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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Why Is This So Hard?

    Grey, I have to reiterate this. It can take a long, long time to recover from this frustrating illness. It took me about 6 months before I started to feel "more" normal, and about 10 months I'd say until I at least had days where I had energy for a day (or even a few) at a time. 1 Year being gluten-free has found me better than ever before - the days I feel great now outnumber the days I feel less than great. And I can feel much more time will be needed to be whole again. But please, read this : Have hope!! It WILL get better. It WILL. When I read this in the depths of my own suffering I thought it felt like that could never be true. But it was. Healing happens! A final thought- I found I suffered lesser reactions to many other things. For instance, I thought soy was good for a while but felt much better when I cut it out. I also felt a lot better when I stopped taking a "everything-free" vitamin (not sure what it was, but I feel much better). I even added back in some less than perfectly healthy foods, like clear soda, and that really seems to help with sheer caloric intake. Anyway, I just mean, take the time to experiment, and expect results in both directions, but do not get discouraged. It takes a long time to figure everything out, but there IS light at the end of the tunnel. God bless, and take heart!
  3. Brian, Yes, I took them together and decided "I don't know what it is but I'm not comfortable." lol Today I began digestive enzymes and I have ordered a probiotic. I appreciate everyone's comments. This darn disease is so frustrating at times - always second guessing where the gluten could be, always second guessing potential negative affects of other foods and supplements, and the inevitable roller coaster that ensues as GI stability is chased. Hopefully the enzymes and probiotics will help ; meanwhile I appreciate the feedback anyone may give. Thank you-
  4. I am a recovering celiac, 7 months gluten-free and still healing. I have great days (finally, yeah!) but I definitely still have a good number of crappy days. GI symptoms are gone, but I still struggle with fatigue and brain fog. In my quest for total healing I've heard several times "All Celiacs should be on digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements." I tried them a few months ago (briefly), but after a few days they seemed to irritate my digestive system so I dropped them both. A few questions then for the wise participants of the forum : 1. Do you find that digestive enzymes and probiotics indeed help? Do you recommend all celiacs try them? 2. Has anyone had problems with them and had to avoid them? I realize complete healing of the system after initial diagnosis can take a long time (some people on this forum have told me 1-2 years, and Enterolab reports the antibody stays in the blood for at least 1 year!) , but I just want to do everything I can to help myself, without irritating my fickle gut. Thank you!! Christian
  5. Problems With Coke?

    Could also be the caffeine - I know a couple celiacs who can't take caffeine in any form b/c it irritates their stomach. This probably isn't true for most but just a thought.
  6. Macdonalds Fries

    Just getting a burger pattie at McDonalds is very dangerous b/c the grill itself can be cross-contaminated. There is just too much gluten flying around in that place! Also, as posted by others, it may be fried with glutenous foods, and thus cross-contaminate it. And ketchup is also glutenous. Unfortunately I try to avoid McD altogether :/
  7. Newbie

    Joni, welcome! Just a response on the "how long does it take to regulate" question. As our Celiac veteran Lisa stated, it can take any varied amount of time. I have found, and read about others who have similarly experienced, that gastrointestinal issues should subside within a few weeks. However, the anti-gliadin antibodies which can trigger certain system autoimmune responses can linger in the blood for 1-2 years ; thus, other symptoms such as fatigue and brain-fog can take much longer to abate. It takes an incredible amount of patience to navigate the waters of the Celiac Sea- but stick with it, and all things will mend. It's hard to remember this sometimes b/c when the symptoms set in, it can feel like they will never ever go away! But as my loving fiance (who is also a celiac, and has recovered fully) tells me daily, "You WILL get better." This forum will be available for support every step of the way. Good luck! Christian
  8. Hello From Newly Diagnosed Author/artist

    Allyson, Again, welcome! In your initial post you commented that you are still fatigued. I have found, and have read posts and replies from other people who have found, that fatigue and brain fog seem to be the *last* symptoms to retreat. In fact the immune reaction can continue as long as 1-2 years after going gluten-free b/c the antibodies remain in the blood. I myself found that digestive issues vanished within 6 weeks or so, but after 7 months of being gluten-free I still struggle with brain fog, though it is slowly lifting. Patience must be our mantra! Anyway, welcome to the board, and lose not hope in the health skirmish ahead. You have taken the first and hardest steps to freedom. Christian
  9. Torture!

