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  1. Hi, I have used PURFOODS and I was extremely disappointed by the amount of preservatives in their food although they advertise that they do not add any. When I spoke to the supervisor he informed me that THEY do not add the preservatives, the food comes that way from their suppliers I found it extremely misleading. They would not refund me for the meals. I did find some frozen packaged meals from Comfy Cuisine which use natural ingredients - they are good if you are short on prep time. You can order from The Gluten Free Mall. Good luck.
  2. I recently ordered from them and was expecting (as advertised) that the meals would not contain preservatives; however, they do - and lots of them! When I called the company, they put me through to a supervisor who informed me that THEY do not add the preservatives, the suppliers do. Therefore, they do not falsely advertise. When I asked for a refund, they would only credit me for the food scheduled to ship for 10 days or more from the time of my call - per their refund policy. Arthur also stated that he felt I was just trying to get out of the meal plan. I am quite disappointed by their lack of customer service and the attitude with which I was addressed. I have found frozen meals by Comfy Cuisine which do use healthy - much more natural ingredients and I got them from Gluten Free Mall. Hope this helps.