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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I don't know if this was already posted or not, but I just bought a can of my favorite baked beans because the ingredients looked safe, but I emailed them just to be sure. Here is their response... Thank you for contacting us. As of this date, all of our BUSH'S BEST products are gluten-free with the exception of our BUSH'S BEST Chili Beans, our BUSH'S Chili Magic Chili Starter line, and our Bush's Homestyle Chili line. We do use corn starch in some of our products, but it does not contain gliadin gluten from wheat, barley, oats, or rye grains which may cause adverse responses in persons suffering from Celiac Sprue. In addition, any vinegar used in our products is corn-based and distilled. I hope this information is helpful. Please keep in mind that we are constantly expanding our product line and may add new products that contain potential allergens. Additional ingredient information can be found in the ingredients listing on the label or by checking the "Product Q&A" section of our web site. If you are still unsure, please email us via our web site: www.bushbeans.com. Sincerely, Teesee Moore Consumer Relations Coordinator
  2. I figured it out!! I was driving myself crazy because the bread had me feeling so sick I was afraid to try it again. I used pure coconut oil instead of regular oil. The coconut oil is a strong anti-fungal that will make anyone who has problems with yeast feel ill. I didn't realize the concentration it would have in the bread. Usually I try to spread a little on toast or in hot rice cereal, but I am careful not to take too much. I have been having the problems with yeast overgrowth again and just wasn't careful enough. Now I know that I can still eat Anna's and use my machine and be just fine! Whew!!
  3. As far as I know I've had both tapioca and bean flours many times before. I only ate one slice, but I think it could have beent hat I didn't wash the machine well enough. My husband also ate a slice and was perfectly fine, but he isn't GI like I am. The other possibility is the tummy flu, but it just didn't feel flu like. Anyway, I'm all better now!! : )
  4. About 15 minutes after I made this post I became incredibly ill. I had a VERY sudden rush of nausea that was most definitely caused byt he bread. You know how you can tell what it is when you are tasting it and burping it up.... well it was the bread! I took some phenergan and spent the entire New Years in bed!! I just can't figure out why Anna's bread made me sick! Was it the vinegar? I used Heinz apple cider, NOT flavored apple cider. I also used silk, and eggs that were fine, we had eaten them at breakfast. Could it be that there was something in the machine that didn't get proerly washed when I washed it out?? I don't know, but man was that a New Years mood killer!!! Mamaw... my husband bought the bed through memoryfoam.com it was about a third of the price of all the others. they sell them so cheap because they do not put the layers of foam together for you, they ship them seperately with a type of matress bag. You lay the bottom of the bag out then layer your foams in order and zip it all up in the bag. The pieces do not slip and slide or lose their shape in any way, in fact you would never know it wasn't fully put together! We are in heaven!!
  5. My first best gift was the memory foam bed my husband bought us for my gift. We've been sleeping better than ever!!! My in-laws bought me the Zojiruchi bread machine and this morning was my first loaf, one of Anna's breads, after 7 months of living gluten-free I've died and gone to heaven!!!! My husband thought it was the best of all the gluten-free breads we've tried so far, but he found it to be bland. I said "You're crazy! This is awesome after what I've been eating!" I'm so happy! Isquealed like a little girl when I opened it. I know many of you have one and have used it for a long time. Are there any mixes that are bett than others? Have any of you tried the jam making option? I was so surprised to see that! Can I use the machine to make special breads like Anna's pumpkin bread??
  6. I'll probably try to make them this week sometime for dinner. You can buy Mrs Robens mixes online, and darn if I didn't forget the website..... here it is.... http://www.missroben.com/ They actually have a huge selection of all things gluten-free, but I like that she has put together many mixes including the Bette Hagman flour mix. I haven't been dissapointed yet by anything that I've tried from there.
  7. I bought Mrs Robens tortilla mix and just received a tortilla press for Xmas so I can actually make it. I'll let you know how they are.
