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Goosebumps: My Whole Foods Frenzy



[color="#006400"][size=4][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]The Whole Foods Market finally opened (about a 40 minute drive...we do minutes, not miles over here)!!
I had read and heard about lots of it from people who had been to them. I was so excited to go and my expectations were exceeded.
I have not tried everything yet. It's been a little over a week.[/color]
[u]Here are the things I tried and LOVED:[/u]

FROZEN meals (heat & serve):
[*]3 Cheese Mac & Cheese
[*]Ian's french bread pizza
[*]Chicken Pomodoro
[*]Spinach & Feta pizza
[*]Whole Foods Market (WFM) brand cherry pie with lattice top
[*]WFM peanut butter cookies (crumbly but good)
[*]WFM pizza crust (like boboli but browner- just add toppings and heat for 15 mn.!)
[*]WFM cream biscuits
[*]Glutino pretzel sticks (small and skinny)
[*]Ian's chocolate chip cookie buttons (tininess minimizes crumbly factor)[/color]

[u]Things I did NOT LIKE:[/u]
[*]Frozen Mushroom and potato au gratin by Whole Kitchen
[*]Frozen Tandoori Chef Pad thai
[color="#4B0082"][u]THINGS I HAVEN'T TRIED YET[/u]=================
[*]Ian's chicken patty (I love the nuggets)
[*]Ian's fish patty (I love the sticks)
[*]WFM baguettes
[*]Amy's black bean tamales (I've had other Amy's frozen meals)
[*]365 Pancake and Waffle Mix
[*]365 Chocolate Brownie Mix
[*]365 Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix


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