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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Eosiniphilic Disorder

    I googled "cured foundation" it was shown in the Montel show description, here is the website: http://www.curedfoundation.org/ In the "about us" section of the website it has the story of Joni's medical condition. Trish in Canada
  3. O.K. the Dominion grocery store by my house in Mississauga (ON, Canada) is carrying gluten-free items!!! This makes everything sooooo much easier. They started renovating the store during summer. Last week I went into the store and there was a bunch of Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flours in the baking section. I was jumping up and down in the aisle, lol. I walked throgh the store and found gluten-free breakfast bars in the snack section too. Then today I decided to walk through the frozen foods section and what did I find? Kinnicinik (spelling?) bagels, bread, hamburger buns, english muffins, waffles... I am in heaven!!! I nearly cried.... I was soo happy. I just finished eating a sesame seed bagel with almond-cashew butter... yum!
  4. I emailed Strongbow Cider to verify if their beverage is Gluten-Free and it is!!! Here is the email I received:
  5. In Need Of A Good Doctor In Toronto Area...

    I would not be getting a skin prick test. That would be for allergies. It would not help in diagnosing gluten intolerance or DH. If I got a test it would be getting a skin biopsy to test for granular IgA deposits using immunoflouresence for dermatitus herpetiformis. If I test positive it would automatically mean that I would be a celiac. I would not have to go through any other tests for celiac (bowel biopsy). When I was twelve years old (i'm now 25) I was tested for allergies because I was getting severe migraines. They did the skin prick test and follow-up blood work and I had no allergies at that time. The migraines disappeared as mysteriously as they began. Lorka150: That's interesting. That would explain why my eye doctor would know about celiac. It's sad that opthamologist's would be more informed about celiac than a family doctor. I wish my family doctor was as informed as my opthamoligist.
  6. In Need Of A Good Doctor In Toronto Area...

    Thank you for replying. I might consider trying the walk-in doctor route for a refferal. I don't think I can travel as far as niagara (I don't drive). I am looking for someone to do a skin test first. If it came back negative I think I would have to do the gluten challenge (ick) before I saw a GI. I think since I have mainly DH symptoms and not always the bowel symptoms it would be harder to get a positive result on the GI tests? I emailed the Toronto chapter for celiacs today with my story and asked if they could refer me to a good doctor and dermatologist. Hopefully I can find a doctor this way. When I went to my eye doctor in August he asked if I had any allergies, I said I was possibly gluten intolerant. He asked if i ever heard of celiac disease I said yes. I told him I hadn't been tested, but that I was going to my doctor to ask to be tested. He said that was a good idea. Maybe I should call him up? He might have connections to someone who specializes in celiac. I think someone else on this board said their eye doctor notifed them about celiac disease, maybe it's a part of othamologist training?
  7. Maltodextrin

    Taken from Celiac Disease a Hidden Epidemic, by Peter H.R. Green M.D. Page 282 It is gluten-free unless listed otherwise. So maltodextrin is safe to eat as long as you are not allergic to corn, potato, or rice.
  8. O.K. I just finished reading Celiac Disease A Hidden Epidemic, By: Peter H.R. Green M.D. I am a self-diagnosed with Dermatitus Herpetiformis. I had a rash for 7 months that did not go away until I stopped eating gluten. I do get celiac disease symptoms when I eat gluten as well. My doctor agreed that it was a good idea to stay off of gluten, but he is treating it as an allergy. My family thinks of it as an allergy as well. I know it is not an allergy, I've tried explaining it to my family, but some of them just sort of roll their eyes. I am concerned for other people in my family because in the book I read it says that 10% of family members will have it as well. My grandmother and her sister both suffered with indigestion problems. My grandmother had stomach or intestinal cancer and was cured of the cancer. But she never left the hospital because she would not eat because she would get sick and lose control of her bowel. The doctors said it was physcological. But I think it was celiac disease. She died of "wasting disease" and so did her sister. I am concerned because it seems like my grandmother and great aunt may have had "silent celiac" disease that manifested when they were older. I went to my doctor on tuesday. I told him that I wanted to have a skin test for DH because I wanted to know if I was positive for celiac because I read that it's genetic and I wanted to know so if I had it I could convince my family to get tested. I showed him the book. He said "Oh! It's one of those books!" and rolled his eyes. So I back-tracked, because I was embarrassed. And I said "I guess I am just being paranoid, or something?" So I left the office red-faced. I know I can't eat gluten. I get a reaction. I am just concerned about other family members at this point. I don't want them to get sick. The only way I could convince them to get tested is if I get a little piece of paper that says "Trish is a celiac" So please help me find a doctor that will actually do the test. I have been off of gluten since may, with a couple of glutenings since then. Since I have DH I can still get a skin test and have it test positive. I don't want to wait much longer because I will have to do the gluten challenge, I am scared of doing that. I need help finding a knowledgable doctor in the toronto area, and one that will refer me to a good dermatologist. Thanx Trish in Canada
  9. At my cousin's wedding... last month. I ate one bite of a potato covered in beef gravy. I asked the caterer what was on the potatoes before I ate she said beef drippings, noooooo.... I realized it was covered in gravy after I took the bite (I could taste it). Awhile later I got horrible gas + bloating that got progressively worse as the evening went on. My brother didn't want to leave. I told him I wasn't feeling well, but he didn't realize why. I didn't want to announce to everyone at the table that I felt like I was about to explode rectally. I was still able to access the restroom. A public restroom at a wedding, no privacy, people were in and out of the restroom every minute. Here's a tip: If you are at a party with loud music and a dance floor and you get glutened, head for the dance floor, no one can hear you toot But of course it doesn't help much with the smell.... But I found that everyone's busy dancing so they didn't notice that either. When we finally left there was a 45 minute drive from reception hall to the place we were staying, you could hear my intestines churning. There were no places to stop along the way, because we were outside of any towns.
  10. A Reaction From Cheetos?

