontera products are 100% gluten-free"

Frostop Rootbeer,

Fruitopia Juices (Coca-Cola)
All varieties

FruitWorks (Pepsi)

All Thirst Quenchers and Propel Fitness Water

DF & gluten-free: sweet ground chocolate & cocoa and premium unsweetened cocoa. (Same run; cleaned but not sterilized; only items containing gluten are with cookie pieces-little opportunity for cross-contamination, DF & gluten-free: semi-sweet chocolate chips, bittersweet baking bar, unsweetened chocolate baking bar, chocolate non-pareil wafers, dark chocolate squares and bars, dark chocolate with raspberries)

Gevalia Coffee
Regular and Decaf Unflavored coffees are gluten-free. All flavored versions contain gluten.

Good Earth Teas
ALL TEAS are gluten-free.

Gourmet Du Village
Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate.

Green Mountain Coffee

Hannaford (Store Brand)
Frozen Concentrate for Lemonade (41268-11139), Frozen Premium OJ Conc. (41268-11129)

Energy Formula (original, endurance & power); Functionals (b-well, stamina, d-stress, power, slim-down); Fruit Juice Smoothies; Fruit Juices; Juice Blends; Juice Cocktails; Natural and Diet Sodas; Iced Tea and Gold Standard Teas; Energy Water (E20); Monster Energy; Healthy Start Juices; Energade; Signature Sodas; Soy Smoothies; Sparkling Beverages; Blue Sky Soda Products; Medicine Man

Hawaiian Punch (DPSU - Cadbury Schwepps)
All varieties (may contain corn)

Health Valley Products Wheat, oats, rye and barley will be listed on the label if they are present as an ingredient. They can’t guarantee against trace amounts because they also produce products containing those ingredients.

Chocolate Syrup; Cocoa

Hills Brothers
Coffee (all)

Hires Rootbeer (DPSU - Cadbury Schwepps)
All varieties (may contain corn)

All Hood brand fluid milk (in all fat levels), Hood Chocolate Milk (full fat and low fat; all sizes)
Hood Simply Smart® Milk (fat free and low fat), Hood Carb Countdown dairy beverage (all flavors and fat levels).

IBC is now a Mott's product. Could not guarantee there was no gluten because of the fructose/corn syrup.

Inca Kola (Coca-Cola)
All varieties

Indulgent Foods, Stephens Gourmet Hot Sipping Cocoa.
All 13 flavors are gluten-free.

Izze (v=01/16/2006)
BEVERAGES: all varieties are gluten free

Java City
none of our BREWED coffees contain gluten

J.C. Meier Juices ( Pink, White, Wild Berry , Country Raspberry, Chablis, Cranberry Apple, Cabaret Red, Apple, Burgundy, Spumante, Cold Duck
Note: These are sparkling, non-alcoholic juices

Jelks Inc Flavored coffees Are the flavors used in all of your flavored coffees gluten free (nowheat, flour, barley, malt, etc)? None of these are in any flavor. Artificial flavors are used ("cake", "graham", "cookie", etc).

Jones Soda all of their sodas are gluten-free, including the new holiday pack

Juicy Juice (Nestle) All flavors. Nestle will list all gluten-containing ingredients on the label and also list if it is processed on equipment that processes products which contain gluten.

K Hard Cider  ve=3/21/06

Kagome Fruit Juices, all flavors. "Our products do not contain peanuts, milk, soybeans, eggs, fish, crustaceans, wheat or tree nuts. Kagome juices are gluten free."

Kemps NOTE: All products are gluten-free unless they contain a bakery item such as cookies, cake, candy, brownies, or toffee. The modified food starch in ice creams and cottage cheese is cornstarch. In the frozen yogurts it is tapioca.
Fruit Drinks, Fruit Juices

Kids Balanced Drink Very Vanilla; Choco-Chocolate

Apple Juice
Premium Apple Juice
Apple Cider
Natural Apple Juice
Sparkling Apple Cider
Bc Orange - Apricot
Bc Orange - Pineapple
Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate
Apple Juice Drink
Orange Pineapple Drink
Grape Drink
Papaya Punch Drink
Fruit Punch

Kool-Aid Bursts Ready-to-Drink Soft Drinks (all flavors); Sugar-free Low Calorie Soft Drink Mix (all flavors); Sugar Sweetened Soft Drink Mix (all flavors); Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix (all flavors)

Lakewood Juices All juices are gluten-free

Libby’s Kerns Nectar (Nestle) All flavors. Nestle will list all gluten-containing ingredients on the label and also list if it is processed on equipment that processes products which contain gluten.