  8. I was misdiagnosed with endo when I was very young and every ultrasound and many surgeries since have shown that I do not actually have it. I am all too familiar with the cyst pain and I know exactly how that feels. Lately it has been different, not so localized, more general. My last check up was over 2 years ago so it is definitely a priority to get in , I know. It will be interesting to see if my cervix has changed, or if it is something else I am not thinking of. Very interesting about your teeth! I have been having severe problems on one side of my mouth for a couple of years now. I've had 3 root canals and then lost 2 of those teeth because the shattered. Now the final tooth is infected along with the one behind it. I am afraid I will loose them all!! I'm too young to have lost so many teeth! My entire jaw line has shifted and my bite is only connecting one tooth, the infected one, and I have TMJ. So with all the pressure being put on one set of teeth its no wonder I'm infected! I wear a homemade mouth gaurd at night to keep the teeth apart, but now it is so bad that I have to get in. I have an appointment today. I only use Tom's toothpaste, almost never with flouride! And I use mouthwash BEFORE I brush. The key is to use it before you brush so that you rinse away the harmful alcohol after it has had a chance to kill some of the bacteria. I always get complimented byt he dentist at how well I take care of my teeth, but now I am just loosing tham all. Thank you all for sharing on this very personal issue. Heck we can all discuss the color and length of our poo so I thought it wouldn't be too bad to ask on here about this! LOL
  9. I know, and I so miss the fun part!! I've been gluten-free for almost 6 months now. I've glutened myself at least twice a month since going gluten-free though, so I know I have a lot more recovering to do. Its wonderful (and I am so sorry to say that) to hear that you had pain from the ribs down. I can truly relate to that. I have felt a great deal better since the change in diet, but not everything has gone away yet. I'm just hoping that I can continue to feel better and not take 3 steps forward and 2 back.
  10. Thanks again. I will get to a doc as soon as I can. Until then... well, its just no fun! : (
  11. Thank you for responding. The pain is like someone has hit me in the gut with a baseball bat. It is not vaginal in any way. I also don't believe it is the cervix unless something in my body has changed because I have not always felt like this with my husband. I used to suffer from polycystic ovaries and had severe pain with that, however that pain was more localized and I could tell which ovary the cyst was on by where the pain was. Lately the pain seems to be all over the lower abdomin. (think period cramps) We don't have insurance, and I am having a severe problem with my teeth right now (thank you celiac!) so my first priority is the dentist bill. But as soon as I can save up a little I will get to an OB. I just wanted to see if any other celiacs that don't have GYN issues have experienced pain.
  12. I have a lot of issues... but one issue that is really bothering me I am wondering about in terms of celiac. Sexual intercourse is incredibly painful for me, not always, but most of the time. It has gotten worse since my c-section 5+ years ago. We found out 9 months after the c-section that I had an infected uterus! Anyway it seems to be much worse if I am having bowel issues from my diet. I have often wondered if it is actually my intestines that are painful and not my feminine parts. Does anyone else have a similar issue? If you have the intestinal damage is it ever painful to the point of tears? Sometimes I end up curling up in a ball and needing a heating pad after... and my husband is not in any way forceful, he will stop immediately when it is hurting me. I just need to know if I should be more concered gynologically or intestinally at this point. Either way, I know something is very wrong.
  13. Joe's Crab Shack & Pf Changs

    It was the only one listed on the gluten-free menu. I think its called a chocolate dome? Rich chocolate covered in a rasberry sauce. YUM!
  14. We had to go out twice recently for family birthdays etc. At joe's Crab Shack I asked about the menu and the restaurant manager came to the table to tell me that his wife has Celiac and that I could only eat the steamed crab legs with the butter and nothing else on the menu. I was happy to at least share in the meal and I felt fine afterwards. We also went to PF Changs... my first time since going gluten-free... and that was a truly wonderful experience! The dessert was to die for!!!!! The chicken was lightly fried in a light batter of potato starch and was some of the best I've ever had. Now I want to find some potato starch so I can make something similar at home. Anyway, it was great to be able to have a night out and not have to worry about the consequences.
  15. I recently had a salad and potato at Logans and was ill for 3 days. : (