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May 25, 2008 Simple Insights

Entry posted by Ann1231 · - 598 views

I posted this on another forum but felt I needed it here to always remind me of how simple my diet can and should be and how much better I feel if I will follow this:

here's where I'm at at this point:

[b]1. grains of all kinds cause inflammation and pain FOR ME

2. red meat, pork, too much chicken (more than once or twice a week) cause inflammation and pain FOR ME

3. all dairy, ESPECIALLY CHEESE (which I love too..) cause pain and inflammation for me

4. chocolate..same as above

5. any and all carbonated beverages, diet, water, etc...same as above

6. bananas, same as above

What doesn't bother me:

all other fruits, non-starchy vegetables, FISH!! (lots of fish, all kinds),

I know it doesn't sound like much to eat but when I load up on fruits, vegetables and fish, I feel fantastic and don't need as much arthritis medicine (methotrexate, plaquenil, prednisone).

Everyone is going to be different. I have to low carb by watching my intake of fruits and my low carb isn't as strict as many people here, but this is one way to somewhat control my arthritis. [/b]



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