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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Joint Pain

    I have lupus as well as celiac disease. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis. We've both found that for us, the joint pain only goes away on a sugar-free, grain-free diet. She's done well on Atkins. My kidneys can't handle all that protein, but I feel 100% better on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Now, if I get out in the sun too long, or get ahold of some MSG, or neglect my diet for a day or two, I'm back to near-crippled status. On the other hand, when I follow the SCD faithfully the improvement is nearly miraculous after just a day or two. I also use apple cider vinegar and lots of coconut oil every day. They both seem to really help.
  2. Feeling Pissy

    How horrifying! I do have a 100% gluten-free kitchen (all four sons have celiac disease) and I would go through the roof if somebody contaminated my safety zone like that. As soon as my temper leveled off a bit, I would tell her that she is welcome to come over and sit in your air conditioning but she'll need to cook elsewhere. Maybe she'd like to bring a little Coleman stove over to use in the driveway or something. Seriously, I would not let this gal loose in my kitchen again. Its got nothing to do with hospitality. You already said you were willing to cook, you had gluten-free chicken, etc. I do think you are wise to not go off on her, but I also think you can set a really firm boundary with her. If she resists your boundary, it doesn't mean you've been rude. (Two cents from a lurker...sorry! This post made my blood pressure climb!)
  3. Interesting, debmidge! I'm at your comment that for me, "Adventure Bar" takes on an entirely new meaning! I only had the one bite but I didn't care for it. It did taste like cheap chai and tanning oil to me LOL It is noon the next day and I'm fine, so I'm guessing the Adventure Bar is gluten-free. I won't be buying it again or giving it to my kids, since I can't find any bona fide info about its status, but I'm very thankful to be having a normal Saturday here!
  4. Thank you for replying, Ursa Major! It is nice to hear from someone who understands when one is panicking. So far so good, I am going to bed with all fingers and toes crossed. I have a busy Saturday planned and no time for a glutening. None.
  5. Was in a hurry at the store, went to grab a Snickers bar. I did notice the different packaging, but it seems they are always messing with their packaging and I didn't closely inspect it. Got home, got the kids to bed, took one bite....spices. Weird coconut-ish flavor. This is foreign food, NOT snickers. I looked at the pkg. and in the corner of the very busy graphics it says, "New Flavor." Under the word snickers, those busy pictures actually say "Adventure Bar." I've been looking online and I can't find any info on whether this is gluten-free or not. I took that one bite, I guess I won't have to wonder long, because I'll know for sure in an hour How could I do this??? I'm raising 4 celiacs, as well as having it myself, and I can't remember the last time I made such a stupid, stupid mistake. I guess I should be thankful it was me instead of one of the kids. Does anybody know if the Snickers Adventure Bar is gluten-free?
  6. I May Have To Buy An Rv To Cope With This Condition

    (((I have to give you all a hug)))) it is nice to have this treated as a reasonable idea We are tent campers, the boys really enjoy it. I was thinking in the summer I could take my camp kitchen stuff wherever I went but when I imagined doing that in the winter it didn't seem practical I could just see myself making a little fire, getting out the dutch oven, setting up the camp stove and tin oven, all in SIL's driveway there in her cul-de-sac having the little cousins out for a gluten-free wienie roast while the grownups are inside eating the sophisticated gluten food.... I'm going to do it. I'm shopping online for an RV right now. Probably will have to downsize the house, but that's ok. I can't imagine a lifetime of fretting about eating while traveling! This disease is hard enough. mamaw, I'll paint a big gluten-free symbol on our rv so you'll recognize us if we cross paths
  7. (*longtime lurker, infrequent poster*) We went to a big family weekend get-together, out of state. I spent a small fortune buying gluten-free "convenience foods" for myself and our 4 celiac sons. I packed a cooler, prepared food ahead of time, etc. for a 3 day event, thinking that I'd be ready for anything and we wouldn't need to eat anything questionable and we would NOT get sick. All went well except for one meal, the supper on New Year's Eve. I needed to cook for my crew. We were staying with my brother and SIL, but poor SIL had been fussing and trying all day to keep the gluten in the air to a bare minimum. And I brought my own pots, pans, wooden spoons, colander, etc. We didn't microwave without a lid. It should have been Ok! By dawn on New Years Day, we were all sick. All glutened. Everybody was exhibiting their particular 'glutened' symptoms, so I know it wasn't food poisoning or anything else. We had to cut the visit short and come home (fully loaded with immodium, just to make the drive, sorry TMI). So I wore myself out preparing for the trip, SIL walked on eggshells all day trying to watch out for the gluten, and we got sick anyway. The boys recovered within a few days, thankfully, but here we are on the 10th and I am still unwell. It has been a very scary and severe glutening for me. I told dh I don't ever want to share a kitchen, even for one meal, in a gluten establishment of any kind (also, I feel like a heel for inconveniencing SIL). We can't afford an RV but we have to do something. I wish we could get a little pull-behind cart where I could cook for my family. It isn't just weekend events, it is the constant struggle to deal with 5 celiacs in one family. Anything we want to do that is more than an hour away is a huge, huge hassle and strain. On my own, it wouldn't be so difficult I think. 4 little boys on a gluten-free diet away from home is hard. Just a little vending trailer, with half-sized sink, stove, refrigerator, countertop, cupboards. I looked at concession trailers online and found one that would work but it was $12000! A food trailer would cost the same as an RV. So I guess I'm back to looking at RV's. We are not wealthy people, here. Thanks for listening! Sigh. Does anybody feel my pain?
  8. Top Five Reasons To Get A New Doctor