Lipton Teas are gluten-free.  All types.  (vp=4/17/06)Lipton NOTE: Will not guarantee products to be gluten-free due to possible ingredient forumulas changing. According to their email, the source of modified food starch in their products is corn. They suggest reading labels carefully.

Lundberg Family Farms Rice Drinks (vw=2/23/06)(Vanilla, Original)

Luzianne Iced Tea Bags (Luzianne)
Luzianne Tea is made from black tea and is gluten free. Our tea bags are also gluten free.

Manza Mia (Coca-Cola) All varieties

Maxim (Kraft)

Maxwell House (Kraft)

McCain (McCain, Canada) All McCain drinks, including tetra packs and frozen concentrates

Melita Coffee beans (all varieties)

Mello Yello (Coca-Cola) All varieties

Mighty Leaf Tea All their pouch teas are gluten-free (teabags). These are very fancy, delicious teas that come in a silk-like pouch like a sachet.

Minute Maid (Coca-Cola)
All varieties

Mirinda (Pepsi)

Mocha Almond Powdered Creamer

Mondo Fruit Sqeezers (Jel Sert)
All flavors

Motts (Motts Cadbury Schwepps) Apple Juices (all varieties)

Yoo-Hoo; Holland House Cooking Wines

Mountain Dew (Pepsi) All varieties

Mr. Pibb (Coca-Cola) All varieties

Mrs. Field's, Hot chocolate mix

Mug Root Beer (Pepsi)

Napa Valley Bev. Co. Sparkling Beverages: Peach, Black Cherry, Strawberry

Nantucket Nectars All Products

Naturade Naturade Total Soy Original
Naturade Total Soy Calcium 1000 ( Both flavors)
Naturade Total Soy Ready to Drink (Both flavors)
Naturade Organic Soy Meal Replacement Powder (All three flavors)
Naturade MEGA Protein
Naturade 100% WHEY Protein Booster ( both flavors)
Naturade Milk & Egg Protein Booster
Naturade 100% SOY Protein Booster (both flavors)
Naturade N-R-G Protein Booster (both flavors)

Nescafe Blend 41 Instant Coffee

Nescafe (vw=2/1/06)
Nescafe ice java

NesTea (Nestle) All flavors. Nestle will list all gluten-containing ingredients on the label and also list if it is processed on equipment that processes products which contain gluten.

Nesquik (Nestle) Powder, Ready-to-Drink, and Syrups (all flavors) Nestle will list all gluten-containing ingredients on the label and also list if it is processed on equipment that processes products which contain gluten.

Nestle Carnation Hot Cocoas (all flavors),Coffee (flavored and non flavored), Coffee-Mate Liquid (flavored and non flavored), Coffee-Mate Powder (flavored and non flavored), Juicy Juice (all flavors) Libby's Kerns Nectar (all flavors), Nesquik Powder (all flavors), Nesquik Ready To Drink (all flavors), Nesquik Syrup (all flavors), Nestea (all flavors). Nestle will list all gluten-containing ingredients on the label and also list if it is processed on equipment that processes products which contain gluten.

Newman's Own (vw=02/11/06)
§ Lemonade
§ Pink Lemonade
§ Lemon Aided Ice Tea
§ Gorilla Grape
§ Razz-Ma-Tazz Raspberry Juice Cocktail
§ Orange Mango Tango
§ Apple Juice
§ Grape Juice

Northland Cranberries Juice,
All of our 100% juices are gluten free and contain no MSG's.

Ocean Spray (v=01/11/2006)ALL products are now considered gluten-free, including the flavored Craisins.

