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  1. Hello again everyone! Finally got around to adding a post - I've been hybernating I'm so excited to hear about Dominos jumping on the gluten free bandwagon! I was just craving a non-gourmet pizza the other night but had no idea Dominos was an option! Pizza night tomorrow for sure! I'll let you know if I have any reactions - had trouble with Hell Pizza but Capers has generally been ok (I'm pretty sensitive). I've been having some regular mild glutenings lately and have finally tracked down the culprit - Earth Choice multi purpose spray! I've been using it to clean my kitchen benches (without washing the spray off afterwards, naughty!) and I finally read the ingredients and it has alcohol from wheat or sugar cane in it so I must be using a wheaty batch! Again, i'm pretty sensitive so this might not affect others but i'm just so happy to finally figure out what was causing all the problems, YAY! Us Coeliacs would make quite the detectives! I've been devouring La Zuppa soups this Winter - the chicken and corn chowder, and creamy chicken with vegetables inparticular, soooooo good! I'm still ordering my bread and baking mixes from Choices Gluten Free Bakery in Sydney - I made banana bread 2 days ago using their mix which I have already finished lol. Although I'm dairy free now, I snuck some Pascall pineapple lumps which are soooo nice - found them at Coles. Ooooh and I made my own 'fish and chip shop' style crumbed fish fillets (dip fish fillet in gluten-free corn flour/starch, then dip in water, then dip in gluten-free crumbs. Shallow fry in a couple centimetres of hot oil, until slightly browned on both sides). Heavenly! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and finding all sorts of delicious gluten free foods!
  2. Oooh i've heard about that bread! I haven't managed to find it yet though Does it have soy in it? I'm not that great with soy...would make an exception for extreme deliciousness though
  3. Hi Imanistj! When I went to the UK a few years ago, I was given a gluten free sandwich on the plane with bread which was made with wheat starch (considered gluten-free as all detectable gluten is removed during the refining process). I ate it even though I was wary of the wheat and had to make a mad dash to the plane toilets not long after! I'm pretty sensitive though and can't have glucose syrup from wheat either (considered fine for coeliacs in Australia and the UK) so i'm not sure if it would affect others. I guess it just depends how sensitive you are so just be careful and don't eat a tonne when you first try it out I think I had Schar multigrain bread in Switzerland and it was the nicest gluten-free bread i'd ever had! Even without toasting it first!
  4. Hi! I haven't written on here in aaaaaaages (i've been lurking hehe ) but I got so excited about some bread I found that I just had to shout it from the forum rooftops! It's from a gluten-free bakery in Sydney but they deliver around eastern Australia. It's called Choices Gluten Free (http://choicesglutenfree.com.au) and they only make gluten-free stuff so there's no chance of contamination (i've had problems with contamination at non dedicated bakeries before). All the loaves of bread are free from gluten, egg, soy and dairy, and they have all sorts of other goodies which aren't as free of allergens as the loaves but sound delicious (I've had the chocolate danishes so far *drool emoticon*). I've still needed to toast the bread before munching it but I actually enjoy eating it! I've been having toasted sandwiches for lunch these past few days and haven't needed to smother them in condiments to take the bread flavour away like I used to do, yay!! My favourites so far are the pumpkin and herb bread, the multigrain bread and the fruit bread. I've got some bread rolls and bagels in the freezer which are awaiting me so i'll have to let you know what they're like too I'll have to start writing more often with my discoveries! (loving Orgran crispibread too) I hope you all have a very merry and gluten free Christmas!
  5. Thankyou so much for all the ideas!! There are some really good ones i'll try this week! I do enjoy cooking when I have the time, but everything seems to need reheating to be nice. I might try using a thermus some time and see if it stays warm by lunchtime. Donna - Where do I buy Tai Kitchen noodles? They sound perfect! Thanks again!
  6. Hi everyone! I've recently started working and am lost as to what to take for lunch! I can't have gluten, dairy, soy, onion or garlic which makes things tricky, and i've realised the work microwave glutens me so I can't have anything heated! I'm getting depressed trying to work out what on earth to take! I've got very high cholesterol too so it also needs to be low in fat. I'm in Australia so probably don't have a lot of the products available elsewhere but any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much!
  7. Hi misswingbat! I just went to my GP and told her about my symptoms and i wanted to get allergy tested. I took a list of food suspects and so she ordered 4 RAST tests (you get blood taken at a blood collecting place like sullivan nicolaides which then goes to a lab to do the testing, any more than 4 RAST tests a year and you start paying lots for them). She also told me to make an appointment with an allergist which i have done but as there are only 3 or 4 in brissie, i couldn't get an appointment until the end of January! I'm sure if my symptoms were very serious i'd get in earlier though. Thats very strange about the sushi, I can't think what it could be except for CC. Did you make it on a chopping board which is also used (or has been used in the past) for bread or anything else glutany? Very curious! We were up at the barrier reef the other day and it really is beautiful up north! A little too toasty for me though! I'm loving the storms around, they're so exciting, of course I don't like the destructive ones! Mrs Flannery is a health food chain store, heres the website : http://www.mrsflannerys.com.au/ They have lots of gluten and dairy free stuff, though many of their products can be bought at the supermarket for less money. I'd avoid the containers you scoop food out of yourself though as i've had CC issues with them. Muffin break has lots of info on how their gluten-free muffins are made on their website and all the ingredients for them too (i'm sure some shops aren't as careful as others though): http://www.muffinbreak.com.au/Muffins/default.aspx Enjoy setting your hair free tonight MissWingBat!!
