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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My Recent History - Help

    I also get the tightening in the chest when I get contaminated by gluten. Accually last night was one time and I haven't had that in along time. What I have found out for me is that some salad dressings that are contaminated will do this for me. I also get this tightening in the chest from millet which I am allergice too, I didn't know that before but have pin pointed it and then check with a test from my naturalpathic doctor. Like you said the tightening in the chest wears you out, is very painful and makes your eyes water. Good luck to you.
  2. What If?

    i to had lots of depression at the begining and before going gluten free. All the blood work they did everything was normal other than everything relating to iron. However when I started to see a naturalpathic doctor that puts me on a machine of some kind said I was dificient in 18 different vitamins and minerals, she explaind to me that the lack of any or all the B vitamins cause depression, she has me on a liquid B vitamin complex and I can tell right away if I don't take it for a couple of days. So it could still be something you are lacking that you may want to check into.
  3. Taking A Poll

    I have been Dx with Fibymialga more than 2 years ago, however I don't believe I have it an longer. I had been doctoring for many years since I was hospitalized in 1998. I was sick before that but my parents were from the era of if your not dying your not going to the doctor. So when I became hospitalized many test were done and nothing found, did test for many years switching doctors and clinics different towns and the whole ball of wax that comes with that. However I went gluten free July 10 of 2006, and yes I still have my chalanges at times but I usually know why. Before going gluten free I had numb legs, pain everywhere, at time I couldn't sit I had so much but pain, weak, mind things and ect. Now working with a Naturalpathic and taking many nutritional supplements I have no pain unless I run out of something. If I do run out of something I will see some of these things returning, she is a blessing to me.
  4. Is Land O Lakes Vanilla Ice Cream gluten free? I had some last night and my head is just pounding that is a gluten reaction for me. I don't usually buy that brand but it was the only one the store had so I tried it. Otherwise I am trying to figure out what else I ate that could have done this. Thanks!
  5. Can Not Stop Gaining Weight!

    I am a believer in all that pixigirl had to say. I know some people that say they try and then you accually find out well they are walking only 10 minutes on the treadmill that is no effort to me. Or the snack too. People snack and don't realize that they are even doing it. They had a donut at work but forgot to count it, snacked on candy at work or home thought that maybe it was 6 pieces today but it was accually 12. Things like this really do play into the weight loss. I am a firm believer of a journal if you want the weight to come off. Keep it in your pocket an mark down even a taste of something because it really does have calories. The biggest thing is change if you are not use to exersicing everyday or journalling everything that touches your lips it will seem like work at first. Do it for 2 weeks and it becomes a habit.
  6. New Here :)

    The thing to remember is if you do want the blood test done you need to stay eating gluten until the test is done. I don't think one day will throw it off but a few days will. It just depends if you are the type of person that needs a specific reading to confirm that or not. If not you can just do the diet and if you feel better then stay on it. Which is what I did, I was gluten lite for a couple of years before I even heard Celiac, so my test came back inconclusive.
  7. Alot of people have problems with fruit. The melons are a problem to lots of people and they are kind of a group thing you can pick out. Watermelon, cantalop, muskmelon ect. I know of people to have problems with apples and if you read lables you will find apple juice in alot of gluten free items for flavor so you may have to watch that if apples show up as a problem. I personally don't think a dieticion will be of much help. There are not many out there that no much about gluten free diets and I personally would stick my money there, I would put it toward a allergy test instead.
  8. Things that I take with me when I go out and about and don't know how long I will be gone is dried fruit, banana chips, trail mix of nuts and things, I also love Glutino meal or breakfast bars. Otherwise fast on the go things I take to work is fruit, Oscar Meyer hot dogs, salad greens.
  9. I feel cold turkey is the way to go. I went cold turkey and didn't eat anything unless I knew it was gluten free. It took a while to get the hang of things but I noticed small changes within a couple of days and things are still getting better 11 months later. Otherwise I can see where you say I will have just a bit of this today and then get on track and then the next day you can't find something to eat that is quick and you cheat again and you never start feeling better. Plus if you start cold turkey with the mindset of I will not eat it unless I know it is gluten free you live by that. Good luck.
  10. I do have a trail mix that I like to eat. Thanks
  11. Sore Joints After Going Gluten Free

    Dairy products can do strange things also. You may want to try dairy free for a couple of weeks to see if it gets better.
  12. I have been Gluten Free for about 10 months and I am looking at going Dairy, Soy and Corn free along with Gluten Free. I was just wondering about snacks other than the plain fruits and veggies that people in my situation snack on. I probably wouldn't even need a snack everyday but once in awhile you just want something. What are you choices if you have taken all four of these out of your diet. Thanks in advance!
  13. It maybe that your body is just so low on some vitamins and minerals that you feel like your body never catches up to where it should be for energy and such. I had this same problems but add some more symptom also. I seen a naturalpathic doctor after going gluten free (about 2-3 months after starting gluten free) and she has helped me tromendously. So it could be food intolerences and malnutrion. It would be worth a try seeing a naturalpathic or kinsiology or a doctor on the lines of this if a regular doctor is not helping. I wish you luck.
  14. If I Knew Then, What I Know Now!

    I am another one that would never go by test results myself. I have doctored for years before even hearing about the disease and my test said neg, but I was gluten light for a year. Not for Celiac but because I was trying to loose some weight so I wasn't eating pasta, bread and baked goods. I know nothing about the test but I am sure someone will.