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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I would call your GI just to make sure, but your results look similar to mine. Mine were: Endomysial Labs IgA --1 (0-4) IgG --5 (0-9) TtG --1 (0-3) Immunogloblin A --450 (70-400) The results on the bottom of the sheet say Negative, and I also talked to my GI after getting the results.
  2. I think because if it is low then your results could be skewed.
  3. I also had elevated Immunoglobulin A on my celiac panel. My GI told me that this has nothing to do with a gluten problem or celiac disease. A low Immunglobulin A can cause the other test results for the antibodies to be skewed. So, if you have low Immunoglobulin A and a negative result for the antibodies - you could still have celiac. He told me that high Immunoglobulin A just means in most cases that your immune system is working properly. Some people have a naturally high Immunoglobulin A, or your body may have been fighting off an infection. Again, this is from my GI. My Immunoglobulin A was high and my results of my celiac panel were negative.
  4. I also had elevated Immunoglobulin A on my celiac panel. My GI told me that this has nothing to do with a gluten problem or celiac disease. A low Immunglobulin A can cause the other test results for the antibodies to be skewed. So, if you have low Immunoglobulin A and a negative result for the antibodies - you could still have celiac. He told me that high Immunoglobulin A just means in most cases that your immune system is working properly. Some people have a naturally high Immunoglobulin A, or your body may have been fighting off an infection. Again, this is from my GI. My Immunoglobulin A was high and my results of my celiac panel were negative.
  5. Not Celiac

    In reviewing my celiac panel, I noticed that my immunoglobulin score is high. Could this be indicative of a food allergy? Thanks.
  6. Not Celiac

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I will continue keeping a food diary and look into ordering one or more of the tests from Enterolab. In the meantime, it won't be too difficult to know if gluten is my problem. My health has gotten consistently better in the 10+ weeks of being gluten-free. So if it regresses, I have my answer with or without a diagnosis.
  7. I just received my blood tests back - all the antibody levels were 1's. I also tested negative for both of the celiac genes. To further confirm, I had a sandwich last night and a slice of pizza today - none of the symptoms that I had determined to be gluten-related occurred. I am starting a food diary. The only time I have had what I considered to be a gluten reaction is after eating mexican food. Any ideas there? I also know that I have stomach issues with coffee and alcohol - but not sodas. So much had improved since going gluten free - I guess I thought I had my answer. Now I am back to the drawing board. I am wondering if the change to a healthier diet has made the differences. I have no more dizziness, brain fog, back pain, and my overall health has been much better. The neuropathies have also improved, although they have not gone completely away. I am really at a loss from where to go from here. I have had complete bloodwork and and MRI done prior to going gluten free. I am definitely going to keep on a similar diet, although it will be nice not to have to stress about being glutened when eating out.
  8. Jobs That Require Some Travel

