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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. love the Green's Belgium beer too!!!!!!! It runs about $5 a bottle here in ct. There are 3 different kinds I love the dark amber (Endeavor), nice coffee/toffee/dark beer taste! I like the lighter color one too(discovery), but I haven't been able to find the Quest triple yet. This brand, to me blows Redbidge out of the water! I cant stand New grist. Terrible aftertaste! Yuck. If you can find it, ENJOY!
  2. Dunkin Donuts

    I drink D&D caramel swirl lattes all the time. I have not had a problem. Ths caramel they use is gluten free. The D&D in my area(CT) use a separate machine that dispenses the milk/espresso. Maybe where you are they still make the flavored lattes/coffee the"old way"on the counter. The donuts are not made on site here either. The hot chocolates are gluten free, but not for other allergies (dairy,corn), but they have a high fat content. I have gallbladder issues, so I get my drinks with skim milk. If I am in need of a "chocolate fix", I get a skim mocha latte. If you go to the D&D website, and look under nutritional info, everything is spelled out for you, including the top 7 food allergies. Good luck
  3. I agree, go to Glutenfreegirl's website (Shauna James Ahearn). SHe has a great recipie for chocolate banana bread. YUM! The recipie can also be found in her new book that came out a few months ago. I had to use a smaller pan, so I cooked it another 10 minutes cuz it was still raw in the middle. But it tasted great!
  4. Wilson's Bbq Fairfield Ct-success

    The only other place in FFLD we usually go is Barcelona in the HI-HO hotel. The menu is huge, full of Tappas, appys, and have a broad selection of veggie/meat/seafood. The waitstaff is very helpful. Plus they have great wine choices to go with the Tappas. The Orange Bear & Grill will accomodate you if you call ahead. The owner/manager? (Nicholas, I think) states he even keeps gluten free rice pasta around. He is involved in food allergy support groups. From what he told us, he had a customer have a reaction once, so he is very aware of food allergies. You should inquire about the FFld site. Otherwise, we eat at Outback in Shelton (ask for the Gluten free menu) and also mostly smaller, independent restaurants. They are usually more than happy to help people with food allergies. HAven't eaten in any chain rests in a long time. To much cross contamination for me to worry about. Good luck!
  5. Wilson's Bbq Fairfield Ct-success

    Hooray! another place in FFLD. I usually do the BBQ thing at Ash creek Saloon. They also will do ribs with a dry rub. YUM. I was told the brisket was safe too, and ate with no problems. (I'm very sensitive to gluten) I have inquired about other things on the menu, like Sarsparilla pork roast and the server. My server at the time I asked was a young kid,and didn't know/understand what I was asking about, so I stuck with my usual. Maybe next time if I have a more knowlegeable server, I will ask again.
  6. Texas Roadhouse In Manchester, Ct

    I'm glad you had agood experience because myTexas Roadhouse in West Haven was completely different. All their BBQ sauce has gluten in it according to the server. So I opted for a grilled steak. I thought I would be safe with a baked potato, but the server informed me that the potatoes are rolled in salt, then deep fryed to get the skins crunchy. I didn't feel like getting cross contaminated from the fryer, since they cooked other things in the fryer also. So needless to say, I could have gone anywhere for a steak (like outback), so we won't be going back there anytime soon. Maybe the Manchester place has a differnent menu/options.
  7. I have found a gluten-free ale from Belgium. My lovely local Liquor store guy found it and brought it in to stock! Wines unlimited in Mlfd, CT. It is called Green's Blegium ale it is made from a combo of rice, sorghum, millet and buckwheat. There are 3 different varieties (Quets, Endeavor, and Discovery). I like the endeavor the best. It has a slightly bitter bite, with a coca/molasses tatse. Kinda like a Sam Adams. Haven't tried Quest yet. I liked the Discovery too. Hey anything is better than New grist in my opinion! It comes in single pint bottle about $4 a pop, but I figure it is worth it once in a while.
  8. P F Changs

    I just ate at the new PF Changs in Stamford, CT. We did take out since I was at work. I asked them for a separately packaged order. I got the lettuce wrap and lemonchicken. WHen I went to pick up the food, It was all thrown toghether in 1 bag, including all the little containers of Soy sause/mustard etc. When I asked the woman at the desk where my separate gluten free order was, she said "oh its in the bag". I proceded to ask her which food items were the gluten free ones. She unloaded all the food from the bag (5 orders), and then looked at all the similar packages. Nothing was labeled! There was more than 1 order of lettuce wraps. My chicken dish looked just like the Spicy chicken. When I asked her to identify the gluten free ones, she really couldn't. "Hmmmm I'm not sure", let me find out. She brought the bag back to the kitchen. She came back out with the same bag and dismissed me by saying, Oh yeah, The gluten free ones are on top now. So....needless to say, I did not eat my food. I just didn't want to risk it. Plus, for the price we paid, $9 for wraps, $13- per entree, the amount of food was very small and dissapointing. So not a good experience there
  9. if you can find it try Bone Suckin' Sauce. It comes in a jelly jar shaped jar. You can get it at specialty food stores or check out their website. www.bonesuckin.com . Its great!
  10. Outback, Son Glutened Again!

    i ate ther recently too, in CT, and I was glutened also. I even ordered off the "Gluten-free" menu. I had a plain filet, sweet potato and veggies with no seasoning. I guess it was cross contamination. Good luck to you
  11. Amy's

    I eat the cheese enchilada's with black beans and corn at least once a week at work. I add a little extra cheese. So far I have never had a problem. Tried the veggie brown rice bowl. I personally didn't like it. The mushrooms smelled and tasted "too earthy" to me, like eating dirt. YUCK!
  12. uh oh! Does bailey's irish creme contain gluten? From your post, I would have to assume that it does. How about Emmets?
  13. Clueless Newbie

    hi clairew, welcome to the gluten free world. I am pretty new to the whole concept too (a few months in now). The first thing I did was go out and buy some books on living gluten free. I liked The gluten free bible by Jax Peters Lowell and the book "gluten free for dummies". I also picked up a Bette Hagman cookbook, YUM!. of course this web site helped tons too!!! I found going completely gluten free at first terrifying thinking I could never eat pasta or bread again, but I found lots of great alternatives. Hopefully you have a specialty or natural food store nearby. Since I am from the states, we also have chains like Wild oats market and Whole foods market. Some of the regular supermarkets now carry gluten free food too. It seems to be now mainstream and people are more aware of the condition now. As for suppliments, I take 2 multivitamins a day. You need to check the labels! Make sure they are gluten free! I also try to eat well balanced with friut veggies and proteins. I have actually lost about 5 lbs from not being on "Pasta/cereal overload", which used to be a main staple in my diet. So good luck and keep on searching. You will find plenty out there in books and on the web.
  14. Pommes Frites Nyc

    Hi everyone. My friend is flying out from Colorado next week and we are hitting NYC. She is dying to grab some fries and toppings at Pommes Frites (belgium french fries) in the east village on 2nd. Does anyone know if the fries or toppings are gluten free? I would appreciate it.