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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Also, celiacs often are osteoporotic because they don't absorb calcium and/or vit d. So, the bifosphonates don't have the "tools to work with"! That is different from an osteoporotic individual who has calcium and vit d but does not assimilate it into the bone matrix! Bluestar
  2. Cant Sleep

    Ambien is gluten free. It does not have wheat starch. I confirmed this by calling the company. marc
  3. Some general comments on this S.I. / low back pain issue. First, the S.I. and "tail bone" are close, touching in fact! So a problem with one will/can affect the other. 2nd, if an S.I. block did not even give temporary relief then it is either not sacroiliitis or it is that and more! This is because the block is done with an anesthetic in the mixture! 3rd, have your physical therapist work on strengthening your hamstrings; usualy they strengthen the quads out of proportion to the hamstrings. That imbalance can cause this type of back pain. 4rth, see a physiatrist, preferably an interventional physiatrist. This type of physician is best trained for the evaluation and treatment of back pain. Ask your primary doc for a ref. to one. Hope this helps. Marc
  4. Vision

    My vision has not improved with the diet. My eyes are always dry and my vision in general has gotton worse. I have been on the diet for about 5 years. I thought that I might have sjorgens (it can be associated with c.d. as both are autoimmune diseases) but I don't. Once again, I must keep in mind that everything is not necessarily related to c.d. Any thoughts? Marc
  5. Can't Stay Awake

    Thank you Sarah for the reply. As you know celiac disease is primarily a gastroenterological disease with the entire body being affected. So, it would make sense that the liver/gallbladder could be affected in that they are part of the g.i. system. I have, however, been tested for liver/gallblader disease, as should all celiacs. It requires a simple blood test. My tests were normal. I wonder if my sleep pattern could have developed over years as a child with c.d. and that pattern remains. Again, it could be that it has no relation to being a celiac. We have a tendency to attribute all of our problems to c.d. Lastly, I don't eat the "standard American diet". I eat as healthfuly as possible. No junk food.... and I eat only kosher food as well. If people feel limited on a celiac diet imagine limiting it furhter with only kosher food. Marc
  6. Can't Stay Awake

    I was diagnosed 5 years ago. My sleep is the only thing that has not improved. I sleep 4 hours a night and have done so for 30 years. Perhaps it is not related to celiac disease. When I get 7 hours of sleep (it does happen every few months) I awake with a new clarity and only then appreciate what it is to get a truly restful nights sleep. I too take calcium, magnesium................. It did help convert my osteoporosis to normal in 1 year, but it did nothing for my sleep pattern. I have resolved to simply accept my sleepless state. Good Morning. Marc
  7. Grieving

    Grieving?!?!?!? I celebrate! I am now 5 years post diagnosis. I finaly have answers to my lifes physical problems (or some of them at least). I guess that grieving was not part of my process because I already was an expert at maintaing a restricted diet (kosher); this just restricted it more. HOWEVER, I did grieve for the fact that I had transmited the gene/disease to 5 of my 8 children. For this I grieve and feal guilt daily. I rationalize that I am being to hard on myself, but it's tough to send my 5 year old to a pizza birthday party or my 12 year old to a bat mitzvah where she cant eat anything or my 9 year old to a bowling party where he stands out not being able to eat cake. My young ones ask me " when will we get better?", why cant I take medicine to get better like when I had strep throat. I also know the statistics of getting other diseases.... secondary to having c.d. To me these are the real issues. What would I have done if I would have known that I had a genetic disease prior to having my beatiful children? I don't know! However, while the grieving process is perhaps part of a normal response to finding out one has c.d. it just isn't that bad!! Its no different than going on the atkins diet.... It just is more serious! Marc