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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Acceptance *angels' Chime*



[size=3][color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]It's been 2 years since this gluten free segment of my life story has commenced. I think I can self-diagnose that I am over the stages of grief over the loss of my normal, carefree lifestyle. I have reached acceptance. The three year period I've read about that it takes to become thoroughly accustomed to the diet/lifestyle, seems to be correct. I still have mishaps and I still get annoyed with it. But next year (end of year 3), I think I will feel a much firmer grip on it. Much love to the members of this board for helping me keep my sanity. :)
I now accept that I am "high-maintenance"-something my Viking mother would have castigated me for, growing up. I am drawn to magnanimous companions who do not share my sometimes petulant and capricious attitude about it. They love to be my hero and make a fuss with the wait staff, remind me to play it safe, study up on it, call ahead to restaurants, etc. I am very lucky for them.
I am happy to have a support group of celiacs who remind me how much easier it is these days and how much more gluten-free foods and awareness there are out there these days.
I am even considering moving to a region of the country where it is easier to live the gluten free lifestyle-away from all the whole-grainers out here.
My brother no longer makes rude comments about it being in my head. My coworkers have realized that I'm not on a low-carb diet. My family is much more knowledgeable and accommodating, too. They know what their abilities are and when they need to call me about an ingredient. They don't pester me to eat things or ask why I can't. I think God was gracious to allow the timing of my diagnosis to be one of the rare times I live alone in my life so that I don't worry about cc in my home.
I love my celiac self now[/font][/color].[/size]


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