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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sit Ups Cause Pain

    no it is not that kind of pain....more like fatigue like I have done 100 sit ups instead of 3.....is it because the gluten in my body is aggrevating my stomach????? it is so strange!
  2. has anybody else had a problem doing ab exercises???? I can do cardio and even run, but when it comes to abs....forget it. What gives???? I have not even been diagnosed yet, but have been gluten free for two weeks while I go through all the test and feel much better and getting back to normal exercise wise, but the sit up deal is driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. does anyone know for sure if wheat in hair products cause any problem with gluten and wheat allergy????
  4. Anyone In Md Or East Coast?

    I live in Fairfax, VA and would love to find some people to chat with. My poor husband is also going gluten free to support me. Lisa
  5. Washington Dc

    Hey, we live in Fairfax, VA and I am trying to find some fellow dinners, if you will....let me tell you, I have not even been officially diagnosed yet, however I have learned so much so far about allergies. It is difficult because we use to eat out almost every day.....so it is a change to say the least. I would love to chat. Lisa
  6. Energy Please.

    My husband and I own a company called the Flagship Group and we have a contract with a company called XS energy. They make everything evergy related including energy drinks....they are sugar and carb free, they come in 9 different flavors, they have a ton of vitamins including B12, they come in caffeine free also. I get them on-line, you can't buy them at the store. Also they are gluten, wheat and soy free.
  7. Does anybody have this problem???? I have been eating gluten, wheat, soy and chocolate free for 2 weeks now and I have not been tested yet...I go back to my gastro guy Wed. to do a follow up and be referred to a specialist. Anyway, I go along for a couple days feeling fine then all of a sudden I eat a safe food and I feel sick, body ache, etc. Then it takes a day or two to get back to normal......I assume it just takes a while to get out of your system????? HELP!
  8. Symptoms

    When you eat something that makes you feel bad, if later on you eat an approved food, such as fruit, does anybody feel sick also. I am getting confused because I thought I had narrowed it down to gluten, wheat, soy and chocolate, however I ate something last night that had none of that stuff and had the stomach pain and aches immediately....so I assumed there was something hidden in it somewhere....however, all day today no matter what I eat, I feel sick...is that the layover of the gluten I ate last night????? HELP!
  9. That sounds strange....I have not even been diagnosed yet.....all test have come back negative for anything so I go to see the gastro doctor who did my endoscopy next week and until then I have been going gluten and wheat free just to see and keeping a journal of what I eat and how I feel afterwards. My symptoms were back pain stomach pain and burning and strange feeling in throat...they thought I had acid reflux and have me on medication for that. So who knows. Anyway, with those symptons, please see the doctor and by the way, I am turning 39 in a couple weeks so I don't believe age has anything to do with it. However, I wanted to know if anybody knew anybody that got this problem after having braces put on????? This starting happening to me about a couple months after I had braces on.....I was not eating a lot because of the pain from the braces, so my diet was bad and I wondered if this brought on the problem with gluten. Anyway, just a guess.