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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My kid eat that one and also Micky mouse club also. They have not had any reaction to them. do not get the princess one it has gluten in it.
  2. This is what I know. Dyslexia is caused by not enough folic acid while pregnant. During the 17th week of pregnacy the white and gray matter mix in the brain of the fetus and also it can cause sinal byfida and club feet. Both my sister and I have dyslexia and my sister also have sinal byfida and club feet. What causes low folic acid. I believe that my mom has celiacs and she still has low folic acid even when she is on folic acid pills. My middle dd is showing signs of having dyslexia now. The quetion is did celiacs cause this or not having the right nurtition for the growing baby cause it. Jodele
  3. Thanks for responding to me. My mom is going to get her results tomorrow. Her doctor did not want to discuss it over the phone and wanted to see her in person. lol. Yes my sister and I are going to be tested as soon as my mom is dx with it. We all believe that this is what is wrong with her. It's just strange that my sister and I both got graves disiase when we truned 30. thanks agian for the web sites that you found. Will post what my mom finds out. Jodele
  4. My mom called me yesterday and was frantic. She went to her endocrinologist and he told her that he thinks she has M.E.N syndrome. What I read about it is that it hits any gland in the body and makes tumors in them. It is genetic so my sister and I most likely have it. Both my sister and I got Graves's disease when we were 30 and I have celiac. My sister has it too but don
  5. How do you notify the school? Writing, verbal, letter from doctor, etc? I email my kids new school early and got a call from the principle that day. What I email to them was this SchoolGFList and CelKidsSchool.php you can print it off also but there is a lot of printing. Do you have a 504 for your child? (A lot of chat about this recently.) I would not relie on the school to go gluten free right. What do you do about crafts? Most craft are ok but find or make play dough for your child to play with at school. Do you supply safe snack boxes? Yes if it is a young child and for older kids I pack it in the lunch boxs if they need or want a snack. Do you supply all food and drink for your child or just some? all the time. the drink is good to freeze and use it to keep things cold. How do you go about educating the teachers and staff? What has worked best? The hand outs and just talk to them. How do you notify substitutes and other teachers/staff that have contact with your child? The hand outs have a sub papers that the teachers can fill out for your child. Any other tips and tricks that you have found to be helpful? Talk to your kids let them know what they can and cant have. Be nice to the school personal and just be available to everyone.
  6. When my oldest DD was 2yrs. we took here in to the gi dr. and ran some tests. because of stomic pain. I thought her reflux was flaring up again. She was born with a alsuer also. My mom went and took her to her follow up appt. and the gi clinic scured up her referal and did not let her be seen with the doc. I was 7 mths pregnent with my middle DD and dicided not to have a fight to get her in again. Takes at lest 3 mths to be seen at this ped gi. I Thought they would have called if anything was wrong with any of the testing. Fast forward five years and Emily was getting worse again. Got a pointment with the same gi doc. She came in and ask if Emily had ever been seen by her and I said yes when she was 2. "did I do testing on her?" Yes I said. She went out and was back with in 10 mins and said that she tested positive for celiacs and we need to retest her. I was so ticked off I could have spit nails. Thats when I gave up on DR.s and dont trust them at all. Well Emily's test came back even more positive then before and we set up a biopies, biopy day and I asked the dr to get at least 10 biopies of the small intestince and she look at me like I was crazy and she said one will do just fine. ha ha ha. biopy came back neg. wonder why. Then the doc said that Emily can eat gluten because she did not have the damige to her villa. I told her she had no qlue of what she was doing and a positive blood work means that you have problems with gluten and I am going to put her on a gluten free diet. The doc was so shocked and said I could do it but she dought that it would help her much. It has been almost a year and Emily has not have the poblems she had and now is in her weight group for the first time in her life. Yea it did not help her out. lol. Now my sisters kids are going to see her now and I told her just get the blood work done and be done with that doc. There are only 3 ped gi docs in okc and they are all in the same office. sucks. Jodele
  7. If you do not want to do it from scrach you can go and buy mixes that are gluten free. We like kinnikinnick brand and also pamela's products as well. We love them here. They are very easy and fast. I have 2 birthsdays in june and had to make two different ones and the 25th I used kinnikinnick chocolate cake mix and made a cherri filling in the middle of it turned out great. We did it over at a familys house and they liked it better then store bought. They could not believe it was so good. I did not have to bring home any leftovers at all. I made a white cake for my youngest also and It tasted like a angle food cake, it was very light and fluffy. That one was gone also. kinnikinnick also makes a mix for pancakes and walfles that is to die for, better then any gluten mixes. Hope this helps. Jodele
