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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. All This Talk About gluten-free Bakeries...

    WOW! Thanks, everybody! Now I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day....looking for gluten-free bakeries online!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanksgiving Is Coming!

    My brother is hosting this year (thank God because I don't think I could pull it off with the fibro) and all I asked was that the stuffing isn't cooked in the turkey. Other than that, I told his wife not to worry about me, although she's so sweet and last time we had a dinner there she made all kinds of stuff I could have! I'm going to try to make a couple of pies for myself (and everyone else.....maybe) because I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE pumpkin pie!
  3. In another post down below people were talking about gluten-free bakeries, but I've never heard of them. Where can you find listings of them? I live in South Jersey, and could easily travel to Philly or NYC. Are there bakeries in either of those places?
  4. Processed Gluten Free Foods

    I agree with everyone else--I thought I was lactose intolerant, but still got sick... Eliminated casein, still got sick... Turns out I was allergic to soy as well, which is what I was using to replace the milk!
  5. How Do You Deal With Gluten Cravings?

    Oh, it's a MIX!!!! No wonder I never saw them....I usually skip the mixes because I'm too lazy. I'll look for them next time I go. If I get a good fluffy crust out of them, it's worth the time to mix it!
  6. How Do You Deal With Gluten Cravings?

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! I can't blame him--he didn't feel like making dinner, and neither did I so I told him just to get a pizza for him and the boys (who LOVE pizza).
  7. How Do You Deal With Gluten Cravings?

    Thanks, all! I've tried Kinnickinick (or however you spell it.....) foods, but I haven't liked the texture and the only pizza I saw had cheese on it. But all I tried were the sandwich breads. I'll look again for the crusts. Where can you find Chebe pizza? I don't think I've heard of it before. I usually shop at Wegmans, Whole Foods, or a little specialty shop I found (microwave meals that don't need refridgeration and are gluten/milk/soy/egg free and kosher!!!!!) Does the Chebe crust come without cheese? I miss the actual food, not so much the convenience. I have a pretty good repetoire of food that I have handy around the house these days, and some really good brownies (By George Foods) which keep me going when the going gets tough. But when DH brings home a steaming hot pizza from the pizza shop down the street, with a flaky, chewy crust......oh, the LOVE I feel for that pizza! LOL Or, fresh, hot chewy soft pretzels during a football game from the pretzel place down the other street. MMMMMMmmmmmm!!!!! I tried to make soft pretzels from a mix but all I could taste was the vinegar they wanted me to add. Maybe I'll try again without the vinegar. Thanks for your help, guys! I knew I could come back here after all this time and still find people who could relate to what I'm going through! And I do think I'll stay away from the milk completely....I'm so bloated I think people are waiting for me to announce i'm preggo. PERISH THE THOUGHT!!!!!!
  8. Hello, all. I haven't posted in a while, but I came back for some help. I REAAAALLLLLYYYYYYY want a pizza! I don't mean a styrofoam tasting gluten-free crusted, rice cheese (or no cheese!) pizza imitation--I want the real deal! I want subs, I want rolls when we're eating out, I want for ONCE to order food at a restaurant without having to speak to the manager or the chef! How do you deal with this? I have seriously considered going on a gluten bender just to get it out of my system......even though it would mean WEEKS of getting it out of my system. LOL I've been gluten-free, CF, soy-free, and egg-free for over a year (yes, I do cheat a little on milk.....so hard to avoid it and the consequences *seem* minimal) and in the beginning it seemed much easier. I was so focused on getting better, I felt like I was on a mission. But now it just sucks. Who's up for Pizza Hut?
  9. Do you know if you sleep well? I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which is belived to some extent be caused by little or no stage 4 sleep. (I think it was also brought on by eating foods I am allergic too, as well) One of the treatments is sleep medication. Lack of good quality sleep can for sure be contributing to generalized pain, and what's known as trigger points can contribute to congestion. Just for fun, check out this article on trigger points and see if it helps at all: http://www.amtamassage.org/journal/fall02_...l/scalenes.html
  10. Migraines And Gluten

    I always get a migraine after glutening, so for me I KNOW they're related. But I also get migraines from milk products and lack of sleep. It took a long time to find all these triggers, but if you pay attention you'll find them. Keep a migraine "journal" to see if you can find a trigger/set of triggers.
  11. ROFLMAO!!!! It's my own cyber-speak version of "probably" because it's so long to type. LOL
  12. No, don't apologize! You all got me thinking. I was 100% diagnosed with FM by a rheumatologist (after all the blood tests ruled everything else out) but like you said, with my temps running low (for years!) I think I ought to get the adrenals and thyroid checked out as well. My GP didn't diagnose it, but after he ruled out everything he could think of he referred me to the rheummy, one he knew was familiar with FM so I think it was in the back of his mind that that's what it might be. My chiro thinks FM is bogus and told me just to focus on the food issues because that's prolly where it all comes from anyway.
  13. I keep opening this post thinking there was a response about fibromyalgia only to discover more discussion about adrenals and thyroid. Anyway, how do I find a doctor who would be willing to talk to me about all this stuff? I love my GP, and he will refer me to anyone I ask, and since you have all stimulated my very active imagination now I think I want to see a doctor who knows about adrenals/thyroid to see if I have a problem with it or not. So, how do I know if a doctor knows about all this stuff without going to him/her and finding out the hard way that they don't?
  14. I Feel So Helpless Now...

    NO EFFIN WAY!?!?!?!??!!? Sweetie, whose permission do you need to eat a gluten-free diet? If you know what it does to you, then just stay off it, and don't worry about who thinks you're crazy. When you stop running to the bathroom all the time maybe they'll realize it was all in THEIR heads and not yours. Hang in there, we're behind you! This is why I love my GP.....he has said this to me several times and each time he has referred me to a specialist. I LOVE that about him! He knows he's not god, and doesn't pretend that I don't know he's not god too. I agree----find another GP if you can!
  15. What they send you is a collection bucket for your poop and swabs for your tissue samples from your cheek. They can sit unopened as long as you need them to. However, keep in mind that once you DO collect your samples you may need to freeze it if it's not going out the next day. Swabs are good for only a week--if you anticipate having to wait longer than that to send them in you have to freeze them. The samples can only be sent on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, so plan to collect your sample accordingly. Once you collect your sample, box it up, put it in the bag and call for pickup. Then you can leave it on your porch and go to work, like I did. They give you explicit directions on how to mail the sample back. Good luck, and let us know what your results are!