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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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ON, Canada - 5K/1 Mile Halloween-themed running


Event details

Thought you might be interested! Our 5K/1 Mile Halloween-themed running events in Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Friday, October 18th) and Collingwood, Ontario, Canada (Saturday, October 19th) accommodate gluten free and Celiac individuals by providing a special gluten-free candy bag. This enables individuals and families who are gluten-intolerant to participate in our race and enjoy the full spectrum of activities (most notably, gorging on copious amounts of Halloween candy!). I’m not aware of other races that are doing this. Thought it might be of interest to you or your fans.

Here’s a bit of more general information about our race:

On Friday, October 18th Trek or Treat, Canada’s original night trail run, returns to Oakville for its 8th year and Collingwood for the 2nd time. Weave your way through darkened trails where the only light ahead is the glow of your headlamp or flashlight and the pumpkin kilometer markers. Spooky displays, giant Halloween inflatables and hundreds of runners in costume set the stage for the Halloween-iest run of the season! Enjoy free pizza, hot chocolate, face painting, professional family/running group photos and candy stations along the route. There is a 5K run/walk and a Creepy Mile – perfect for parents and their little ghouls. More information is available at www.trekortreat.ca

Here are the details of our “gluten-free” bags:


Thanks for the great information you provide!


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