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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Bad Food This Evening?



ugh, feel awful this evening. I've been fighting a sore throat for two or three days and have a bit of a cough. We went out to a movie this afternoon (Enchanted, cute) and I ate a little popcorn, then we went to a new Hong Kong Buffet. OMG, my stomach is so upset and I can clear a room with no effort

I don't know if it was only the carbs or if there was wheat in the food. I tried to eat things without the sauces and stick to vegetables and unbreaded meats but there HAD to be something there. I know lunch was safe, a chicken fajita salad at El Portal's which I have often and have always had a good stomach afterwards, plus it was after the popcorn I got a little windy and then after dinner WOW

I'm not sure what my weight will do but I'm definitely bloated tonight. VERY strict tomorrow and lots of water.

dh and ds are getting much better about helping with finding wheat in foods and avoiding them. It's not their burden but I do appreciate the assistance, especially on days when I'm tired or flaring and they are helping with food choices and preparation.

I still have the two steps forward one step back syndrome going on. I make great progress in how I feel then something slips by me. I'm sure it was wheat based tonight cuz my chest is kind of tight feeling and heavy.


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