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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Spaghetti Dinner in Milwaukee, WI

Event details

My granddaughter Abby, diagnosed with celiac nearly 5 years ago, is now an 8th grader and planning to travel with the People to People Ambassador Program this summer. Her group will visit Italy, France and Spain, see and do a wide range of things, and even earn some college credit in the process!

Her goal is to fundraiser to cover 100% of the cost of trip. After spending several months making decorated gluten-free cookies with mom, they are taking a break to host a spaghetti dinner on Saturday, March 15th. Pretty much everything on the menu will be gluten-free, starting with corn pasta. Dessert and beverages are include and vegetarian options are available.

If interested, there is a flyer on the Home Page of her website-- http://www.abigailsoriginalsmilwaukee.com/

((RSVPs by Thursday, March 13, are appreciated for planning purposes.)

It should be good be a good time with great food!


Bev Lieven

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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