    Aye, it's torture. But I guess self-control is good for the soul. (Not that that's a huge comfort when you're drooling over delicious pizza, but you know what I mean). Hang in there!
  10. I am moved by the bravery so many people have demonstrating in surviving such terrible ordeals with positive attitudes. Celiac disease is a terrible thing, but for those of us who survive and conquer, our perspectives benefit beyond that which other people may understand. My own brief story: I experienced a childhood of lasting fatigue, allergies, migraine headaches, breathing problems (accompanied by weakness and tingling extremities), and stomach issues on and off. But despite the many symptoms, I "sucked it up" and lived as normal as I could. In fact I was in the best shape of my life, running 2 miles three times a week, when finally at age 26, the camel's back broke. It began with what I thought (mistakenly) was food poisoning on 4/13/06. I was travelling to my alma mater when after eating some Wendy's I was suddenly hit with extremely nausea and diarrhea like a freight train. I was overcome with weakness so severe I felt I couldn't even lift my arms. I kept thinking, "it will get better." But after three weeks of being completely bedridden, it did not get better. Of course, doctors said nothing was wrong with me. I was amnesiatic, depressed, had horrific brain fog : was completely afflicted. Eventually I mustered enough strength to work part time (thank god my company was understanding) but I could tell my health was failing. In June my family doctor did a blood test for celiac's, yet though my antibody counts were elevated he said "if you have celiac's they have to be 'off the charts', and yours are only 'pretty bad.'" A fool, I believed him. Until 7/6/06 I went to an Integrated medicine doctor my fiance's family recommended - he took one look at the number and said, "accompanying your symptoms and background - you are Celiac. No need for biopsy." Thank God for him. Unlike many celiacs I read on this forum, I did not recover immediately. But I definitely gained strength going gluten-free. Then on 9/24/06, suddenly my left lung collapsed from spontaneous internal bleeding and I spent 8 days in the hospital with a chest tube and lost 1/3rd of my blood volume. Truly, I felt that I almost passed - but the spirit overcomes, especially the spirit of a tenacious celiac. Now, I am worlds better. I am still healing and my stamina is still low, but I am a multitude of times better than I was. On some days I feel better than I ever have! It's like I have a *real* amount of energy! (I relate it to having a bag of sugar worth of energy vs a sugar packet each day lol) The cycle continues to come and go, but patiently, I am reaching a new horizon. (They say that the antigliadin anti-bodies stay in your system for 1-2 years - so patience, patience). Life is changed. I thank the mysterious Maker for the new future before me, and the perseverence to put those days behind me. To any who are reading this and are suffering - please, do not give up hope. God, as unidentifiable as He is now, IS Good, and our trials strengthen us. It is so difficult to remember that ultimately we have Nothing to worry about- for the invisible Truth of it all is that our spirits will endure and surpass all suffering. Enough of the mushy rant - thanks for reading, and good luck in your own path! Christian
  11. Many who visit this site are in the maelstrom of celiac suffering. Those of us who have gone through it know there is nothing worse - it seems to attack not only your body, but your mind, making you feel like you'll never escape. But there is hope, the body DOES heal. When the fog lifts and health returns, it's absolutely amazing the difference. To any celiacs reading this who feel hopeless, do NOT give up hope. Avoid the "poison", be patient, and you will be a new person in time. God bless, Christian
  12. Celiac disease is a long-term illness that requires long-term healing. If you just went off gluten 2 months ago your body is probably still in quite a tizzy, and even more sensitive to gluten than before. I've read in a couple places it takes 1-2 years for the antibodies to leave the blood and for the immune system to break its self-traumatizing cycle... and as much as this figure seems disheartening, please be assured that it DEFINITELY gets WAY BETTER as time passes. Don't give up hope! Be patient! Going gluten-free is an incredibly difficult challenge - but a necessary one. One that you'll be ecstatic you did in the long run. Right now, I can understand your unsurity. Just hang on! And whenever you waver, we will all be here to support. God bless, Christian
  13. It's really hard to face, and difficult to do. But as the previous poster commented, you don't want to wait until it is too late. I was healthy for years, and then *bam*- I was bed-ridden for months. Auto-immune illness is terrible to escape from once you're in its cycle, so try to avoid getting sucked into the cycle! Go gluten-free! All here will be available to support you. Good luck! Christian
  14. I'm New To The Board

    Hold out Daisy. Gluten causes your immune system to do crazy things to your body chemistry and brain - emotional distress is definitely a symptom. Just have patience and strength knowing it WILL pass (even though it doesn't feel like it ever will). Good luck!
  15. I also find that going gluten-free has helped me get sick a lot less ; and when a real cold does take hold it seems to be defeated much faster. Celiac's can manifest itself in MANY ways, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was glutenous reaction. However maybe you caught it a few days/ a week ago and b/c of the glutening your system was unable to defend. Either way, with patience and a straight diet it will pass. And I have to add : Don't cheat! It's not worth it! Meanwhile good luck in recovery! Christian