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  1. I hadn't thought of asking the beer store to carry New Grist. Thank you every one for your help. It is very much appreciated. Babbs
  2. Thank you both for the info. I will definitely pass on the beer info. Is it sold in beer stores or health food stores?
  3. My husband has just been diagnosed with celiac disease. He was trying to stay away from gluten for a few weeks then broke down and ate breaded fish and mac salad. He was in intense pain for 2 days and felt awful for 2 more days. Was this all due to the slip up? Also, since our doctor has just dropped this on him and hasn't followed up, are there any long term disadvantages to staying away from the gluten? Also, does any one know what drinks (alcohol) he can have. We found out the hard way that ceasers are out! Thanks for any help! Babbs