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  1. Hi - I haven't posted here for a while, but feel i really need to share what I heard back from Julian's Bakery after inquiring about how "Gluten Free" their products really are. To say I am frustrated and aggravated is putting it mildly. Yes, I am extremely sensitive to gluten so even minuscule amounts will make me sick for days or even worse when it's tiny doses over a prolonged period of time - weeks. I cannot wait until the labeling of "Gluten Free" really means it is and has been tested. Maybe it helps if more people actually speak out directly to these companies - because i get the feeling they are not even aware what kind of damage they inflict on people by being this laissez faire with the labeling. Here is the email exchange: On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 8:56 AM, Katja <contact@celiacgourmet.com> wrote: Hi! I am interested in your gluten free breads, but can't find allergen information on your site. Do you do an Gluten ELISA assay test on your gluten-free products or certify with a third party that the breads are gluten free? Do you have a dedicated production line and/or facility for the production of your gluten free breads? Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, Katja ------- From: Julian Bakery Sales <julianbakerysales@gmail.com> Date: September 23, 2010 8:24:04 AM PDT To: Katja <contact@celiacgourmet.com> Subject: Re: gluten free question Are (Katja: I am assuming they mean "All" ) Purity Bread, Corn Bread and Bean Bread are all Gluten Free! We have not had any test done but sell to 1,000's of Celiac customers! -------- Von: Katja <contact@celiacgourmet.com> An: Julian Bakery Sales <julianbakerysales@gmail.com> Gesendet: Donnerstag, den 23. September 2010, 16:40:29 Uhr Betreff: Re: gluten free question Hello: Please don't take this as being disrespectful in any way, but it is extremely frustrating to constantly get "poisoned" from supposedly "Gluten Free" product because companies don't seem to care how accurate the labeling on the box is. I appreciate the reply, but I would like to point out that this is as useful as no reply. I am not sure if you are aware that cross contamination is a huge problem for Celiacs and just because a person with Celiac does not react to a product that is contaminate and hence believes the product is safe does not mean they are not damaging their body. "Gluten Free" should mean that the product has been tested, produced in a dedicated facility or at least dedicated equipment. Sourced flours can also be contaminated by gluten, so even if you bakery is extremely diligent it does not mean the product is gluten free. I will be posting this on celiac forums, just to make sure people are aware of the issue. Kind Regards, Katja
  2. uh oh!!! REALLY? I have been wrecking my brain as to why I am so tired and exhausted? Did you have the dark chocolate ones? (can't do dairy, so I stay away from any milk chocolate!)
  3. I checked on Kettle's Website since I am huge fan of their new "bakes" chips and have been eating them quite a bit with (I think!?!) no problems. Are your products gluten free? Our products are processed on equipment shared with ingredients that contain very small amounts of wheat. We thoroughly clean our lines after each flavor run, but there is a slight potential of cross contamination. For your convenience we do list all ingredients on the packaging. http://www.kettlefoods.com/index.php?cID=88
  4. Thanks for all the feedback so far. Very interesting on the soy front, I had heard about problmes with processed soy foods, but this sounds plain scary! Kate: yeast? I did have a +3 on bakers and brewers yeast in my Immunolab test results. I have been sorta ignoring it as it's been hard enough to deal with all the other allergies. Could it be the yeast? Garr! Do you have any other symptoms along with it? I have no D or any other of the "glutened" issues that I usually get. Just VERY tired, exhausted, and foggy. Think I will actually need to go to bed an get some sleep.
  5. Since I can't do dairy, eggs, and casein along with Gluten I started putting Silk Soy Creamer in my coffee 3 days ago and had a soy latte 2 days ago (I was getting a little tired of Rice and Almond milk ) I have had Soy milk in my pre-diagnosis days and never seem to have an issue with it. I did react to certain kids of Tofu, so I usually stayed away from that. The past 2-3 days I have gradually gotten more exhausted and tired. I haven't felt this tired since going gluten-free about 5 months ago. After about 8.5 hours of sleep last night I woke up completely tired and with a headache this am. Took me ages to get out of bed and I have been exhausted all morning. It seems like I have glutened myself, but I am 99.9% sure I haven't. Seems like this will never get better I am getting so frustrated. What are the symptoms/reactions to soy allergy or intolerance? Anybody have had similar problems?
  6. So I checked at whole foods and the only organic lactose free one I could find is the Organic Valley (but of course it's not whole milk http://organicvalley.coop/products_recipes...cat=1&sub=7 ) Sorry!
  7. I have seen Lactaid Organic at Whole Foods a while ago. Not sure if they still have it. Will check next time I am there and let you know! Good Luck!!!!
  8. Ignorant Server Of The Day

