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  2. Hubby and I both eat Chobani all the time. No issues gluten issues at all. But we are pretty much healed. Skip the dairy for a week. If systems improve, then you know if lactose is an issue for you. Often this resolves with healing. But if you felt well for two weeks, you might be getting gluten into your diet somehow. Read all labels. When in doubt (at least until you master reading labels), do not eat it.
  3. If you were diagnosed with celiac disease, when was the last time your GI ran a celiac antibodies test? That might help you determine if you are actually gluten-free dietary compliant and not dealing with hidden gluten or cross contamination. If you are NC Gluten Intolerant....a bit harder to determine. In that case keep a food journal. Have you considered something other than celiac disease? It could be something like Crohn's. You can develop other autoimmune disorders or even a new disease (let's hope not!). Welcome to the forum. 😊
  4. Hi RosanneL, new to this site and spotted your post. I too have been gluten free for 4 years and still will get sick with weeks of cramps and diarrhea. I try everything from probiotics, slippery elm, vegetarian, raw food. The list goes on but almost always need to take Imodium so I can go out. For years I was on the PPI's for heartburn but almost never need them when I quit gluten plus the side effects are very scary. I use Rolaids if I have heartburn. Its frustrating isn't it you start to think what else am I allergic to "water" LOL.
  5. Thanks to you both as you have answered most of my questions & given me some new suggestions. I forgot to ask about greek yogurt now while I'm still having trouble. I buy Chobani which list cultured pasteurized nonfat milk, evaporated cane sugar, water, vanilla extract, locust bean gum, fruit pectin, Natural Flavor, Lemon Juice concentrate. It is gluten free but I'm guessing I should wait because of the milk and sugar? Thanks for telling my about the newbie section b/c I hadn't seen it and for your encouragement.
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  7. Dear egs1707, You will not like what I have to say. But, like Squirmingitch (whose entire post I agree with), I am only trying to help you. 1. You have already been given all the best advice possible by the nicest people. 2. You seem unable to accept this advice; so I won't focus on being nice. 3. I believe you are clinically depressed. No, I'm not a doctor; but I have friends who have been seriously depressed. 4 You would be best served if you could try some antidepressants--if only temporarily! This is no crime, no sin. It is merely human. Give yourself a break. Plenty of people take them. I'm a pharmacist and used to dispense PLENTY of them. Nothing wrong with them.--especially temporarily--or permanently, if needed. 5. Until you can improve your attitude, it's unlikely you will recover. 6. Once your mental state feels better, you might give a look at Mast Cell Disorders. Good info on this site by neonatologist who has Celiac Disease and Mast Cell Disease. This could be your answer. It has helped other Celiacs who could not get well only by eliminating gluten. Please know I only wish you the very best of health! p.s. Please go easy on me. I wasn't diagnosed till 60 years old. Gluten free 7 years and still working day-to-day to be healthy. For me, continually trying to make each day the best, trying new things, and checking out mast cell info continues to help me. I get better each day. You can too.
  8. Danish researchers use duodenal biopsies, celiac disease-specific antibodies, and human leukocyte-antigen genotypes to validate celiac disease diagnoses in the Danish National Patient Register. View the full article
  9. Dear egs1707, Please read this with an open mind. My intent, truly, is to try to help you. Until now, I have pretty much stayed out of the fray here on this thread although I admit to having been tempted many, many times to say my 2 cents worth. I will preface my remarks by admitting that I am not good at diplomacy. I tend to be blunt but please believe me when I say that I am not trying to hurt you in any way. Here goes...... I have rarely "seen" anyone as consistently negative as you. You take every single thing in the most extreme negative possible. Over the course of reading your posts I have gotten the feeling that you have always been this negative. If not always, then for many, many, many years. You talk of how quickly your friends dropped you when you said you have a problem with gluten and how they made fun of you & made you the butt of jokes. We all said those kind of people are no friends at all & you are well rid of them. Now I rethink that and have to think your negativity for so many years is the true reason these people have turned on you. Perhaps it really isn't about your food intolerances at all but that just provided the final excuse for them to "get rid of you" & kick you to the curb for once & for all. I still don't agree that being so mean & nasty is a good way to treat anyone but they may feel they have been driven to it by the way you are such a major downer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Ones mental state affects their physical state in a huge way. If you continue to look at everything through a black cloud then I fear you will never be healthy physically. You need to try very hard to turn your outlook around. Can you try to say ONE good thing each day? Start with just ONE thing. Then make it 2 positive things each day. Then 3 and so forth. Then also begin to NOT make a negative statement that you were going to make. Just keep that comment to yourself & don't voice it. Then try to keep 2 negative comments from being voiced, then 3 & so forth. You see, we get into habits and it seems your habit for negativity is deeply ingrained at this point. IMHO, I believe you can wean yourself off if you try hard.
