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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Kid's Gluten Free Support Camp - Bloomington, MN


Event details


We still have room for more Gluten Detectives at our Third Annual Gluten Detective Camp. This year, our Gluten Detectives will sail into new adventures with other children leading a gluten free life. Our voyage starts on day one as we introduce our shipmates and start our day with music from Captain Rich! We will then "set sail" for a Polynesian adventure with crafts, activities and mental health activities based in a Hawaiian theme. Day two will find our ship headed for "Mexico" where our learning adventures will take place in the protective setting of our Bloomington campus, but our imaginations will soar to the sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Mexico. On Day three our ship will head home to Minnesota, where we will snack on gluten free s'mores, engage in fun, outdoor team games, and celebrate with music the end of our wonderful voyage!

At Gluten Detective camp, not only do we provide children with a worry-free environment and safe food, we also teach them valuable coping skills to lead what can be a restrictive, and isolating lifestyle. Campers come from all over the Midwest to unite at this innovative and fun camp, where area chefs visit to teach children cooking lessons, musicians lead the activities with live music, and gluten free teens and adult professionals lead the kids through a variety of activities, using theater and crafts. Each day includes plenty of outdoor activity, as well. Your child will leave GD camp invigorated and empowered! Come sail away with us on our Gluten Detective 2013 Voyage! You can watch a clip from last year's camp here.

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Julie Salato

Celiac Center of MN



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