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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Gators, Taters, And More



[font="Century Gothic"][size=3]No fried alligator for me! I really did want to try it, even tho it probably tastes just like chicken! My mother and I cooked our own Thanksgiving for Two. She was upset that I said I hate Thanksgiving. My brother is allergic to poultry, so it's not like I'm the only one who doesn't like this holiday.
So we made it "our" way. We loved it. My mom didn't have ANY bread! She ate a gluten-free muffin Kinnickick Frozen blueberry- and she liked it. She couldn't believe the texture was so normal. We had chocolate mousse instead of pie.
She has always made gravy with cornstarch, waldorf salad, and cranberry sauce-- all gluten-free anyway, too. So it was so special. We were invited to the neighbor's, but they were out by the time we recovered from our turkey coma, so we did card-making crafty stuff all night and it was so fun. I found out my brother, who hosted the meal in the midwest for his in-laws, was so perturbed that the guests literally ate and ran, that he says he'll never host it again!
My mom lives across the country from me, so the gluten free items she stocked up on for my visit were new to me. Two great discoveries: First, [u]Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps (Sea Salt & Pepper)[/u] were SO crunchy and flavorful--I ate them on the plane, while the "normal" passengers ate gluteny peanuts and biscotti. #2 The [u]Kinnickick blueberry muffins-[/u] yum! Also... The [u]GLutano Chocolate Cookies[/u] were ok, but they must've looked good because these adorable red-headed little girls in the airport [b]asked me for some[/b], but I didn't want them to have them, because I KNEW they wouldn't like them. They have a strong rice flavor...and so I didn't want them to have to spit them out. I explained that they weren't normal, and then their mom helped me distract them. Poor girls.
I saw a baby [u]alligator[/u] in my mom's neighborhood. It was so cool! Then we went on an airboat ride in the lake (swamp) and saw tons of them, all shapes and sizes, and it was so amazing! I highly recommend it.
I dined at Bonefish Grill (gluten-free menu) and ate mussels, scallops w/mango sauce, and mac nut brownie. yum-o
Liked it so much, went back another night, tried butter sauce on grouper, got a bit of the "d". the butter? dairy is the devil
Poor mom, had made gluten-free brownies b4 I arrived and they were uncooked except for at the edge. AND she made seven layer bars...with only 4 layers. They were ok.
Boyfriend and I went to the American Music Awards, and it was SO GREAT! I loved Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz (he was singing to ME!) and Rhianna. I surprised bf (and myself) by singing LOUDLY to Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf!! They were shockingly just like they used to sound like! It was nostalgic. so funny to shock the bf- he ate it up, says he'll look for DD tickets now. ha ha Who knew I'd revert to a teenager?
Bf liked Celine Dion and Rascal Flatts (new to him) and Beyonce and Alicia Keys.
I wore my BCBG sapphire tiered satin halter dress. nuff said.;0
Afterwards, he surprised me with reservations for Dolce Enoteca e ristorante (Ashton Kutcher's restaurant), where some celiac guy online eats and recommended. My waiter was not good. I ordered the tomato and mozzerella, which shockingly, came in a tower of alternating slices that was held in place by...sticks of raw spaghetti!!!!
Other than that, my food was dee-lish. I had the seared tuna medallions. To. die. 4.
Celiac Group Meeting tomorrow night- gonna make Rice Krispie treats (with Cocoa Pebbles) and bring SnaPea Crisps.
Menu Today: B-M&Ms L: Instant Grits, Sfree applesauce, gluten-free cookies D: gluten-free pizza, marshmallows, Crunch N Munch[/size][/font]


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