    This is the scariest thread I've ever read My baby had rectal prolapse. Our family doctor wanted to just arrange a surgery, without even trying to find out why he was having that problem! I had looked online, and found that Toby had all the symptoms of cystic fibrosis. I insisted on an appt. with a ped. gastro. at our local children's hospital. Toby was tested for cystic fibrosis, twice. He doesn't have it. The ped. gastro. consulted with the pulmonologist, and between them they decided it was asthma + celiac disease. During that same time period, my 8 year old was suffering from horrible constipation and acid reflux. We took him to the family doctor, who wasn't in that day so we saw his partner. Thankfully the other doctor has celiac disease himself, and actually knows what he's doing! He sent us to the lab for testing, it showed a slight positive. We had all 4 boys tested, and they had nearly identical results! We went gluten-free, Toby never had another rectal prolapse, Nate's constipation and reflux were cured (and he started growing again), Jonas's autistic behaviors and learning disabilities disappeared, he now 'only' has ADHD, and Henry's lifelong potbelly is gone. I had friends on a parenting message board who told me to insist on seeing experts, and not quitting until I had real answers with lab results to back it up. They said parents have to fight for proper care. I'm glad I got that good advice.
  9. Girls Vs. Boys

    My four sons have celiac disease. Its a few years until they join a teen board, though
  10. Great ideas! This is what we did last year: We went trick-or-treating in a nearby neighborhood, just for the tradition and social aspect of it. When we came home, they handed me their pumpkin baskets, and went into our dining room which I had decorated for our home party They were immediately distracted by the goodies and decorations. I had a little bag of gluten-free candy for each of them, and the crockpot of chili was ready. While DH and the boys began on the supper, I went in the other room and dumped all their T-or-T candy in a big bowl to hand out to the trick-or-treaters that came to our door. Our boys didn't eat any of it! They didn't care; they had their bags of safe candy. I don't know if this would work for kids old enough to trick-or-treat without parents. Probably not.
  11. Celiac And Pleurisy

    I had pleurisy, too, at age 25.
  12. I'm sure this is true, Erica! For a long time I belonged to http://www.forum.lowcarber.org I wasn't low-carbing, just on a very strict sugar-free diet, and I would hear this story all the time. People figured out on their own that wheat was a problem, and now it is standard knowledge on that board that wheat and gluten cause trouble for many people!
  13. Family Making Fun Of Us !

    LOL I'm in Indianapolis! I was AP when AP wasn't cool haha and I never do quite get used to the fact that there are many more of us these days When I start dreaming about 'the internets' I know I'm spending too much time online
  14. Family Making Fun Of Us !

    Really? I have found a board with OTHER attachment parenting, breastfeeding, cosleeping, homeschooling, babywearing Celiacs???? I thought I was nearly the only one in the world LOL #1. is this one of those weird dreams where I'm on the internet and it doesn't make sense? #2. do any of you people live near me???
  15. Outback In Greenwood, In (near Indy)

    Thanks, Jen! We've gone without local support (other than HFS staff LOL) for the past year but we'd love to meet others with this delightful condition! Emailing you linz, I didn't know there was an Outback in Avon! Oh, wait, down by JoAnn's, Bonefish Grill, etc. Well, good! We have friends on that side of town that would probably rather meet there than go all the way to Greenwood. Never tried Texas Roadhouse, thanks for the tip!