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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Contact Reaction?

    Thank you for the feedback, and the sympathy. Vitamin E, huh?! That is in their lotions too. One more reason to pass them on to a new home. I really need to re-educate myself on ingredients to be on the lookout for. I was gluten free for about a year in '06 to '07. I am finally coming to terms with the fact that this is a REAL problem, and I have to stop hurting myself by eating gluten. I seem to have forgotten some of the basics, and will have to take the time to learn them again. I am still kind of itchy in spots today, but I caught it quickly enough (I took a Zyrtec too when it happened). I am sorry to hear you reacted to those razors. That really sucks. You think you are being so careful, and then...bam!
  3. I have been gluten free for a few months now, and just a week ago started on an elimination diet. I am not eating anything that could cause intolerance issues. My system was just so overloaded, I needed to do something more, that I am pretty certain I have other intolerances. Tonight, before going to bed, I slathered on my favorite Bath and Body Works lotion. Within minutes my skin started to turn red, bumpy, itchy, and it burned a bit too. I jumped in the shower and scrubbed vigorously a few times. The only odd thing that sticks out to me in that lotion is that it has oats. Could I really have reacted to the oats in this, or is my body just becoming more sensitive in general as it clears out and starts to heal? I have never had this reaction to their products before, and have used them for years. Thanks for any advice, Itchy in NY
  4. You guys are the best! Thanks a bunch for all the great help with this! flagbabyds: Thanks for the tip. I did see brown rice flour at the store and almost got that instead. I will do a search too, but does anyone know of any cc issues with Hodgson Mills? That is the brand of brown rice flour my local grocery store carries. According to their website they are very careful to prevent cc with their gluten-free products. Fiddle-Faddle: Thanks for the help with the cornstarch! tarnalberry: Sweet rice flour, that sounds good. Thanks!
  5. Hi Gin! It is a wonderful pasta that is gluten-free and made in a dedicated facility. Really awesome stuff. http://www.tinkyada.com/
  6. Thanks Fiddle-Faddle! Hmmm...cornstarch huh? Not a bad idea. I wonder if it would be too much in my recipe though, I use 6 Tbsps flour. Should I use the same ammount cornstartch? OMG, Tinkyada is the BEST! I am so greatful for the stuff. DH and I have it almost every night as a side with dinner and have been for quite some time. We both actually like it better than we ever did whole wheat pasta. Thanks for the additional advice! Much appreicated. ~~~~~ Thank you Mike!
  7. I made an awesome mac & cheese tonight using Tinkyada. My recipe calls for flour. I used Bob's Red Mill gluten-free All Purpose Baking Flour. It really tasted great, but my tounge/mouth feels funny now. I looked at the package and saw that it does contain tapicoa flour. I have read about people having this problem with that. So, my question is does anyone have a reccomendation as to which flour/flours that may work well in this. I have a GREAT health food store and can get just about any flour in packages there. Also as I am just starting out with gluten-free flours I really don't know which ones would work best in a recipe. Is there any really good guide as to how to combine and use some of them and when it is good to use certain flours? Looking at the flours on the shelve at my health food store leaves me overwhelmed! THANKS!
  8. Just wanted to add a quick update to this. I did hear back from the company that produces the dessicant canisters. They were fantastic and very detailed in their response to me - very quick too. They don't use gluten in ANY of their processing whatsoever and their production facility is gluten free too. So, I guess that bring me back to something in the Excedrin. I still have not heard from Bristol-Myers on my additional inquiry. Ah well, I obviously know that it bothers me and does trigger a gluten reaction so I will just avoid it in the future!
  9. I assume your post is directed at Courtney and not myself. I did mention above how I used to suffer from rebound headaches and yes, they are nasty lil buggers. However, I have never had a rebound headache cause symptoms like I had been glutened. I agree with Francine that with the digestive issues it is something more. My migraines have also all but disappeared since going gluten free. I only get them with my period now and even then that is not always the case. This was the first time I have taken Excedrin in a few months. For me to experience rebound headaches I need to be taking it multiple times a day for an extended period of time. I wasn't too fond of Imitrex myself but for me it was because it caused my nasal and sinus passages to feel like they were on fire. At this year's physical my doc gave me this stuff called Relpax. Works like a charm for me when I do need it. No rebound headaches either!
  10. I did get an email back from Bristol-Myers today that did verify that the Excedrin line is gluten free. I sent back a very polite inquriy explaining how I got sick recently and asking if there is any chance of cc. I did let them know too that I am willing to consider the possibility that I have a sensativity to something else in Excedrin as well. We will see if they respond to this. I will let you guys know if they do and what they say. Courtney: I see you already thought that out! Man, I really should keep a better log myself. I don't really do it now. I started to at one point and just forgot. It is so normal to have them correlate with your cycle. That is when they were always the worst for me. When I told me doc that he did say that that was the case for many women. GREAT idea on looking for a new doc! ~~~~~ Franceen: Wow - that is good to know about the cheese. Jeez, the things we have to contend with! Very good thought! I didn't even think about that possibility. These do have a little round container inside kinda like the packets. This is silica gel. That is not to say that they don't dust them with something in the facility. Ok, so...I pulled the lil cansiter out of the bottle and lo & behold there is a website printed on it. Here is what they have to say about what is in these things: What are they? Desiccant canisters are small, rigid, cylindrical containers filled with desiccants like bentonite clay and silica gel, aimed at absorbing moisture. They can also contain fills like activated carbon, aimed at controlling odors. Hmmmm...fills - I wonder if maybe it is something in these canisters! I am really excited because we just had a vitamin shoppe open up near me!
  11. Will do Courtney! Have you thought of the possibility that you are having rebound headaches? They are caused from taking a mass quatity of otc meds and can often be worse than the migraines! I used to suffer from these and started to go med free and suffer through my migraines for a bit. I was also taking Relpax which worked great for me but I ran out - thus the Excedrin. My frequency got smaller when I laid off the otc stuff. Since going gluten free they have been virtually non-existant except when I get my cycle (which I had this weekend).
  12. No, I don't think it is the caffeine. I have black and green tea with caffeine all the time and it doesn't do the same thing to me. I don't know, but it is weird and I sure hate to feel this way. I was also wondering if it may be some sort of cc at their facility.
  13. According to the delphi forums product list that I have all varities of Excedrin have been verified gluten free. Of course that was on 5/9/02 and things can change in 4 years. Well, Saturday night I was at a friends house and was getting a migriane. I didn't want to have to leave early because I was having too much fun. I took some Excedrin Migraine. Not long after that I started to get brain fog, stomach cramps and gurgles and other symptoms like I had been glutened. I was a bit spacy and out of it yesterday too. That same night I also went to the bathroom and had fatty stools. I was getting a really bad migraine again today. So, once again I took some Excedrin Migraine. I hadn't yet connected the dots with how I felt on Saturday. Again - not long after I took it I had the same exact symptoms as I did on Saturday. I went to the bathroom earlier and again had fatty stools. My stomach feels terrible and this brain fog is horrid. Needless to say I am throwing out my Excedrin and won't be using it anymore. I was wondering if anyone had recently verified via the company that they are still supposed to be gluten free? I did email them earlier and am awaiting a response. If I don't get one after a week I may just call them. I did do a google search on the forum and came across other having a reaction too. I think this may be a product we may all need to be warry of. Anyone else have a similar story to share here?
  14. hineini: Thanks for the input. lpellegr: Thank you too. That is good to know!
  15. Wow - those look great and what a great price for them too! Thanks so much. I will be getting them very soon and then maybe finally going to that Indian restaurant. Thanks for the article too, it was full of great suggestions.