    Hey Elonwy, I used to live in LA and still go there often - can you tell me the name of that Sushi Place? Would love to check it out! Thank you! Katja
  9. I was doing some research on other auto immune disorders when I came accross Hughes syndrome (also Antiphospholipid syndrome) which leads to Thrombosis and is related to Protein C. Pardon my ignorance but I am not a doctor by any means, so this might all be a little convoluted. I had severe DVT at age 20 after surgery. What was unusual at the time was that I had about 7 blood clots in both legs and only had surgery in my left leg. I was also still fairly young and at the time had only been in the hospital for 4 days. Anyhoo, they did tests a few years ago and it turns out I have a Protein C mutation which is linked to Thrombosis. Has anybody else had these problems and if so what kind of treatment are you following for this? Could this be linked to another autoimmune disease? Katja
  10. Totally!!! When I have been gluten-free for a longer period w/o accidents and I actually feel like a normal human being I always start thinking "hey this is all in your head" - weird!! I thought it gets better over time, but since you have been off it for 3 years I guess it won't
  11. Anyone In Northern Ca / Bay Area?

    Hey! I am in Marin County and haven't found any gluten-free only places, however I have had great experiences (and no reactions and I am pretty sensitive to CC) at Picco in Larkspur and Sabor of Spain in San Rafael. The staff there is great and very helpful. I always bring dining cards to any restaurant I go to and it helps a LOT! I hear Pasta Pomodoro has Rice Pasta, but I haven"t checked that out yet. I keep you posted as I find more places Cheers, Katja
  12. Yeah that does make a lot of sense. So I guess I have to be patient and be extra careful so I won't fill up any more "gluten depots" in me! I am really worried about all the increased risks for cancer with being glutened. Thanks so much. Cheers, Katja
  13. Hello All, I have been off gluten since about march. Had some accidents in the beginning but gradually beginning to learn all the hidden glutens. Sorry for the long post, but it needs some explaining.... I found this baker at the local farmers market who makes (along regular breads) very very tasty gluten free breads. The last batch must have been CC'd and I ate the bread unknowingly for about 7 days. I kept having minor issues with being "glutened" and kept blaming it on other foods that I actually thought were safe, so I was wrecking my brain how I could I get it so wrong. After feeling lousy (migraines, brain fog, tired, irritable...) for days and days and reverting to 100% safe food I finally figured out the culprit was the bread. So here is my question: when I get glutened I am usually very sick (D, nausea, super tired, etc.) for about 1 1/2 days and feel bad for another 1-2. This time around with the minor CC glutening for about a week the major symptoms have subsided now (been off the bread for 5 days) but I still feel very tired, have no energy, can't focus, depressed... Does it take longer to get back to normal when you get very small portions of gluten CC as opposed to one violent reaction to a lot of gluten? Thanks for everyones posts. This forum has been so helpful!!! Cheers, Katja
  14. Bread Makers

    hey there! I got mine a few months ago (same model, looks a little different from Williams Sonoma). Am fairly happy with it even though I would now buy one with two whisks rather then one. The gluten-free dough is fairly sticky so I would assume the mixing works much better with 2 of those. Right now I have to manually go in there with a spatula. my 2 cents! Happy baking! cheers, Katja
  15. Hey Jason, yep Bard's Tale is pretty tasty. Still miss a good "Hefeweizen" but def. better than no beer at all. I live in NoCal and there is no distribution here. Ordered it over the web at Interet Wines and Spirits (http://www.internetwines.com/rws31724.html) just saw it's even on sale today! Shipping is quite pricey but maybe you are lucky and can get it in your area. Cheers! Katja