  8. I'm so happy everyone is finding my info so helpful!!! You're welcome to email it amongst yourselves, i don't mind at all i'm thinking of starting a website to post all the info i gather coz i discover new stuff all the time! I just got tested for allergies to tomato, nuts, seafood, and dairy so it'll be very interesting to see the results next week! I bought some gingerbread biscuits today from mrs flannery's and they're so yummy! they're made by iron pot foods (http://www.ironpotfood.com.au/) which makes some other gluten free treats as well (some are dairy free too ) I'm having a gluten-free pizza from Pizza Capers tonight for a treat, they're so delicious although i have had a mild glutening from one once due to cross contamination but once isn't bad for the amount of times i've had them...and I can't resist!
  9. Regarding lolly bananas, I buy mine online from here: http://www.coeliac.com.au/Gluten-Free-Confectionery.html or here: http://www.glutenfreeshop.com.au (go to candies, then shepherd works) The packets are $4.50 each but you have to pay shipping too which would bump up the price, but they are delicious!
  10. Wow, i haven't looked here in a while, i've stopped receiving notifications so i thought it must have died but here it is blooming! yay! I've got a lot to look back on! I've just discovered this online shopping site (could have been mentioned in the pages i haven't read yet) at http://www.onlyoz.com.au/ . They only sell aussie products which includes lots of gluten free brands including basco, freedom foods, and ajitas vegie chips (my favourite! I think they still have some old stock of the non gluten free flavoured ones though as i received the herb and garlic ones which listed malt in the ingredients but i've let them know). They also sell Malaney Clean Cuisine sauces and condiments which i've fallen in love with recently! All their sauces etc are free from gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, and lots of other things, and they even have a tomato free bbq sauce! Here's their website: http://www.cleancuisine.com.au/cleancuisine.htm Only Oz also has great postage especially in brisbane, $3.80 for next day delivery!! Another site i've discovered is http://www.vegies.com.au , its where i get all my fruit n veg and now they sell gluten free pasta and a delicous bread which i love but contains dairy which doesn't agree with me anymore. its the seed bread that i've tried, sooo good with melted butter/margarine and honey! They only deliver to places in Queensland and orders over $30 delivered to Brisbane are free, i love bargain delivery! Hmm, not sure if there's any thing else i've discovered lately....Oh yeah, I've had a great experience at Hog's Breath Cafe, they knew all about Coeliac Disease and could tell me exactly what i could and couldn't have, i brought my own sauce so it worked out really well Oooh, another site which i don't think i've mentioned before is http://www.hullabaloofood.com/ . They have lots of homemade allergen free stuff including lots of gluten and dairy free stuff including icecream waffle cones, vegan fudge (yummy dairyfree chocolate fudge), allergen free cake and biscuit mixes and lots of preservative free dried fruit. They're based in Tasmania so shipping is a bit more expensive than usual but i think its worth it for some of the items!! ok, i'm off to read all the pages i've missed, i hope everyone is well!!
  11. Gluten-free Dining In Holland

    I spent one night in Amsterdam last year and had dinner at the hotel we stayed at. The guy at the hotel restaurant spoke english quite well so it was easier than it may be for you. I gave them my restaurant card full of info and that was very helpful, would you like me to send it to you? It's a mix of one I saw online and some of my own stuff which was translated from the dictionary/online. Hope that helps a bit!
  12. I tried the Patties lamingtons and meat pies the other day and they're the best i've tried, delicious!! I'm going to try the sausage rolls next, haven't had one in so long! I went to Coles the other day after not going to a supermarket in ages and I was nearly crying at all the beautiful food in the gluten free section, they have heaps more than when I last went and all the things I really needed! Like chocolate biscuits .... Leda mintons are heaven, they're like mint slice biscuits but are gluten and dairy free! Fountain also has some gluten free sauces now that I haven't seen gluten free anywhere yet - teriyaki sauce and steak sauce, yum! With pasta sauces, I think we can have most of them, it'll list wheat, barley, oats and rye in the ingredients if it contains any I usually get Raguletto bolognese sauce in rich tomato or a Dolmio chunky one and have just bought a Five Brothers sauce to try this week. I've been using Leggos pesto too Huzzah for all the gluten free food arriving in our supermarkets!!
  13. Just putting a few cents in about the vitamin deficiency From what i've read, the villi do most of (if not all) of the absorbing of vitamins and minerals for the body, so if they are damaged, then their ability to absorb is reduced and you may not get all the nutrients you need - so its not really related to the consistency of the stool at all Of course, the stool can give signs that you arent absorbing things properly - like having undigested food visible in them and stuff like that. I'm sure someone can give more info on this and a google search on vitamin absorption in the intestines might bring up some good info too
  14. Chocolate Nesquik is gluten free and Vittoria say their hot chocolate is gluten free too Sounds like a great pressie idea! yum!
  15. I just had a cinnamon doughnut! soooo good!! they taste like real ones, yay!!! Not sure if they're coming to NZ but you could email them, their website is http://www.freedomfoods.com.au/ Fingers crossed!