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  1. Celiac is in your DNA. Not everyone has typical symptoms. So relatives are fooled into thinking they have nothing wrong until other illnesses appear. A child should be tested by age of 2 but speak with your gastroenterologist who specializes in Celiac.
  2. Many years ago I was given thorazine pills and suppositories. I wasn't psychotic but those types of drugs help relieve nausea. I had to take it, it was the only thing keeping me alive. I was in the hospital so many times near death and they finally found this drug worked for me. This was 29 years ago so do the research and check about side affects. It worked for me at the time.
  3. I just found out about 10 years ago that I had hypermesis when I was pregnant. My son is now 29 years old. At that time I was very ill and almost died a couple of times. I was 40 when I read an article about hypermesis and started to investigate. About 14 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue. They hypermesis foundation is doing studies to find out if there is a connection. I had so much nausea and still do today. When I was pregnant I lost 15 pounds in 3 days. I couldn't even drink water without throwing up. I think there is a definite connection.