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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cycling - Carb Load

    This weekend is a training ride, so trying something slightly new, but in the same realm wouldn't be bad. Triple bypass: http://www.teamevergreen.org/node/2. I'm planning to ride this on Saturday. http://www.usaprocyclingchallenge.com/stages/stage-2.
  2. Cycling - Carb Load

    Thanks, risotto with sweet potatoes sounds great. Damn, I don't know why I didn't get risotto at the store, I did get sweet potatoes. Pasta, risotto, and sweet potatoes.
  3. I need to carb load for the triple bypass coming up next weekend. I'm also doing a 130 mile ride this weekend over two mountain passes. For anyone else that has carb loaded, can you let me know what you ate? Right now I'm looking at LOTs of rice pasta, veggies, and some turkey meat for protein. Thanks!
  4. Le Central - Denver

    http://www.lecentral.com/ If you're in Denver check them out. They bake their own gluten-free bread so you're not left out while waiting for appetizers. Almost any meal can be cooked gluten-free. And $10 mussels for lunch, a whole bucket. One of my favorite restaurants even without the gluten-free friendliness. They also have gluten-free cooking lessons but I haven't tried those.
  5. Resaurants In Kauai

    Looking for advice, tips, etc on gluten-free restaurants or other places that are gluten-free friendly. Here's some that I have found, let me know you have eaten there before and how it was, thanks! Most of these are from here, http://www.glutenfreeregistry.com/gluten-free-state-search.do?state=HI http://www.sweetmarieskauai.com/bakeryproducts.htm (lots of mentions of this place, will definitely try) http://www.scottysbbq.com/ http://www.verdehawaii.com/ Gluten-Free Kauai: (http://www.glutenfreeguidebook.com/tag/kauai/) * Sweet Marie
  6. red robin fries without seasoning? ... I just don't go there anymore, the seasoning was the only saving grace.
  7. I took a blood test and was diagnosed with Celiacs disease. If I eat gluten I get the symptoms in about 30 minutes. I've heard some people don't get them for hours. Just curious to hear about different people's reactions to it and how long it takes.
  8. Gluten Free Resturants Denver

    awesome, pancake house is right down the road from me in the DTC and I confirmed that location does gluten free as well. I heard the pancake house is pricey though. anyone remember what it costs for gluten free pancakes?
  9. Gluten Free Resturants Denver

    omg! gluten free calamari!? I've got to try it, thanks for the suggestion. I love calamari but I haven't tried gluten free yet. and I have to say RIP Mystic Wok. they were at Parker and Chambers and had awesome tasting gluten free wok style chinese. I miss them ... a LOT.
  10. Gluten Free Resturants Denver

    Carrabba's, my favorite place to eat has a gluten free menu as well. http://www.carrabbas.com/menu/pdf/GFmenu.pdf Unfortunately my favorite thing on the menu is the calamari ... I just suffer, its worth it a couple times a year.
  11. Ignorant Server Of The Day

    thats killer elonwy ... we've got a place here called Mystic Wok (Denver, Chambers and Parker) that offers a gluten free menu and uses a local shop for all their ingredients. I know their food was awesome with gluten, but I have yet to try the gluten free versions lol.
  12. Ignorant Server Of The Day

    Awesome server Went to Buffalo Wild Wings here in Denver (Park Meadows location) and had an awesome server. I told her I didn't mean to be difficult but that I needed to know the ingredients of the sauce they used. She went to the back without complaint and checked each sauce for me. Not only that she was all around great, and very attentive. An awesome experience from me and my non celiac co-workers. I was discussing the dressing for a ceaser salad and without asking she checked that also, I never even asked her.
  13. Ignorant Server Of The Day

    I honestly can't believe you guys. Most people don't even know what gluten is, let alone what contains wheat or not. I'm having a hell of a time figuring it all out myself. So cut people slack, expect them not to know and help educate them. Don't call them ignorant, stupid, or get frustrated because every waitress/server/or food service employee doesn't know about celiacs. I can't believe this is even a topic in the forum. Now I'm going to go to somewhere and get crap for having a disease because the celiac victim before me was a jerk to the waiter for not knowing.
  14. man, just thinking about it makes me want some lol ... I love odwala juice and the green stuff I get has wheat in it, so that's out too. But past forgotten foods, does anyone know of a list of stuff we can and cannot eat?
  15. I love dairy ... if I have to give up dairy I think I'll just keep eating what I want and deal with the pain and the small life expectancy