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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. That's really interesting because gluten acted like a sleep drug on me. I was always sleeping from it. I'd fall asleep watching tv all the time. Lethargy, no energy..couldn't wake up in the morning.. Now since I'm off gluten, so much better..even in the morning I can wake up better. I can stay awake to watch a movie, and I have more energy to do things when I get home from work, and I can and more importantly feel like exercising. No depression anymore, no more irritability! The best part is that my nightmares stopped when I went gluten free! Who'd a thought that? I know ya'all would agree with me. The hardest part is not getting contaminated..
  2. Lactose Or Casein?

    It seems that since I've given up gluten, I'm more intolerant to dairy than I was! It really affects my sinus. I've been trying to cut it out. I tend to get anxiety attacks when I stop it. So right now, I'm taking two college courses and I can't afford to lose sleep due to anxiety.. so I'm cutting it down slowly...trying to wean myself. It's harder to get off dairy than it was quitting smoking 23 years ago!!
  3. Are you female? Are you in menopause? When I started menopause, I gained 30lbs. Now 4 years later, my weight is starting drop again. I'm following a very low fat vegetarian diet no junk food. Are you low fat? I only allow myself a few tablespoons a week of evoo. I try to follow McDougall, I eat a lot of potatoes because I gain very easily from rice or gluten free processed foods. I try very hard to avoid cheese, if I have cheese it's low fat cheese like paneer, or goat cheese and I have low fat or fat free greek yogurt. I'm about 10 lbs down and 20 more to go and it's coming off 1-2 lbs a week now. I walk 20-30 mins 3 days a week and work out on my Total Gym 2-3 times a week. Plus, get your vitamin D levels checked. If your D is low, you won't lose. It should be over 40. I didn't start losing until mine was over 40. Also drink 64 oz of water a day. The very act of drinking water, makes the body burn more calories to process the water. Also what the other memembers said about having the thyroid checked. Mine was middle of the road normal.
  4. I think you should get your vitamin D levels checked first. Low vitamin D levels mean low bone density. I tested at 26 and normal levels are over 50 . With that I had a bone density test and I have osteoporosis. I'm 54. I already shrunk an inch from it. I was 5'7 now I'm 5'6.
  5. Burning In Upper Stomach

    Thank you for your reply. My primary doctor wanted to put me on prilosec but I read that those acid reducer drugs are causing bone trouble like fosomax and Boniva. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis so I'm afraid to take that stuff, though sometimes the pain causes me to take a Pepcid to relieve the burning. My ND said that there are other bacteria that can cause an overgrowth in the stomach besides pylori, when I told him I was tested negative for pylori. I started taking Manuka honey 2-3 times a day and my stomach is improving. I actually drank some red wine today.
  6. I have burning in my upper stomach. I was blood tested negative to h pylori. I had an Upper GI Study done which showed only a hiatal hernia. Would the GI show an ulcer as well or would one have to have an endoscopy done. I can't even drink red wine now because of the burning. Is there other bacteria that can cause the same type of burning? Thanks..
  7. OMG, I have the same burning..! It's in the upper stomach..not located in one spot. It feels like my whole upper stomach is burning. I got a blood test for H pylori and it came back negative. Either it's old age or it's gluten intolerance. The last time I went gluten free, I was getting acid reflux and painful pressure but not burning. I'm going to go gluten and grain free for awhile and see if the burning goes away. My ND thought I had bacterial overgrowth that wasn't pylori. My mother had pylori. She told me her symptom and it wasn't like mine. Her symptom was burning but in a single spot on the side of her stomach.
  8. I disagree. I think this person is have a reaction to their clothes detergent. I get the same itching from my clothes when I use certain brands of detergent. I also found it was the old washer machine because it wasn't rinsing the clothes well (Kenmore) I bought a new whirlpool washer and the difference was amazing. No itching. I also found that using Borax with the detergent and rinsing twice really gets the detergent out of the clothes. You can also try using Ivory Snow with borax and see if that helps.
  9. Hi, I have no real lower intestinal symptoms but I have insane indigestion, burning in my stomach, shortly after eating wheat and acid reflux. Those are my symptoms that stop as soon as I stop eating wheat. But it's weird. I can go a while and eat wheat with no digestive symptoms and all of a sudden BOOM! Every time I eat it, I get burning and indigestion. Anyone have those symptoms?
  10. When you stop gluten, your absorption greatly improves which means you absorb calories much more efficiently. They don't mention that for us overweight celiacs. So actually weight loss is more difficult for me since I stopped eating wheat. Much slower. I still have 25 more to go. Menopause isn't helping either. I'm following the Genotype diet sans grains, which is mostly fish, vegetables, beans, some dairy..I don't do well on dairy or soy either.
  11. Weight Keeps Comming Back

    You also didn't mention how old you are. Sorry, not trying to be rude, but age is a major factor in weight loss. I'm 51, and starting menopause. I've been stuck at the same weight plateau for a year. I just started Bio Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) to assist in getting the weight off. My doc said being unable to lose weight is a testosterone deficiency. I was surprised because I didn't know that women needed testosterone. I'm on a protocol of Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone. I just started it and I'm starting my second week. According to Suzanne Somers, once the hormones are balanced, the weight will come off.
  12. Perhaps the caseine intolerance is more an allergy and the wheat intolerance is a inherited genetic disorder?
  13. Duck eggs? Sounds good. I thought an egg was an egg is an egg no matter what bird it comes out of. Did anyone ask Dr. Fine about that? As I mentioned the Enterolab is not recognized in some states as reliable but when I stopped eating wheat at least 3-4 times in the last few years to see if I had a wheat allergy and I didn't feel any different, so I'd go back to eating it, until I started having acid reflux from it more often, so I came here and asked and found out other celiacs had AR from wheat also so they recommended Enterolab and when it came back positve at 79, I stopped eating it and I went through withdrawals for MONTHS. I still crave it. After a year off it, I suddenly did notice I'm much more emotionally stable, and I can handle a ton more stress and I'm happier, less depressed, much better mood, my anxiety attacks stopped... Also hardly any arthritis symptoms.. My arhtritis is also caused (more I think) by rice.. If I eat it two days in a row, my knee starts throbbing.. amazing a grass can do that to a human who's supposed to be omniverous. Sooo, I guess Dr. Fine is right and the surgeons would rather charge people a ton of money to do a biopsy. Makes them more money than a stool specimen huh? Medicine is a business. I work in a medical school, and I see the corruption going on.
  14. I asked Enterolab because I came up intolerant to everything: gluten, eggs, soy, dairy... I complained to them that I have nothing left to eat! They said I could eat egg yolks. The protein that I'm intolerant too is in the egg whites.. I can also have whey protein. Caseine is a different protein in dairy than whey. I said, wow, thanks. I'm not even off dairy, soy and eggs yet. It's heck being off of wheat and gluten. I ate it for 49 years and to find out that I should't eat it after all that time is crazy. From highest numbers to the lowest it's wheat, dairy, soy and eggs just coming in at 10. Dairy stuffs up my nose and soy makes me feel bloated but that's the only reactions I seem to have. With eggs I try to eat mostly yolks. I'm just sick of people looking at me like I'm an alien when I tell them I can't eat bread, cake or pasta..Grrrrr!
  15. I was born with a milk allergy and my Enterolab tests came back positive for caseine. Look at the bright side...we can still have whey. Enterolab said it's the caseine that causes the problem.