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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Organic Spices & Herbs

    If you are dealing with an organic, well respected herb/spice company they are probably dealing just with that product and therefore no gluten is involved. Now generic - I have no idea. Of course you could just email them - for a great selection though got to Penzey's . They are a great company with lots of varieties.
  2. I Just Want The Holidays To Be Over

    Not sure that this is going to help you but first of all take a good snack with you so that if you have to sit at the table, you can pick at the food only. Turkey without gravy should be ok, so should mashed potatoes unless they come from a packet (which I have idea if they are gluten-free). Some turkeys can be infused with 'stock/moisturizers' or something but not all of them. How does she make the bean salad? could you make that using gluten-free ingredients? Of course your husband (and I love that he is supportive - that is so helpful) should tell the family that anything with ingredients that contain flour are not acceptable for you and make you very ill. Being able to be social and with family is important, and the meal is only part of the gathering, so try to be a little more positive and go for the people, and take a few dishes that you make to share. Good luck!
  3. What's In Your Gluten Free Travel Gear?

    plain potato chips are on the top of my pitstop snack list. Take some chex too. For the conference take the chex out of the package to make them smaller and put in your suitcase! I use them for early morning snacks or when dinner was lettuce leaves. gluten-free rolls are ok too - grab some butter and preserves from the breakfast table area. A tip for the conference - find others on gluten free diets and vegetarian diets and sit with them - otherwise the rest of the table gets served while the server wanders off to find your gluten free option. Sometimes this takes a while, so having someone else there too makes you less conspicuous.
  4. A Used Breadmaker

    [My foster mother offered me her breadmaker it has been used very little. Will it be ok for me to use as long as I clean it out? I'm suppose to pick it up later today.] I know many folks here will say don't do it, but I would. Wash the thing well and go ahead. One caution - the bread is really no better than without!!! LOL I have a breadmaker and I use it for both regular and gluten-free bread with a good wash between. I know there is a lot of concern about this cross contamination, but I have to truly say I have never had a problem with that. Just don't expect miracles - there is no such thing as good gluten-free bread, period. Kate
  5. Anti Social When Glutened?

    Well now, I can tell you that it is not always us that is antisocial - its the world that sometimes misses the point. The last time I had a reaction was on an overnight flight to Europe (USA-UK). The airline, which once did gluten free has stopped, provided me with a meal that was vegetarian, rather than low sodium (they have no sauce). One fork full of rice and I knew that something was not quite right. 8hrs later, after having a 10 yr sleeping like a restless octapus on my stomach and having had to undo every button on my slacks due to bloating, we arrived. Husband picked us up. He was in a rental car. He took us to my mother's house and on the way calmly mentioned that he expected me to drive my mothers brand new car into Birmingham (Major city in country that drives on the other side of the road), so he could drop off the rental. I haven't driven in England for 25 yrs, and he wanted me drive into a town that would scare the living daylights out of me even then. I believe I spent something like 30 minutes telling him exactly what I thought of his idea!!!! The gluten reaction just made the aurgument more colorful perhaps! (and I got my way).
  6. Coping With Anemia From Celiac

    I was also very mineral (both irons, calcium and others) deprived when they found I was celiac. They did not do a blood transfusion but it was close - instead they stuffed me full of so many tablets I swear I rattled!!! Its not the gluten free that makes you tired its the lack of nutrients that your body let through when you were ingesting the gluten - this takes time to adjust. So hang in there, your body will finally sort itself out and tell what it needs (sleep, or play)
  7. Take Away And Wine - gluten-free Verse Reality

    Chinese takaway and Indian traditionally do not use wheat to thicken. But, as mentioned the cheap soy sauces now may contain wheat. I have rarely had reactions and those that I had were more realted to MSG perhaps (spaced out, nausea etc). As the wheat in the soy is only a minor component and the soy only a small part of the sauce, or maybe I have been lucky, the Chinese meals we have typically I am OK with. Of course I do not eat any of the fried in batter stuff like sweet/sour or whatever - never quite sure about those.
  8. Gluten Craving!

