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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Honey Nut Chex

    I can promise you without a doubt that Rice Chex, Corn Chex, and Honey Kix are all gluten-free. I eat them everyday without incident.
  2. Walnut Butter

    Never tried it, but I highly recommend almond butter if they don't bother you...
  3. i've had several boxes without any problem. I doubt cc is a problem, they've put too much into this gluten-free line too be lazy about something like that.
  4. Trader Joe's carries outstanding gluten-free, casein-free english muffins. toasted with butter they taste as good as i remember thomas'. and handily enough - there's a new Trader's in Brooklyn, on Court and Atlantic. Plenty of other great gluten-free items there as well...
  5. Yes, I would say it's extremely unlikely that you were glutened by kinnikinnick. In fact, I'm not sure I could name a company I trust more. But the good news you've just gotten a new clue about other intolerances you might have.
  6. Los Angeles Restaurants?

    I visit LA often and I'm always shocked at the small number of gluten-free dining options. I frequent the Sensitive Baker for treats, but would love somewhere I could reliably eat out with family. I'm sure that in such a health conscious city there must be good options, I just can't seem to find them. Any suggestions from locals?
  7. Ma Uno's Now Have gluten-free Pizza!

    Just got this email from Uno's Customer Service. I asked her specifically about the NY area, but it seems like they'll be everywhere next week. Sweet! ---------- Thank you for taking the time to inquire about our gluten-free pizza. Our plan is to roll them out to all our restaurants on Tuesday, January 13, 2009. We are currently in the process of training our employees. I hope you will stop by to enjoy one. Regards, Barbara Rutman Hospitality Representative Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30 EST
  8. the problem I have with Larabars is they're crammed with insoluble fiber. I believe they're gluten-free, but if you have a delicate digestive tract, you may have trouble with large amounts of dates, nuts, and raisins regardless of allergens.
  9. Almond Milk Users

    i have frozen it before and it sorta works, but it's not great. i only drink Almond Breeze (best flavor IMO), and after freezing it tends to seperate and looks a little dicey. the taste is ok, but a little weird.
  10. Slightly off-topic, but Ian's gluten-free, dairy free pizzas are excellent. The best I've found for Gluten-free Casein-free eaters! As far as chicken nuggets go - I think Bell and Evans are far and away superior to any others i've tried.
  11. Lays Stax

    i eat the plain all the time and haven't had problems. I don't eat the flavors though b.c of casein intolerance.
  12. I used to get brain fog very badly before I went 100% Gluten-free Casein-free. However I was told by one of the leading Celiac experts (a member of Dr. Green's team at Columbia) that brain fog has no relation to Celiac. Anyway, mine went away when i had been gluten-free for a couple months. But I also think a lot of it had to do with under-eating. I was so afraid of everything that went in my mouth that I had nowhere near enough calories and a lot of the lightheadedness came from that. I think. It still comes back in brief spells but nowhere near where it used to be. So make sure you're eating enough...
  13. Gluten Free & Going To The Dentist

    Yikes. Sounds awful. Anyone know any celiac-friendly dentists in NYC?
  14. So What Do You Tell People?

    yeah, for me the hard question isn't what do you have (gluten intolerant, celiac, wheat allergy, food issues all work depending on the audience and how long a conversation i want to have), but people always want to know "what happens?". I try "I get really sick", which sometimes does the trick. If pressed (which for some reason happens often) I use "it's like having a really bad stomach flu for a week". I don't know why people push this - what do they want to hear? Oh, I get crazy d for days, almost to the point of it being comical. Except it's not. At all. Happy?
  15. i think some yogi teas have been messing with me too. now i only drink twinings are Tazo. A little pricey, but well worth it.