    YAY!!! Thank-you!!! Some good news: I had milk in my tea today with no reaction. I also had some butter on my baked potato. Small steps.... Can't wait to order those gluten-free snacks. I definately have to be more careful with the CC thing, especially now that I know just a teeny-tiny bit of Gluten can set off DH for me. -Trish
  11. A Reaction From Cheetos?

    jayhawkmom: floridanative: O.K. so cheetos could have gluten in them. I think I did react to gluten. Not to milk. The coughing and congestion I had on Saturday, from eating the rice and milk, turned out to be the start of a cough/cold. I think the stomach ache I had was because i ate too quickly. I still have a slight rash from eating the cheetos on Friday. I've been pretty good at resisting the urge to scratch too. Hopefully it will go away soon. When it goes away I think I'll try the milk again and see what happens. If I react to the milk i'll stop drinking it again. Since this is the second time something like this happened after eating cheetos, I am definately going to stay away from them. I've been good at spotting gluten in most packaged goods. I guess I have to think about whether or not a product could have been processed on the same product line. Most of the time i just eat food I prepare, I think i should stick to that for awhile.... its safe...
  12. A Reaction From Cheetos?

    Thanks AndreaB and Guhlia. I fugured it out, I think... Right after I posted I ate some rice and drank some lactose free milk. It's the first thing I've eaten all day. Now I know it's definately the dairy that's causing the problems. I have a stomach ache and I'm coughing and congested. I'll probably get hives soon. NO MORE DAIRY FOR ME!!! I was off of dairy because I thought I might be allergic to it. I started drinking milk again to test if I had a problem. I guess I was in denial about the milk. No bowel problems all week but I did have terrible gas, lol. Grrrr... I like dairy too!!! I miss cheese. Most soy cheese has casien in the ingredient list. Oh well back to soy milk, bleck
  13. A Reaction From Cheetos?

    O.K. so I ate a bowlful of cheetos yesterday and got a fairly minor skin reaction within 1-2hours later. Previously I had a full body DH rash for about 7 months. The rash went away when I went gluten-free. Every once and awhile I accidently eat something that triggers a skin reaction. This time it was cheetos. I thought the ingredients were safe. I'm not sure anymore. About 2 1/2 months ago I had cheetos and had the same reaction but, at that time, I thought it was caused by something else (something that definately had gluten in it). I was dairy-free up until a week ago when I decided to start consuming lactose free milk products. I was fine all week. So I decided to try the cheetos to test about lactose. I didn't have any bowel or stomach reactions. I'm not sure if you can have a skin reaction to lactose? I know it's not a reaction to casien because I've been consuming lactose free milk all week with no skin or bowel problems. I've been eating corn tortillas all week, so I know it's not corn either. I'm confused, so I need your help. Is there anything that would trigger a reoccurence of DH in this list of ingredients? Too much salt? (iodine?) Can anyone find a possible hidden gluten source in this list of ingredients? I've only been gluten free since May, so I'm still learning. Cheetos Ingredients: Enriched cornmeal (cornmeal, iron, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid) Vegetable oil. Seasoning (Whey, cheddar cheese, sour cream, artificial flavour, MSG, Lactic acid, colour, citric acid) salt. Thank you, Trish
  14. Viola: Vitamin K, o.k. I didn't think of that. I'll have to figure out what foods have it. I think kale has vitamin K. I know kale has iron. hmmm... my bruises are not large. I don't have any unusual bleeding from my nose or gums. If my gums were bleeding I would notice because of my braces, I brush my teeth, like 20 times a day. I probably should have said this before, the menstrual problems are definately not related to celiac disease. I started taking alesse (low dose bcp) 3 menstrual cycles ago. I've been spotting and having longer periods. When I went to the doctor on Monday he changed the pill to a higher dose one (tricyclen). It's very common for people to have spotting on low dose bcp pills. That was one of the reasons I thought it could be iron causing the bruising. I also stopped taking vitamin B supplements last month, so i thought that maybe I was having trouble because of that. Now that I think about it I'm probably being overly paranoid. I've always bruised pretty easily. The thing that freaked me out was the bruise that swelled. I'm probably deficenent in something. I got a liquid iron supplement that has vitamin b in it from the health food store yesterday. I think I will take 1/2 doses everyday for awhile. Rinne: I'm off to the store today to find vitamin k rich foods. I think I have kale in my fridge. I think I will cook that for dinner today. CarlaB: I'm very fair skinned. Before I went off of gluten I bumped my arm and got a bruise that was 2-3 inches long and a bruise on my leg about 2 inches long. Had a bunch of other bruises too. I looked like I had been beaten-up, lol. NancyM: I'm going to start taking vitamin B, vitamin C, and 1/2 dose of iron daily. When I eliminated dairy from my diet I was eating a soy cheese and that had casien in it. I had no problems digesting it. So I think it's lactose that I have a problem with. I was o.k. when I started back on dairy a month ago. But I recently started drinking skim milk and getting stomach aches and bloating. I also have been getting ear aches, a sign of milk allergies. So I think I'm going to go off milk and drink soy milk again. Hopefully my ears will improve. I've been having problems with them for years and now I figure out that it's allergies, arghhhh.... Thanks everyone!! This helped alot! Now I don't have to get icky blood tests, yuk Trish in Canada