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Shoulder Bouncing Laughter



[size=3][color="#008080"][font="Arial Black"]We're at the hotel bar area chatting with fellow vacationers, when my bf whispers to me, "This lady thinks I'm a pro-athlete." This is typical, so I wondered why he looked so flustered. I say, "Did you tell her you're not?" He says, "Yes, but she won't take no for an answer. She thinks I'm trying to be private."
fyi, the Detective in 6'3" and slim with broad shoulders, and often gets "noticed" by onlookers (at airport or concerts, usually) as a potential professional athlete-someone they think looks recognizable enough to be famous, but not to the extent that they know his name.
The next thing I know, she gives him a pen so he can sign his autograph. Smiling viciously, not wanting to "save" him from her, but instead to prolong my entertainment, I divulge the nice young couple I'm chatting with in the situation. We all smile and restrain laughter as the 50ish woman across the table huddles in closer to my bf, so gracious for his attention. She asks me if she can dance with him. To add to his pain, I acquiesce. The detective gets let off the hook,however, as the musician goes on break.
==This happened in Cancun- at a dance place/restaurant we were eating and an obese older woman approached our dinner table and asked him for a dance while we were eating. He said, you'll have to ask my girlfriend. I said, "Sure." He said, "After I eat." He waited until a line dance. ;) ==
So, back to the bar scene w/ autograph-asking lady. My bf gets up from our little table to get drinks at the bar and the woman leans toward me and says how nice and "un-snobby and un-egotistical" he is for a pro athlete. I smile and nod. (Gee, I wonder why.) She asks me if I think he'd take a picture with her. I excitedly respond, "Sure! He's really good about that." So after he sits down, here she comes with her camera and I enthusiastically offer to play photographer. My shoulders are shaking so badly from my unable-to-be-contained giggles, (the other couple, who are in-the-know, are smiling like the cat with the canary at me), that the lady says to me somewhat sternly, "Now hold the camera still so the picture turns out!"
Later, I asked him what he signed on the autograph. He said his own name, with a few letters added onto it[/font].[/color] :lol: [/size]


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