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Awaiting Biopsy Results

Entry posted by KristaleeJane · - 324 views

So I finally had the biopsy about 2 days ago, so I am now gluten free YA! I am so excited about that, Finally. The biopsy went pretty good, it takes like 5 mins to do, and you go home like an hour later, so that was good. The doctor said it looked "Normal" but that they usually do look normal until a pathologist looks at them under a microscope, but I was free of ulcers anyway. He said the results can take up to 3 weeks, so I won't really know anything until then, but he said start the diet anyway and then the doctor will more than likely refer you to a dietician.
Even if the results of the biopsy come up OK or normal, my blood work didn't so are they going to say I don't have celiac, or what? How can someone have a high count of IgA anitibodies and then get a negative biopsy and the doctors say "oh your fine, your biopsy was negative?" I am sure that happens all the time. I know it has only been a couple of days but I see changes already. Like my Bloating is gone, more energy, and just a lot of small things that I can tell are getting better. It is very exciting to finally know what is wrong and be able to control it with what you eat. I am still having a hard time reading the labels on things, there are so many things that aren't clear. But I guess there is a lot to learn so Hopefully it will get easier.
I am still having a lot of cramps and pains in my legs and hips, sometimes they last all day and night. I must have some sort of definciacy, I am going to get my doc to do a full blood work and all that.


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I couldn't agree more. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease a couple days ago, and I refuse to have the biopsy. It's a waste of time and money. If blood tests come back positive, there's no need. I already started the gluten-free diet, so a biopsy can't be done. It's amazing because 24 hours after going gluten-free, my stomach has miraculously stopped cramping and my nausea is completely gone. Thank you for your advice Kristalee!

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