Odwalla (ve=3/06)
All of our juices are gluten free with the exception of Super Protein
Vanilla Al Mondo and Superfood. Our bars are NOT gluten free because they contain oats.\

Old Orchards Brands All products (frozen/bottled) are gluten free

On the Border Products

Orangina (Cadbury/Schweppes) All Cadbury/Schweppes beverages are gluten-free EXCEPT for Mott's Clamato.

Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Flavor only (all other flavors contain gluten)

Parents' Choice Soy Formula (Sold at Walmart)

Pacific Foods All Soy Beverages, All Rice Beverages, All Almond Beverages (Malt Barley dropped from Almond Original in 2003), Oregon Hazelnut Beverage.

Pepsi All Coca-Cola products are gluten-free: Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, FruitWorks, Aquafina, Mug Root Beer, Slice, Mirinda, Frappuccino

Polar beverages All Polar beverages are gluten free.

Pom Wonderful Fruit Juice (1OO%): Pomegranate Tangerine; Pomegranate Mango; Pomegranate Blueberry; Pomegranate Cherry; Pomegranate.
Also Corn, Apple, Pear and Garlic Free .

PowerAde (Coca-Cola) All flavors

Power Dream

Produce Partners Banana Frost; Strawberry Frost Drink Mix

Propel Fitness Water (Gatorade/Pepsi) Lemon, Berry, Orange, Black Cherry

RC Cola All varieties (may contain corn)

ReaLemon and ReaLime (Motts Cadbury Schwepps)

Red Bull Energy Drinks (v.e. = 3/7/06).
Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugarfree are both wheat and gluten free.

Red Flash (Coca-Cola)

Red Rose Tea

Reed's Premium Ginger Brew (only)

Reed’s Ginger Brew

Republic of Tea

Renee California Sparkling Juice Chardonnay and White Zinfindel

Resolution (green tea w/ jasmine & ginger)

Reuninion Island Flavored Coffee (v=01/31/2006)

Rose's Natural Infusions Cocktail Mixes, Rose's Brand

Rubicon Exotic Juices

RW Knudsen Spritzers

R. W. Knudsen Juices Cranberry Nectar; Cranberry, Apple, others…Will state on label if it contains milk, egg, wheat, etc. allergens.

Saco Foods

Safeway (ve=01/20/06)
SELECT Brand: Clear (sparkling water beverages, all flavors); Chai Tea; Cocoa Mix –European; Coffee (Creamy Hazelnut); Coffee Beverage Instant Flavored (maltodextrin corn based); Green Tea; Herbal Tea (Lemon, Evening Delight, Chamomile, Peppermint); Organic Soy Beverage; Sodas (all varieties); Specialty Tea; Whole Bean Coffees, flavored; Winners Thirst Quencher (Lemon Lime, Lemon Ice, Orange, Lemon, Tropical, Fruit Punch, Glacier Wave, Tangerine Freeze, and Amazon Freeze).
SAFEWAY Brand: Drink Mixes (Sugar Free Raspberry & Lemonade); Espresso Coffee Beans; Hot Cocoa Mix (with and w/o Marshmallows and Fat Free); Iced Tea Mix (All flavors); Instant Breakfast; Instant Chocolate Drink Mix; Juices (Tomato, Lemonade, Pineapple, Apple, Orange, Prune, White/Pink Grapefruit, Rudy Red, Grape, Cranberry/Raspberry, Cranberry/Apple, and Cranberry/Grape, Apricot Nectar); Limeade; Splash (Tropical, Strawberry/Kiwi, and Berry); Spiced Cranberry Apple Cider Mix; Tea Bags (Decaffeinated); Tomato Juice and Clamato (Canada

Salada Teas (all varieties)

Samantha Classic Carrot Orange; Classic Lemonade; Energizer Ginseng; Banana Strawberry Smoothie; Raspberry Dream Smoothie; Mango Mama Smoothie; Desperately Seeking C; Super Juice; Protein Blast; Vanilla Almond Shake

Schwepps All varieties (may contain corn)

7-Up All varieties

Sierra Mist All varieties

Simply Orange Only juices that are 100% juice with no added ingredients are guaranteed gluten-free. They are currently checking on their juices with added ingredients (such as calcium).

