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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was wondering also about soy and sulphites, my rash goes bright red and itchy, after eating foods with these in, never had food allergies before the D.H.

  2. I actually take two supplements three times daily...and 3 months after i was diagnosed i was almost completely healed
  3. Isn't it good to know there is a natural form of fast relief/healing for us? Thanks for your input for everyone
  4. YEP...i was so scared that i wasn't going to be able to conceive with my daughter because of the irregular cycles...but low and behold being gluten free put me on the right track. So much for those pointless GYN visits for them to say..."some people are just irregular and that includes you"
  5. My doctor recommended the following two all natural supplements for people with gluten intolerances or actual celiacs disease (there is a difference amongst the two if you didn't already know). 1) "L-Glutamine" which is a free form of natural amino acids (like eating fresh fish) which your body absolutely needs to heal all damage done to the intestines. 2) "Digestive Enzymes" (this is something your body is already naturally creating...just not creating enough you need at this time) which has to do with promoting the good bacteria in your digestive tract to help break down food, which in turn will leave you with less gas, less diarhea, and less constipation. I do recommend buying these at your nearest health food store to omit any risks of the generic/gluten risk factor...just be careful and remember to read your labels.
  6. Scared To Eat

    I can almost guarantee that DAIRY IS YOUR CULPERATE!! Do you have alot of excessive gas?? Try a dairy free and gluten free diet for two months and then see what happens...you'll be suprised . Oh, and start taking L-Glutamine and Digestive Enzymes if possible...these are natural supplements...see my newest post regarding them.
  7. Oh yes, i would definitely try a gluten free/dairy free diet for at least 2 months...then start to write down everything your eating and you can start to eliminate other food intolerances if necessary. and eliminate any bothersome problems
  8. NO!!! You are not too late to heal yourself...as long as you are still alive you can always heal, REMEMBER THAT!! NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT!! I reccommend to take the following supplements (it will cut down your healing time in half) L-Glutamine and Digestive Enzymes. These are natural and you can find them at your nearest health food store. The L-Glutamine has natural amino acids (like fresh fish) that help to actually heal the damage done to your intestines, and the Digestive Enzymes (an enzyme your body is already suppose to be creating which has to do with the good bacteria in your diegestive tract) helps to break down the food, which in turn means less gas and watery diarhea, which in turn means waaayyyyy less pain!! Good Luck and God Bless!! Oh yah, and the Digestive Enzymes will also help if your constipated
  9. Coloscopy

    I am now 28, and i had a partial-colonoscopy (not all the way through the entire intestines, just up to the colon...which didn't require sedation) and that was when i was 24, and I haven't needed one since. I have to say, your advice on this topic/issue is only as accurate as the person your getting your answers from. My point of view?? Why on earth would you allow a doctor to invade your intestines every two years when you know that the diet is working? You will heal fine so long as you stick to the diet and pay attention to any other food intolerances (especially as young as you are...knowing that the risks of cancer, etc. are minimal because the damage is only minimal due to your age). I personally feel it's being a little to over cautious to go every two years for a colonoscopy. On another note, have you started to take any natural supplements to progress your healing process? L-Glutamine and Digestive Enzymes will help to heal you in half the time. They are not only available in a health food store, but they are over the counter in many other stores (although i do reccommend buying them from a health food store for risk free purposes )
  10. YEP...i was irregular for years, after having my second child (which took me tons of vitamins and a full year of trying for her) my symptoms became worse. That's when i discovered i have a "gluten intolerability" not "Celiacs disease" (there is a difference between the two of them, and it sounds like your probably just gluten intolerant). My test also came back negative after eating tons of gluten (gluten= wheat, barley, oats and rye). The only test that came back right was my absolute positive success from starting the diet. The diet is the only 100% accurate test...sounds like you already have your answer. Hope this helps
  11. OH, you poor thing, don't be scared...it's just a food allergy! If you follow the diet you will be fine. If you do extevsive research, you will see that it's older people who don't stick to the diet that end up with those horrible problems...so relax and enjoy your new healthy diet
  12. Look, the only reason anyone needs a blood test (which i among others on here ate tons of gluten and our blood tests still came back negative) would be for insurance purposes!! So, if you aren't worried about any kind of healthcare coverage expenses you are SO waisting your time, health, pain, etc...