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  1. Can you test positive for HLA DQ 2 and still not have Celiac?
  2. I know what you are saying!!!I was just diagnosed about 1 month ago.Blood tests were pos. and the diet has made a difference already(Stilll not 100%).My friends think that I am out of my mind....which does not really bother me.What really hurts is my wife(of 1 year)does not really beleive in Celiac disease.She says that she knows it makes me sick but that there is no way something can cross cont.......and that I am trying to make everything about me.Before I got sick we went out all of the time so I do feel bad for flipping her world upside down...but it's not like I want to tell the world How much I can crap!Anyway I was happy to see your post and the replys!I think this site is going to be a real help!
  3. Hey everybody first off let me say that I am new to all of this.I have been trying the diet for a few weeks....and have noticed some improvement already.However I am really confused right now because I was sick all day long....and bad.The only thing I changed in my diet was last night I added some soy sauce to my rice.It said wheat free(Eden Organic Tamari).....is the alcohol the problem?Has anybody else had this???