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  1. Thanks for your input, everyone. This site has been really helpful. I'm glad I stumbled across it. I've been looking at a lot of the posts and many people seem to have had parallel experiences to mine.
  2. Hi All About a month or so ago I suddenly began experiencing serious abdominal cramps, fatigue, and yellowish very liquid diarrhea. I thought it was food poisoning and would pass. After two weeks of the symptoms, I figured it couldn't be food poisoning, so I began researching my symptoms online. I found a few sites that seemed to suggest that I had celiac, or at least the symptoms of it. I don't have health insurance and didn't want to spend a lot of money on tests just to find out that I didn't have celiac, so I decided to cut out gluten and see what happened. Within two days, my stools were back to normal, the cramps were gone (they still come every so often, but are much milder than before), and my energy returned. I haven't eaten gluten since (no wheat, oats, rye, or barley). If I remain symptom free, is it safe to assume gluten was the culprit? Also, I'm 37 and have eaten gluten all my life (I'd eaten 1/2 lb of pasta a day for years, lots of bread, pastries, crackers, etc). Is it possible for this to crop up now, seemingly out of the blue? Any comments/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!