Slice All varieties


Slush Puppies All varieties (may contain corn)


Snow's/Doxsee, Snow’s Clam Juice

SoBe Beverages Exotic Teas & Fruit Juice Blends; Powerline; 3c Elixirs; Love Bus Brew; Lizard Line; Lean Line; Adrenaline Rush; Liz Packs; Lemonade. NOTE: The Sport System Line is NOT gluten-free.

Soy Dream Read the label. All products manufactured by the Hain Celestial Group will clearly list any gluten-containing ingredients.

Sprite (Coca-Cola) All varieties

Squirt All varieties (may contain corn)

Starbucks Starbucks drinks are gluten-free, Edited to add: it has been brought posters attention that some stores are still making the brownie frappuccinos. Obviously anything with a brownie or cookie would NOT be gluten-free. 

Stash Tea Chai tea and all other of their products are gluten free.

Stephens Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Stewart's Beverages All varieties, including Fountain Classics

Sunkist All varieties (may contain corn)

Sun Rype Juices All flavors

Sun Spree Flavored Tea: Apple, Honey, Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry

Sunny Delight “All current versions of Sunny D are gluten-free. The modified food starch is derived from corn. However, as ingredients can change at any time, we recommend reading the ingredient label before each purchase.”

Surge (Coca-Cola)

Swiss Miss (v=02/15/06)
Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Tab (Coca-Cola)

Tang (Kraft) Read the label. Wheat, oats, rye and barley will be listed on the label of Kraft products that contain these ingredients. They will not be hidden under words such as “natural flavors”, etc. Kraft considers distilled vinegar, no matter the source, gluten-free.

Tazo Tea All of our teas are gluten free *except* for the following: Green Ginger filterbags, Tazo Honeybush filterbags, Lemon Ginger bottled tea, Tea Lemonade bottled tea.

Thai Kitchen
Thai Iced Tea (loose Leaves)

Timothy's White Hot Chocolate.

Torani Flavorings All flavors EXCEPT Sugar-Free French Vanilla

Treetop Juices All juices and packaging are gluten-free

Tropicana Smoothies All varieties (Modified Food starch is not gluten containing)

Tropicana Only “Pure Premium” from certain facilities can be guaranteed gluten-free. The facility number is listed after the expiration date. 

Tropicana (PepsiCo) Ruby Red Orange; Orange Banana; Orange Pineapple; Orange Tangerine; Orange Strawberry; and all 100% juices are gluten-free (as long as Natural Flavors is not listed). For those with natural flavors you should call the company. Some are gluten-free and some aren't. Some of those listed above might contain natural flavors but these have been verified as gluten-free.

Tropicana (vp= 3/20/2006)
100 % juices are all gluten-free.

Tully's Coffee

Twinings Teas of London (v.w. = 2/22/06)
All Twinings teas, herbal infusions and flavoured fruit infusions are Gluten and GM (genetically modified) Free.Twinings Teas, infusions and fruits (confirmed also that the bag itself contains no gluten)