    Can't say that I have had quite that reaction, but I can sympathize. Tuesday morning was a morning where everything was off. I was still sluggish from 2 wks with a multivitamin that had 'gluten' stuck at the end of the ingredients (missed it). It was also one of the rare mornings when I have to go out directly after taking #4 child to school. I didn't even have time to eat a piece of cardboard (affectionate name for gluten-free bread)! Going to the location I needed to be at, I passed a Dunkin' Donut. Although I had no desire to have a donut I royaly cursed that fact that I could not drop into any fast food place to grab a coffee and sustinence. Maybe its time to start a gluten free fast food joint!! Kate
  9. I Feel Great

    It's been a month now that I've been 99% gluten-free, except for the late evening cookies and the accidental glutening on the cruise ship. Congrats on the 99%! I am confused about the late evening cookies though. Ditch the cookies. Accidents and oopsies are one thing, but keeping tempting cookies is not compliant with the diet. Low gluten, almost gluten free are not as beneficial as gluten free. Kate
  10. i am not able to comment on the medical stuff itself, but do not blame everything on gluten. Perhaps the feeling is a reaction to the medical treatment itself. They used to say in England that wine was gluten free but hangovers caused very similar reactions to gluten - so don't blame your hangover on gluten! Talk to the doctor. From what I have read gluten cannot penetrate the skin, but I would avoid topicals that contain gluten anyway if there is a substitute. My take on this is that your body is sick, which is why you are taking medicine, so don't give it doubtful stuff if you can avoid it.
  11. Classic Oops

    No - I didn't get too sick - more irratated than anything. It must have been a really low amount because I was not miserable or spitting at the world (someone would have told me that one!) just felt alittle off/bloated and tired. Kate
  12. 'Hi everyone, I think I may have experienced my first glutening. It was terrible but I am not sure if it was a glutening or just a cold? 5 Days ago I had a few sips of hot chocolate' I don't know about the rest of this crowd - but 5 days seems too long. I get a reaction within hours, sometimes even before the end of a meal (do NOT wear close fitting waistbands that cannot be discretely undone!!LOL).
  13. 'Any advice on how to order gluten-free in a restaurant without making a big stir?' First off, be grateful for the Atkins Diet that made it quite acceptable to order a burger without the bun! My personal way of dealing with this is to look at the menu and figure out what looks reasonable, then ask the server to check with the chef. This really depends though on the place. Fast food joints may not be tuned in to gluten, good restaurants will be. At last resort order a steak or burger - grilled with steamed veggies or salad (dressing on the side or oil/vinegar). You do not have to make a major deal out of this - enjoy the company and let the meal be taken care of by the restaurant - they really do want you to be comfortable and will help you to find something appropriate unless you are in a pizza place or Italian restaurant (both I avoid).
  14. From there he said that as long as a strict gluten free diet is followed "it's OK to cheat once in a while". I was really shocked to hear this I am probably going to looked on as a pyraha here but I personally think while cheating once is a while is not acceptable - don't get too paranoid about the odd mistake. We all make them (see my classic oops). It is not the end of the world and you will doubtless not be hospitalized by dipping your lettuce leaf into a salad dressing that has malt vinegar in it. Classic celiac disease is not like having a bee sting allergy, so we need to be very careful but not paranoid. As I said at the top - this is not a popular way to think, but I have survived mighty well for forty years by making occasional poor judgements.
  15. Classic Oops

    Ok after close to 40 yrs on this celiac thing, I should know better right??? I am at that wonderful age when the dear doctors worry about bone lose and osteoporis etc, so I started taking a multi vitamin with calcium. No problem. The posh named brand ran out and I picked up the generic - just checked briefly for 'wheat'. This last week or two I have felt 'off'. Not ill per se but definately not quite 100%. For some reason this morning I put my glasses on and was reading the label of the multivitamin - there ,after all the chemicals - the very last item - not wheat but pure gluten! How could I be so stupid as to not put glasses on to read the ingredients carefully???? I have been taking these things for about 3 wks now so it is going to take a day or two to rid the body of all the symptoms. Kate