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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How To Deal With Disbelieving Family

    Yes, denial is a powerful force, and some people will never face the truth. My family has minimized the disease for years, but now it finally seems like some of them are getting it - this gives me hope. But, I've got family members, too, that I suspect have the disease, but refuse to be tested. The good news is that medical science is catching up. It's all about our voices and the information that we continue to convey to others everyday. It can be very frustrating. Any of you Star Trek fans? I've often thought it would be great to do the Vulcan Mind Meld with an unbeliever during one of my intense episodes - that sure would floor them, eh?
  2. How To Deal With Disbelieving Family

    Hey, I know what you're going through - hang in there. One of the most difficult aspects of this disease is the fact that it's often minimized, misunderstood, and misrepresented by the various communities we look to for support including family, friends, work, and medical to name a few. Keep in mind that this isn't done malaciously, these folks just can't grasp the idea that something they eat everyday is poisonous to certain people. Some things that may help is to provide them with real information, factual medical articles, etc., on the disease and the very serious diseases it can lead to if your diet is not strictly followed (this might take years and many articles, frustration, rejection, etc., but don't give up - just keep giving them real information). These articles can be located here on this website and in various other locations - library, newspapers, etc. Also, let folks know that Eating is Not just Physiological, it is a means by which we as humans seek comfort and socialization and that having their support is vital to you to maintain both your physical and mental health. If this doesn't work, tell them that eating gluten for you is like them eating rat poison - this isn't so far from the truth. Education and empathy development are the keys and they may take time - hang in there, others like you are out there. Capt. Obvious
  3. Ok, so I'm a diagnosed celiac with years of celiac disease diet - first started in 1999. I'm certain that my diet no longer contains gluten and has not for at least 2 years. Since going gluten free though I've developed several other food allergies/intolerances - milk, eggs, citrus, various preservatives, etc. Here's the kicker though - one aspect of the reaction spectrum that my body has to all of these foods is severe bone, muscle pain - I mean crippling that takes 2 weeks to clear and it seems to be getting worse - like scary worse. I got diagnosed with fibromyalghia, but it seems to go beyond that - I experience actual muscle damage - it literally feels like muscles are being torn from the bone even when I make the simpliest of movements. And, in fact, it seems that they are as my injuries take weeks/months to heal. Anybody else out there like this? Are we looking at some other sort of connective tissue disorder here? Are the other food allergies/intolerances going to fade? Or get worse - they seem to be getting worse... Please don't say see a doctor, you guys are the pros, I haven't met a doctor yet that knows 1/3 as much about this stuff as I do and I'm out of money. This sucks. It was bad enough giving up gluten products, now milk, eggs, and all sorts of other stuff. Oh yeah, I seem to be allergic to just about every sort of pain killer there is so all I can do is moan in bed and pray for sleep. Starting to think I'm some sort of monk or something -