  8. My oldest did this this year with her class mates. The dietition class at the college did a class on healthy eating and cooking with the 3rd grade class. They sent a letter out asking if there was any child with a food alergy or other problems. I talked to them and they made a gluten free pizza crust for her and turned out being a great experience for Emily. Most of the time you just need to talk with the person that is going to do the project and they will be willing to do what needs to be done. just give them all the info and if they have any quetions give them your number and have them call you. you could join in on the fun to make sure your child is ok. Jodele
  9. My oldest dd had it sence she was born. she had problems from the first day of life. She was breast feed and at birth she was only 5lb 15oz. The doctor said she was 2 weeks overdue also. yes you can be born with it and it can go through breast milk and though the placenta. My other two was not as bad but got worse as time went on. your middle kid sounds just like my middle dd. she was my big kid but had emoitonal problems and stomic aches. We went on a gluten free diet she is 95 % better and she has not gain in wieght but a couple of pounds but she has shot up in hieght. she has lost her pot belly and looks good. she does have thick bones but she is not over weight any more. Jodele P.S You have a great Doctor keep him!!!
  10. thats great!!!! Its amazing how you can change one thing and they start to grow. my dd she has gain 10lbs in 10 mths. she might have grown 1 or 2 lbs if she was not on this diet. I am so happy for you. Jodele
  11. No playdo here. learn my lesson with that one last year at school with my middle dd. she had avery bad stomic ache on the way back from vaction she had some string cheese and from that time on she was hurting all the way home I felt so bad. jodele
  12. Thank you I think I figure it out it is all dairy. she was off it for 3 days and was doing better but through the vaction she got some dairy. and the tummy aches came back. Now that we are home we can cut out all dairy and see if it well help out. My oldest is very sencitive with gluten so I know it cant be gluten I am very careful about that. I read avery thing. If that does not help then I will go soy free with her. I have problems with dairy all my life and I am going dairy free with her. she likes the soy milk and I found one for kids with the added calcium in it. My mom was upset that she was going dairy free and wanted me to keep her on a low dairy diet but I said no. thanks agian and I will up date after I see if this will work for her. Jodele
  13. Hi Celena sorry it took me so long to get back with you. we just got back from vacation. Yes defently this is a factor of cc we can not have any amount of gluten at all or we get sick. Thats why most of us do not like to go out to eat because of the cross contaimiation factor is so high. a crumb of a piece of bread can make us sick. When you get off of gluten and you are getting better the reaction to gluten is more suver reactions. It is like poison. go out and get you gluten for dummies and that will give you so much info and answers to your questions. could be that she is intorlorent to other foods also. sorry this is short I have a lot of un packing. if you have any more quetions please im me or leave another post. Jodele
  14. she is getting bored with the veggies and fruits and meat and giving me I hungery all the time. I what to feed her and have her feel full. I am going on vacation this weekend and I will not be able to keep her on the very basic foods. We are going to see my husbands family. One which thinks she is katie's other mother (love her to death but I hate to say no all the time. she dont understand with all the food problems. she want so help so much but she thinks yogurt will help katie's tummy and it is dairy.) I am going out of my mind I was going to wait untill vacation but she is companing 10 times a day and I cant stand watching my kids hurt. I guess I will have to wait untill I get back to get her off of every thing that could be hurting her. all the rest of my kids are doing great. I know I can keep them away from gluten but with katie I dont know if I can get her to stay away form the restof the intorences. I can keep her off of dairy and gluten for now and do the rest of it when we get back thanks Jodele
  15. We just moved to Albuquerque NM and I am starting to have problems with my youngest DD. We all have been gluten free since last august. We all were doing so well but now my youngest, Katie, and I are starting to have problems again not as bad as before. She is having loose stool and complains about a hurt tummy. I started her on a cf diet and do not see an improvement much. I know I have problems with dairy and stay away from most of it. Still love to have cheese on my pizza but only have it once a month. I know if you have a problem with it stay totally away from it. I don