  10. Hola de nuevo. It depends what you are after. If you are after good value, clean hotels, we find that is usually the norm for the Premier Inn chain. We tend to use them a lot. Not luxury, but usually of a good standard. Unhelpfully I have never stayed in one in London but google 'Premier Inns London' and there seems to be a good selection. Just keep in mind what you want to do, where you want to be and public transport. You'll have to do some homework. On the negative side their gluten free food provision is a bit disappointing but for breakfast they provide gluten free toast, jam, and there is fruit, yoghurt, juices, tea and coffee. If at a Premier Inn I usually eat lunch or dinner somewhere else, as I don't think I've come across one with a gluten free menu yet. Franky and Benny's, ASK, or somewhere else. In London you should have plenty of choice. I once stayed at the Premier Inn in Perth, Scotland, and there was a wonderful Marks and Spencer store opposite so just bought myself salads and some of their amazing gluten free cakes, etc. They have a great range of cakes! Not the ideal diet longterm, but better than nothing. In fact, the Premier Inn I most enjoyed staying in was in Scotland - in Edinburgh at Lauriston Place - so central, you could walk to all the main sites, and lots of good restaurants. If you are ever thinking of going to Scotland I couldn't recommend it enough - although it is a bit of a walk from the bus station (or a taxi ride) once you are there it is brilliantly situated.
  11. Prior to being diagnosed with Celiacs, I had stomach issues once in a blue moon. Since I've been on a gluten free diet, I've had nothing but stomach problems (cramping sometimes diarrhea.) I have a new nutritionist and she has me on a grain free diet for 3 weeks. Now I've had heartburn almost every day, and still cramping. Anyone have similar problems? And if so what did you do. I hate this cramping feeling.
  12. I am really curious of what was the outcome in your case. I had the same test, with the same reference values as yours. My result was 6. When I asked the lab technician what are the units of the result she was rude to me and she told me that it's not my business :S This is really confusing as sometimes reference ranges are not at all related with the method of analysis but often they just represent statistic values of the general population.
  13. Food with gluten is the leading cause of food intolerance for consumers suffering from celiac disease, which is an autoimmune and inherited disorder. View the full article
  14. The Whole food diet is suggested as a means normally to make it easier on to body to get nutrients, and for you to help nail down any other issues that might be present like certain nutrient absorption issues, or intolerance. You seem to not have any other major issues, or have not mentioned any like nerve pains, anxiety, gut pains, muscle issues, etc. A lot of us also develop common intolerance or have issues with our but biome going wonky with say starches and carbs. Dairy is still a universal one we suggest removing for a awhile due to the way the body processes it. There are plenty of vegan options for cheese like lissanatti, daiya, and follow your heart. And yogurts and nut milk from silk, almond breeze, and so delicious that you can use for substitutions and might find works even better for you. I also have issues with digesting meats unless stewed to the point of practically melting and very lean then eat with enzymes in small 1-2oz portions (they do not break down in my system) and have gone to a mostly vegan lifestyle aside from egg whites and small amounts of fish. PS Nutritional yeast by braggs, or Kal is a god send condiment that has a nice cheesy nutty flavor and is great in seasonings and sauces and helps add B vitamins, niacin etc. to the diet. Eating out can be tricky and it really is your gamble, I personally am hyper sensitive and will not risk it aside from 2 places where I have talked with the manager and then I only order a side of roasted veggies and bring my main dish. This allows me to meet others and feel normal, with going out to eat. Recently also found a gluten-free sushi place where I go. Processed foods if certified gluten-free should be alright if you have no other issues, but as per above we suggest going whole food til you work it out. I personally just use them as treats and due to my issues have limited brands I use (No corn, soy, dairy, peanuts, olives, just my personal intolerance or allergy issues.). I bake most my own desserts, make cheese sauces, and pizza from scratch myself. but sometimes get sugar free jams, cereals, wraps, dairy free cheese blocks, and sauces especially since after years of healing I no longer have ill effects from them. Everyone is different, I always suggest talking to a dietician and getting tested for deficiencies after being gluten-free for awhile to make sure your getting what you body needs.
  15. Everyone is different. I didn't drop potatoes or rice and had no problems with them. Of course they were in their natural form not out of a box with a bunch of other stuff added. Nut butters should be fine as long as no one who isn't gluten free shares the jar. It is a good idea to drop dairy at first. Butter should be okay as the amount of casien and lactose in butter are really minimal but cheeses, milk, whipped cream etc may be an issue until you heal. When you have been feeling better for a bit add backk in hard cheeses like cheddar first. All plain fresh or single ingredient fruits and veggies should be fine but you may want to cook veggies well to make them easier to digest. Personally my body still doesn't like a lot of lettuce so my salads are done with lots of cut up veggies but no lettuce. That is my body though as I am well healed by now. Eating at others homes will always be a problem. Best to bring something from home that you know is safe. There are more celiac savvy restaurants than even 5 years ago but some do it better than others. If a place has a gluten free menu your chances of a safe meal are better but there is still a risk. As far as gluten free processed food goes you may want to add one thing at a time while you are feeling okay. Perhaps add a bread, for example, If that sits okay after a week or two you could try adding something else. The reason you want to do it slowly is because many gluten free baked goods have ingredients you may not have eaten before like bean or soy flours. Early on I thought some baked goods were glutening me but it turned out I don't tolerate lupine or soy flour but keeping a food diary helped pinpoint those ingredients after a bit. If you haven't already do be sure to read the Newbie 101 thread at the top of the coping section as it has a lot of good info for you. Welcome and I hope you heal quickly but you will likely have some ups and downs for a bit so don't get discouraged.
