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Bread And Jamnesia

Entry posted by brendygirl · - 178 views

[color="#800080"][size=3][font="Century Gothic"]Revelation: I know why it takes 3 years to get a hang of the gluten-free diet-- Because it takes about that long to forget how real bread tastes! And when you've been NOT eating the real thing for two years, like me, you DO forget what the real thing tastes like. And THAT makes the fake versions much more palatable!
Now the newbies at the celiac support group meeting will look at ME like I have three eyeballs when I join the "old, wise ones" and proclaim, "it tastes just like the real thing!" Except-REALIST that I am- since I admit that I don't remember what the real thing tastes like, I won't be proclaiming. I'll leave that up to the OTHERS[/font][/size].[/color]
[color="#483D8B"][font="Century Gothic"]Don't you find it odd, that some of the best gluten free dining experiences I've had are in ITALIAN restaurants? The bf discovered another local one- [color="#48D1CC"]Ciao Bella[/color]- serves gluten free pasta. (Perks of dating a detective, lol.) Very good. Shockingly, after all this time, the bf reached over with a clean fork to try a taste- It looked that good!--but then he squirmed as he forced himself not to spit it out. Finicky as he is, he adores Italian food, and so I go with him, taking a big cc risk, and get my raw steak, oysters, or tomato and mozzerella salad appetizer with salmon or steak as a main dish, but I've never felt ill effects! I've dined at other restaurants, returned and ordered the same thing, only to get glutened the second time but not the first.
Anyway, I hope I'm not jinxing myself. Vegas coming up. [/font][/color]
More REAL names, not nicknames!
Baby (male)



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