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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    I hope it's not too late to ask questions on this thread. I've just been diagnosed less than a week ago. I've only been cycling for about a year and a half, but would consider myself to be more than just recreational. My goal is to try time trials, road races and a crit next season. I'm pretty old to be starting racing (just turned 40) and the celiac diagnosis is definitely not helping matters. I don't know exactly which of my problems are celiac and which are aging or some other issues, but in addition to "digestion" pain/problems, in the past year I've had increasing strength problems (very unusual; I'd done regular lifting from the age of 13 through my early 30's and built muscle very, very easily), big problems with what I thought was lactic acid buildup after every single ride (had to stop at the top of the stairs at home to catch my breath and also to (what I thought) let the blood get back into my legs), memory problems (that's been an issue for a long time, actually), "bonking" very easily on the bike, high heart rate, dehydration. Of course these issues have affected my progress, but certainly not deterred me. I guess I'd like to know how long these symptoms might take to resolve? I'm not a very patient person (a good reason to try racing!), and I don't want to lose heart that at least some of these problems are related to Celiac. I'd read 6 mos and I'd read up to 2 yrs. I ride just about 4 times a week, generally 30 miles, but often more. Any ideas as to what I can maybe expect? My boyfriend and I had just moved to MN about 4 mos ago, and many of these problems have made heat acclimation very difficult. I want to keep riding, even in the heat. If the dehydration and heart rate resolve, I think I can do that very comfortably. But the question is; what should I realistically expect? BTW, thanks for the topic; good to know that gatorade is gluten-free. I've only been on the diet for less than a week, but I think I'm noticing differences. I did two bottles of regular flavor Gatorade (made from the powder) and some Hammer Gel for a 30 mile ride in very hot and humid conditions today, and am having the typical upset digestion issues right now. I thought it was the Gatorade or Hammer Gel, but I see here it is not. Maybe the first few weeks there are still bad days? I know, I know...patience.... Thanks!