  16. Thank you very much for all your answers! If you ever need advice on Madrid, here I am to solve them. Can you advise me a good accommodation or is it better to book an apartment? Thank you
  17. I am 3 years gluten free but when I ate something with gluten (I didn't know that contains) I had some weird rush looking like here https://illnessee.com/roseola-pictures/ and I thought it's just allergy but this is something more serious. I hope it can be treaten. Did someone have the same allergy reaction?
  18. I am 2 months post diagnosis and have had bad several weeks of diarrhea after initially having normal stools after 2 weeks gluten free. After reading alot of posts here, I realize I've made several mistakes which I am wanting to correct now. First, over Christmas & recent vacation, I've eaten alot of gluten free processed food, bread, crackers, cookies, etc. I know now to cut these completely out until my small intestine gets healed. Also, I've gone out to eat some locally, & also while on vacation. I've talked to waiter & even the kitchen about cross contamination, but read here that I should avoid eating out until S.I. is healed. I have several questions. First, are there some non-processed foods that I should still avoid while I'm having trouble? The ones I've read to wait on are the following: nuts, raw veggies, cheese b/c of lactose, and even the starchy foods like rice & potatoes. Can anyone confirm either way because I've been eating these & would like to continue eating any that won't keep me from healing. Finally, what about peanut butter, lettuce, & fruits? Haven't heard on these but want to make sure they won't delay small intestine healing. Thanks to everyone who responds to us newbies. You are a Godsend!
  19. Have that problem a lot in Hawaii. We just wash it down with straight bleach and it takes 2 to 3 years before there is any new growth.
  20. Unless you are diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, “'gluten-free' has nothing to do with the actual health benefits of the food,” ... View the full article
  21. Whether you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance and have to follow a gluten-free diet, it is important to know if the corn starch in your kitchen or ... View the full article
  22. Yes its important not to share thing with people when they have food or drink that you have a reaction to. I don't drink flavoured water, always plain, bit confused as to why I'm having a reaction to it now, and not so good as its the only thing I drink lol, will research it some more, think I'm gna find a naturopath as I have a lot of foods I can't eat also.
  23. This might sound a bit strange but when I have an allergy or intolerance to to something I eat I have severe panic attacks with it. I drink water all the time and it's always from a bottle because tap water started to hurt my tummy but last night I had some bottled water and immediately had severe panic attacks from drinking one mouthful my panic attacks lasted all night long and all the next day although no one on here has said they have panic attacks from water hearing that other people have been unwell from water makes me feel less crazy. also my mouth and throat are slightly irritated to and I get this when I have a reaction to something that my body doesn't like. I just want to say thank you for the information that is on here I will try drinking From a glass bottle from now
  24. Old post but none the less, few odd points, I have gotten glutened by grabbing a bottle of sparking mineral water that a family member had drank out of after eating something with gluten in it. Have to be careful with opened ones, Also some flavored waters might have something you could react to, same with ones with added minerals or vitamins. This last ones has happened to me as I get panic attacks from aspartame or acesulfame potassium and I can think of a few times I tried a flavored mineral water without checking ingredients. Unsure about it but skimmed the topic and others have mentioned bottles growing bacteria in them after opening and drinking then letting it set for extended amounts of time, I can see this perhaps happening and making someone sick. I personally have never been able to drink plain water, if it is not flavored, I just keep drinking and it never satisfies me and I drink til I get sick. Sorta why I use water flavor, and drink mostly hot tea and coffee. Odd quirk I seem to have had since childhood.
  25. This might sound a bit strange but when I have an allergy or intolerance to to something I eat I have severe panic attacks with it. I drink water all the time and it's always from a bottle because tap water started to hurt my tummy but last night I had some bottled water and immediately had severe panic attacks from drinking one mouthful my panic attacks lasted all night long and all the next day although no one on here has said they have panic attacks from water hearing that other people have been unwell from water makes me feel less crazy. also my mouth and throat are slightly irritated to and I get this when I have a reaction to something that my body doesn't like. I just want to say thank you for the information that is on here I will try drinking From a glass bottle from now
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  27. I have to say I agree with this. I think this poster might have a lot of other problems and Celiac is just the one he or she is focusing on.
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