    I travel an average of 3 out of every 4 weeks. It definitely took some trial and error, but I think I have it down pretty well now. The first few weeks were torture. I was getting glutened about once a week and was almost ready to quit. Recently though, it hasn't been a problem. I stopped eating breakfast/lunch out. I will always stop by a grocery store, even if I have to go every day. This cuts down my eating out from 8-12 meals a week to only 4 meals a week. I eat dinner at either a place with a gluten free menu, a steak place, or a seafood place. I always communicate with the staff, and I always try to eat the simplest things on the menu. If there is a dish that is naturally gluten free, then that is most likely what I will order. It gets easier with time, and I feel that I have mitigated the risk enough to keep the job. Hope this helps.
  9. Almost 10 weeks into being gluten free, I am still having some other issues that I am trying to figure out. I had neuropathies in my hands and feet prior to going gluten free, which have since resolved. However, I am still having stomach problems and now sometimes get tingling around my lips/face. I have looked into vitamin deficiences, but I think I have finally identified the foods that are causing this. Please let me know if you think these make sense. Tingling - I believe it is something in chocolate. I very rarely ate chocolate before going gluten free, but I have been eating quite a bit of hershey/snickers bars lately. I noticed it this afternoon after eating a hershey bar, and it seems to correlate with the times I have eaten chocolate. I haven't noticed a problem with other dairy (cheese, milk) or soy (mostly pf changs) products. Stomach Issues - I have noticed a problem with Starbucks coffee. I would say it messes up my digestive system for about 24 hours. There is no D involved, but I have a stomach ache and have to go the bathroom quite a bit. I have also noticed a problem with alcohol. After a night of drinking 3 drinks or more, I will often wake up with a stomach ache and have to go the bathroom 3-4 times. Again, no D and my stomach doesn't seem to be affected much past the initial ache. Has anybody had similar experiences? Thanks.
  10. I am supposed to go the the GI next week, and I am trying decide whether I should still go. My symptoms before going gluten-free were never too bad, as I only started going to the doctor about 5 months before I went gluten-free. I had D about once a week, tingling in hands/feet, colds about every 3 weeks. I have been gluten-free for 8 weeks now, and I have definitely had the positive response that I was looking for. I know that I am at the very least gluten intolerant, and I will never knowingly eat gluten again. I feel that my trial has been long enough that I know that gluten is what makes me sick. I guess I was still thinking of going to make sure nothing else is wrong. I have had normal bloodwork, no unusual stomach pain, no D except when I eat gluten, no blood in stool. My unprofessional diagnosis is that gluten is the only problem and I don't have Chron's or UC, but again that is just unprofessional. I also wanted to get some advice on supplements. I am currently taking Nature's Made Multi, Vitamin C, B12 and Magnesium (for my neurological symptoms). I still get tingling from time to time that is improving - I know people have mentioned sublingual B12, but I'm not sure where to get them. So, I'd just like some opinions on where to go from here. Oh, and I'm a 31 year old male if that helps any.
  11. Leah, Thank you for the link. I am off to the drugstore to get a Magnesium supplement (gluten-free of course). I too have had a chocolate craving since being gluten-free. I will be interested to see if I notice a difference. Glad you are feeling better. Mike
  12. Been gluten-free for 8 weeks now, no diagnosis. First 6 weeks I was getting glutened an average of about once a week - have not been glutened in 2 weeks. As a precursor, I have had normal bloodwork except for a lower than average potassium level - and normal MRI's. I am currently taking 2000 mcg B12 per day, a vitamin C tablet a day, and a multi a day - all gluten free. Positives and Issues that have resolved Only get D after glutening - I have tested dairy, soy, you name it. If I don't get glutened - no D. No more colds - Pre gluten-free, I was getting a cold about every 3 weeks, haven't had one since May. No more sinus problems - have had this my entire life until going gluten-free. No brain fog since June - even when I have been glutened. My brain fog was more like dizziness, so I'm wondering if it was more neurological. Sensory neuropathy is gone. I had a mild sensory neuropathy to temperature in my fingers and toes. This is now back to normal. Joint weakness has improved. My feet and legs used to hurt so bad at the end of a workday that I would have to lie down. Now, it is pretty much back to normal. Negatives and Issues that have not resolved I still get a slight numbness in my hands and feet from time to time. It has definitely improved - if it was a level 5 on a scale of 1-10 before, it is now about a 2. It is never more than one hand or one foot at a time. I also have noticed a sporadic numbness in my back and left side of my face as well, which is also very slight and only occurs when there is no tingling in feet/hands. The back/face tingling never occurred until I went gluten-free. I sometimes have a slight stomach ache after eating. I can't pin it to a specific food/foods, and it always goes away within an hour or so. Any suggestions or advice would be welcome. I have noticed so many improvements that I am confident that I am on the right track. I don't know if the symptoms I still have are part of a natural healing process or if there is something else I should be doing. Thanks.
  13. Been gluten-free for almost 7 weeks now (no diagnosis), and I have noticed a rapid improvement in my neurological and immune system issues. I had an episode this weekend that I don't think had anything to do with getting glutened, but I just want to get some opinions. I began having severe D (normal color) on Saturday. I took some Pepto and Immodium on Saturday night, which slowed everything down until Sunday morning. Sunday the D wasn't as bad, but my stool was black. Monday it was still black and my stomach felt crappy, so I went to the dr. CBC was normal, which made me feel much better about it. Tuesday stools were half black/brown, no D. Today, everything is back to normal. My reaction was much different than when I have been glutened - no brain fog and the D lasted much longer. I am guessing that the Pepto caused the discoloration in stool, but I just wanted to get some other opinions. It really felt like food poisoning to me, but I wanted to throw it out there and see what people think. Thanks.
  14. Chipotle Mexican Grill

    I eat there all the time as well. I get my burrito bol plain - rice, beans, meat. Then, I add some Tabasco sauce for flavor. I know it is pretty boring, but I haven't any problems.
  15. Let me preface this by saying that I know for 100% certain that I have a gluten intolerance. I will also never knowingly eat gluten again. I was just wondering from my symptoms and recovery time if anyone can give me their best guess as to whether I am celiac. My great aunt is celiac, but she is the only one in my family who has been diagnosed. I am a 31 year-old male who has always been in pretty good shape. In January 2006, I began having tingling sensations in my hands and feet. So, I began the process of doctor/neuro visits. My bloodwork was normal (b12 was around 400, I think), MRI normal, neuro diagnosed me with a mild sensory neuropathy - basically told me it was no big deal. Tingling was getting worse in late May - my hand would tingle so bad that it would wake me up every hour. I was also catching a cold about once a month since January, when in the past I would maybe have 1 cold a year. At this point, I started doing research on what could be causing neuropathy. When I came across celiac/gluten intolerance as one of the possibilities, everything started to make sense. For about the past 3 years, I would have the big D about once every few months. This had increased to about once every month since January. I was able to reconcile all of the episodes that I could remember to a heavy gluten intake occurring on the same day. So, I went gluten free on June 16. The next day my hands stopped tingling and haven't started again. My feet still get a little sore at the end of a workday but they are much better than they were and getting better. I haven't had any D except for once when I probably was glutened from eating out. I have purposely tried to consume reasonable amounts of dairy and soy to see if I have any intolerance to them. So far, nothing. No colds since end of May, and I feel great. So, diagnose away. Thanks in advance - this forum has been a great help to me over the past month.