GLUTEN?FREE PRODUCTS “Because we are constantly improving our recipes, please check the ingredient statement on the label of any product. We will make every effort?to keep this list up?to date, but some products made without gluten may not be included.”
V8 Vegetable Juice
V8 Juice 5.5 oz/6 pk
V8 Juice 11.5 oz 51000012920
V8 Juice 12 oz 51000138033
V8 Juice 32 oz Glass 51000002846
V8 Juice 46 oz 51000003362
V8 Juice 46 oz PET 51000008039
V8 Juice 64 oz PET 51000069924
V8 ACE Juice 5.5 oz ? formerly HP 51000115805
V8 100% ACE 46 oz can ? formerly HR 51000123084
V8 100% ACE 46 oz PET ? formerly HR 51000119773
V8 Calcium Enriched 12 oz 51000138002
V8 Calcium Enriched 46 oz PET 51000135537
V8 Lightly Tangy 46 oz 51000017833
V8 Low Sodium 5.5 oz/6 pk 51000000675
V8 Low Sodium 46 oz PET 51000121578
V8 Picante Mild 46 oz 51000083036
V8 Spicy Hot 11.5 oz 51000042859
V8 Spicy Hot 12 oz 51000138019
V8 Spicy Hot 46 oz PET 51000121561
V8 Spicy Hot Juice 5.5 oz/6 pk 51000000040
V8 Splash Smoothies
Citrus Blend 10 oz Glass 51000146267
Citrus Blend 46 oz PET 51000143334
Peach Mango 10 oz Glass 51000146274
Peach Mango 46 oz PET 51000143327
Strawberry Banana 10 oz Glass 51000146250
Strawberry Banana 46 oz PET 51000143310
V8 Splash Juice Blends
Berry Blend 16 oz 51000127624
Berry Blend 6.75 oz/8 pk 51000135070
Berry Blend 64 oz 51000127112
Berry Blend 8.45 oz/8 pk 51000137524
Berry Blend 96 oz PET 51000131119
Citrus Blend 16 oz 51000125422
Citrus Blend 64 oz PET 51000131829
Fruit Medley 16 oz 51000131508
Fruit Medley 6.75 oz/8 pk 51000135087
Fruit Medley 64 oz PET 51000130624
Fruit Medley 8.45 oz/8 pk 51000137531
Grape Blend 16 oz 51000120250
Grape Blend 64 oz PET 51000135148
Orange Pineapple 16 oz 51000131492
Orange Pineapple 64 oz PET 51000130617
Peach Lemonade 16 oz 51000118288
Raspberry Lemonade 16 oz 51000127600
Strawberry Banana 16 oz 51000131515
Strawberry Banana 64 oz PET 51000130631
Strawberry Kiwi 16 oz 51000125415
Strawberry Kiwi 6.75 oz/8 pk 51000135094
Strawberry Kiwi 64 oz PET 51000127730
Strawberry Kiwi 8.45 oz/8 pk 51000137548
Strawberry Kiwi 96 oz PET 51000131102
Tropical Blend 16 oz 51000124692
Tropical Blend 46 oz PET 51000124708
Tropical Blend 5.5oz 6pk 51000125361
Tropical Blend 64 oz PET 51000125736
Tropical Blend 7.7 oz/6 pk 51000127587
Tropical Blend 96 oz PET 51000131096
Diet V8 Splash Juice Blends
Berry Blend 16 oz 51000138866
Berry Blend 64 oz PET 51000144126
Strawberry Kiwi 16 oz 51000138804
Strawberry Kiwi 64 oz PET 51000144270
Tropical Blend 16 oz 51000138798
Tropical Blend 64 oz PET 51000144263

Vernor’s All varieties (may contain corn)

VIP, Ready to Blend Smoothie Mixes
VIP Ready to Blend smoothies .

Virgil's Root Beer

Watkin’s Product numbers included, vinegar source included if applicable.
BEVERAGE CONCENTRATES: Black Cherry (1632), Grape (1634), Cranberry Peach (1635), Raspberry Lemonade (1636)
COCOA MIXES: French Vanilla (1232), Irish Cream (1233),
OTHER: Chai (1205), SoyNilla (2090)
THERA-TEAS: Mint & Lemongrass (1218), Premium (1217)

Welch's Juices Welch's

Westsoy Plain non-fat soy milk is gluten-free. However, the vanilla flavor is made with barley (with the gluten proteins from barley eliminated. Read the label. All products manufactured by the Hain Celestial Group will clearly list any gluten-containing ingredients.

Wyler’s and Wyler’s Lite

Yoo-Hoo Original

Yogi Teas (Golden Temple) ( 800-964-4832) (vw- 02/24/2006)
(http://www.yogitea.com/FAQ/FAQ.html): “Yogi Teas do not contain wheat or gluten as an ingredient. However, since our manufacturing plant also produces organic cereals, wheat or gluten may at some point come into contact with our teas. It is also possible that any given tea may contain an extremely miniscule 1 to 2 parts per million of gluten as an incidental by-product.”

Zen, Calm and Wild Sweet Orange are gluten-free/sf (contain natural flavors, but were researched and confirmed gluten-free).


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